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62 /100 12037 W. 159TH STREET
“Describe as right across the Cook county border I was expecting much lower prices, and they just weren’t there. Maybe a dollar here and there but no reason to head here for the perceived price savings... A big and new looking store, huge with lots of selection of beer and and liquor, decent amount of wine... The beer selection was pretty big, mostly dominated by American brews and 6 packs at that. Very sparse Belgian and Euro beers, a few bombers but nothing special. A unique feature is there section of cellared beer, but its more gimmic and high prices than anything, $25 Juliet, $20 Big John, $29 Old Rasputin XII... Overall a decent place I would visit if a couple miles away, but need to hit this place up otherwise“
chibuck 3667 days ago
84 /100 12037 W. 159TH STREET
“Nice place, decent selection of American craft beers, Belgians, Germans, and English beers. Maybe not as a wide variety as some of the larger Binny’s, but the prices are amazing in comparison. most stuff is about a dollar or two cheaper than almost any other store in Chicagoland. Also, it seems like there aren’t very many beer geeks in the area, because they still have G I Nightstalker and some other beers that usually go quickly.“
monkeychugg55 4154 days ago
76 /100 12037 W. 159TH STREET
“Nice new beer shop, the good one of the chain, located immediately over the Cook County border... meaning no Crook County sales tax! It’s a big roomy new building but isn’t just a square box deal. (Remember when we could add pictures to places?) The selection is pretty solid, nothing rare, but many a good brew. The prices are pretty decent, something the Kenwood chain prides itself on. The sales staff is friendly and seems to have good beer knowledge. I recommend the spot if you’re in the area... which I am.“
Cornfield 4432 days ago
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