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76 /100 509 STEVENS STREET
“A decent sized taproom with some picnic style tables and a bar in the back. A few booths as well. Service was good and bartender was friendly. 15ish beers on tap with flights available. Quality was good for the most part. They had a food vendor on site but it appears to rotate. Prices were in line with my expectation. Worth a visit.“
deyholla 1045 days ago
“Awful, infected beers. Think really amateur 80s/90s homebrew stuff. Tiny brew system. Infection is most everything. Really bad stuff. 6.50 for a sampler of 5, which takes a real masochist to finish. I will never return. The brewer should be ashamed. Food looked reasonable enough. Probably a good place to grab something stronger than beer, the liquor shelf was solid.“
nuplastikk 1297 days ago
70 /100 509 STEVENS STREET
“Arrived before the crowd, place looked clean and orderly. Beer samples were all fine. Our bar-tender Sam was friendly. Wish head brewery was a little bit friendlier, he was busy but we were the only one in there at the time. Belgian beer inspired. I finally got to visit , having had their beers at many beer festivals.“
BlackBeerPG 2005 days ago
“Dive/restaurant on the main drive, trashy bartenders, horrible beer, okay food, can’t remember if they had non-brewery beers. Awful place.“
crossovert 2245 days ago
92 /100 509 STEVENS STREET
“This is a great startup brewery only opened 8 months now...although they are already bottling. I found the venue very well designed, originally decorated, and well thought out. The beers though are the star. It is amazing how good these are...but with some conversation and a little luck (was sitting next to one of the owners...Eric)...I found out that one partner had been a regional salesman for Goose Island (Tom)...and the other (Eric) had been a brewer...and interestingly...the brewer who started Goose Island’s barrel aging program. Both left before Budweiser bought out Goose Island. Their expertise showed thru. There were 9 beers the night I was there. The star for me was the Fractal Belgium IPA. Although close behind that were 3 other "very" fine beers...P=2 Belgium Pale Ale, Wet-Hopped P-2 Belgium Pale Ale, and Navette Belgium Black Ale (obviously I like hops!).On the non-hoppy side the Bourbon-Inspired Abbey Ale (at close to 8%) was very was the sessionable Devoir Saison. The night I was there they had an artist displaying in their barrel room which was open to the public for viewing of the artist’s paintings (with some very tasty free appetizers...thanks!). From what I understand they already have 300 customers selling their beer...quite an accomplishment in such a short time. I wish Eric and Tom the best...I am quite sure they will be successful with their present formula. I recommend a visit here...Geneva is a great destination trip...very nice town...some great restaurants (Bien Trucha Mexican restaurant is worth a trip to Geneva on its own merits!)...and there are 3 good beer stops...Penrose, Geneva Ale House (good pub food), and nearby Two Brothers. In my personal opinion...I strongly feel any review of Penrose below an 80 is a great disservice to such an amazing startup (just my opinion of course).“
PRBeer 2724 days ago
68 /100 509 STEVENS STREET
“Godawful suburban hipster crowd but their beers make it worth it, unlike Solemn Oaf.“
envane 2794 days ago
82 /100
Geneva Ale House (Restaurant)
“Visited here a few months ago and had a great time. Went with a large group and all enjoyed the chance to do flights and experiment with many styles of beer. This place has a great tap list with plenty of local Midwest beers as well as a very solid bottle list. I am really amazed this place does not rank higher...or is it that the fans who enjoy it don’t write reviews? I highly recommend a visit to Geneva and the Ale House when there. The food is quite good for a beer place, and although the ambiance won’t blow you away...the great people here and the fine beers should easily provide for an enjoyable experience.“
PRBeer 2807 days ago
66 /100 509 STEVENS STREET
“Nice open tap room with 9 picnic type tables and a bar that seats 10 to 15. Clean, modern space, lots of wood and metal, selling only their own product. Decent priced pints and growlers in an inviting environment. Great taproom. Selection was somewhat limited and the sytes on offer all somewhat similar on my visit in May 2014.“
kseecs16 2809 days ago
56 /100 509 STEVENS STREET
“Just getting started. Out of the beer I really wanted and not a huge fan of Belgians so I was a little disappointed. Solid brew. Just wish there was a little more variety. I will certainly give it another shot in the future. Probably won’t make a trek out to the western boonies just for a visit though.“
MOlsonNotBeer 2828 days ago
“Just plain awful! Probably the worst beer I have every had. Everything tastes the same - BAD.“
MOlsonNotBeer 2828 days ago
76 /100 509 STEVENS STREET
“Terrific experience. Crowded completely but not so crowded you couldn't find a spot. Industrial park/residential brewery /taproom. A short drive(2min) from downtown geneva. Lots of industrial feeling seating. Very knowledgeable staff. Jeff talked with us about the brewery. Their first beers . Their vision. The yeast. The growlers and it was all very interesting. The brewer is beardless which gives hope to all of us "not able to grow beard-ers". Great experience with reasonably priced beers. Growlers are a $12 fill compared to solemn oath $20+ fills. Also more room to spread out in the taproom compared to sob. Only 4 beers on tap which id of loves to see 4 more but they say demand is greater than expected. It was an awesome first experience. Go there!“
Awktoberfest 2976 days ago
“All their beer was infected and undrinkable. They do plenty of business as a restaurant and the food is not bad, but this is not a beer place.“
envane 3083 days ago
80 /100 515 W STATE ST
“They may not having every beer I want, but, they've got more than I can drink in a day!“
JeffStone 3221 days ago
“Stopped in for dinner 10/8/2010.
12 house taps

I need to write an email to the owners of this place because almost every single beer was infected. Most of the beers were in the 1.0-3.0 range. The exceptions being Older But Weiser, LoRazz Weiss, and Mike’s Blend.

The place was only half full when we got there (maybe 6ish) but immediately filled up to an uncomfortable level when we sat down. The service was a bit neglectful but wasnt bad considering how many people were there.

The club sandwich was alright but the steak salad was awesome, with the exception of too much vinegar. Would eat the food again but not excited about it being here.“
t0rin0 3238 days ago
56 /100
Geneva Ale House (Restaurant)
“good burgers and sandwiches and beer selection is pretty good“
ttabour 3261 days ago
86 /100
Geneva Ale House (Restaurant)
“Love Geneva ale house. I was regular instantly. Good rotating craft brews. Good place to experiment with new beers.“
emichaelis23 3561 days ago
74 /100
Geneva Ale House (Restaurant)
“Fine rotating selection of taps, including some seldom seen in this area. I first visited right when they opened and the owners and bar staff were very willing to hear input on beer selections. Have been back a number of times since then and have brought out-of-town beer geeks - one of the few places around here I would take them. One big plus is the lack of wall-to-wall TV’s. Sometimes a pub should be just a pub without the distraction of 24/7/365 sports blaring out at you. A fine place for beer or food if you’re willing to pay the typical Fox valley big-city prices.“
jayrm 3758 days ago
72 /100
Geneva Ale House (Restaurant)
“I have been here twice, and both times enjoyed myself here. They have a beer list that is deep enough to keep you happy(though not so deep to blow you away), and the food has always been awesome. It is located right in downtown Genevea and is a good place to stop and then walk around afterwards to work off the stuffing. Ambiance is nice, there are a few TVs but it is still pretty cozy all around.“
Chadquest 3943 days ago
70 /100
Geneva Ale House (Restaurant)
“Visited for an early lunch on a Sunday with the family and the place was empty upon opening, and only had one patron when we left around noon. Aside from that I was pleasantly surprised. Nice list of taps with a some unique offerings. Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust was real good. Lunch menu had an array of dolled up burger options. The burgers were well cooked and delicious. A great option in Geneva. Prices were on the high end.“
kseecs16 4071 days ago
“Walking into Stockholm’s I got a nice vibe. It is small, but I like that... at least when it is not crowded. There is a lot of wood. The bar, chairs, and tables were all solid and comfortable. We came to try the beer, so we ordered a sampler. They had the wide selection of beers split into two "voyages" of five beers each. I tried all of them, but it was amazing how they all tasted watery and sour. As we realized that all the beer tasted the same, we decided to do a blind taste test. One of us would hand two beers to the other who had their eyes closed. Tasting both, we would try to guess which they were. Over and over we found that it was IMPOSSIBLE. The most telling result was when my wife took a sip of the "porter" and confidently announced, "this is definitely not the porter". There is something seriously wrong if a porter tastes the same as a weiss. We actually abandoned ship on the second voyage. The beer was so bad that we could not bear to finish the samples. Stockholm’s has a good selection of liquor, so I ordered a scotch to wash out the taste of bad beer. Note: The only good beer that we had was the root beer. It had a nice taste and smooth mouth feel. I liked that it was not too carbonated. While we were voyaging through the "beer", we also sampled some food. It was the high point of our visit. Tenderloin Stuffed Portabella Mushroom - very tasty, cheese flavor dominates Porcini soup - good! Reminds me of French onion with mushrooms in it. Blackened Mahi sandwich - tasty Overall, I would not recommend this place for beer. The food is good and the service was friendly, even as we started getting cranky about the beer. Since I am very much about the beer, I will not be returning to Stockholm’s.“
don_zouras 4396 days ago
78 /100
Geneva Ale House (Restaurant)
“I visited this place with a few buddies of mine where we played cards for a few hours. Warm color tones with modest darkened wood walls and bar set the bar ambiance to a pretty comfortable level. High tables as well as normal height tables can be found within this bar. Servers were friendly and somewhat knowledgeable about the brews they were carrying. The on draft selection is one of the better ones for the area. Plenty of rarer brews with prices generally ranging in the $6-8 for an honest pint. The place closes whenever the final patron decides to leave. Website is pretty well up to date with whats being served on tap. I didn’t eat hear but they do serve somewhat fancy foods for dinner and lunch. Menu’s can be found online. Nice selection of beers will definitely be bringing me back.“
Narnad 4463 days ago
“Good food, a few diamonds in the rough with their beers, but mostly mild. A lot of what they’re putting out now is a blend of two of their beers. Staff is usually pretty cool though.“
Arnie 5784 days ago
“A nice brewpub with classic black-and-white on the walls and a good selection of drinkable, inoffensive but mediocre beers. I admire this place because they are trying, which is more than you can say about most of the other places in the Tri-Cities. Service is good, food is excellent.“
gws57 5796 days ago
“With me, it’s all about the beer, hence my lower rating. On their brewed brew list it states that their brewing technique creates a "balance of flavor without any bitterness." (?!?) That should rule out half the beer styles at least. And it mentions nothing about the odd sourness prevalent in most of their beers. The food, however, is good. Go to Stockholm’s to eat, not drink.“
Cornfield 5864 days ago
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