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74 /100 12 N. 13TH ST.
“Probably the friendliest bar in Illinois. Great ambiance, staff and locals made me feel right at home.“
Travlr 113 days ago
74 /100 12 N. 13TH ST.
“Little corner pub type place in downtown Murphysboro. They definitely kept the historic nature of the building while adding some of their own character. The server/co-owner could not have been nicer or more proud of his place. 8 beers on tap, all lower ABV type offerings. They said they were adding more taps. Definitely worth a stop.“
coachd 401 days ago
80 /100 1430 N 7TH ST
“Big open space in a mostly rural area. They have seating at the bar, tables, and lots of outside space and even a few cabins on site that you can rent. The server and one of the brewers were there when we visited and could not have been nicer. I was pleasantly surprised at the brewery only offerings they had on tap, there must have been at least 6 of them. They really reward you for coming to visit them.“
coachd 401 days ago
62 /100 12 N. 13TH ST.
“I stopped in to Molly's on a Saturday after the Big Muddy Monster Brew Fest. This is a corner storefront place that has a British or Irish pub feel. Its not big and measures 25' by 30' or so. Couches, a bar, and a handful of chairs. Steel molded ceiling and painted walls. I don't think food is available. They had about half a dozen of their own beers. I had a few samplers and grabbed a 32 oz. growler. It is small and intimate and seemed to have a regular crowd. The brewer and, I think, his parents, were running the bar so it seems to be a family run place.“
Strykzone 1749 days ago
82 /100 1430 N 7TH ST
“Went there with my Nieces sorority(Delta Zeta) this past Saturday. Great people working the brewery. Helpful and informative. I think all that went had a great time. The best part is that the employees made all of us(over a 100 people) feel welcome. I would recommend to all.“
GranvilleTim 2101 days ago
48 /100 113 N 12TH ST
“SI Liquor Mart in Murphysboro boasted the largest selection of craft beer in Southern Illinois. So, I naturally wanted to see what all the hype was about. Half their store is mismanaged space but the real problem here is the staff. When I came in with another patron he needed to use the restroom. When he went off to go do that they looked at me and said "That’s not a public restroom" if that’s my job to tell him. Anyway, they have an extensive craft beer selection with plenty of Bombers as well. The problem? There are a couple. They are on the high end of price and then they do not offer a mix-a-six. I could not believe that they would not offer one. They had some pre-mixed boxes, but who wants pre-mixed? As someone who has had over 400 craft beers I want to make my own selection. I also do not want to spend 10 bucks on craft beer because there are some that I do not like. So these guys boast such a large selection but they don’t mix-a-six. That’s terrible. After being disappointed by that, I decided I would get one of my cheaper beers that I drink with some friends called Stag. I could not hear exactly what was said, but one of the guys at the register said "...Stag!" The tone was mocking me for the selection. So naturally, I will NOT be coming to this store again and telling others not to come.“
Rants 3095 days ago
40 /100 1430 N 7TH ST
“I came in on a Saturday afternoon, and it was a hopping place. Only one or two seats at the bar and all the tables were occupied. It seemed to be mostly locals, probably coming for cheap beer. I mean, $6 for nine 5oz pours + a pint glass is pretty ridiculous. I think that’s the cheapest brewery experience I’ve had. I can’t say too much positive for the beers though. All were pretty thin and lacked much of a flavor. The blueberry was probably the worst, but I remember the pumpkin the most, just because they made a big deal out of it. It doesn’t taste like the typical pumpkin beer in that it’s sweeter and lacks the spice characteristics that you usually associate with them. The India Brown was disappointing, because I like this style and this was not a good representation of that style. Again: really thin, somewhat over-carbonated, not much flavor. I think it partially has to do with the region. A lot of the people in there were saying things like "I don’t usually like beer," so they’re not getting all beer geeks in here. Of the four breweries on my Southern Illinois brewery tour (Kaskaskia, Scratch, Little Egypt and here), this place had, by far, the most distribution. And maybe they’re just more focused on being palatable to the masses. But you can’t beat $6. I think it’s somewhat redeeming that I at least didn’t get ripped off.“
ultrashuai 3256 days ago
86 /100 1430 N 7TH ST
“Once in Murphysboro just go north on 17th street and it’s a big wharehouse looking thing on your right. There is a small sign with "brewery tours available" so go slow and look for it. The tour price is $6 and it is well worth it. You get a 5 ounce sample of all 8 beers on tap plus you get to keep the pint glass. The tour takes all of about ten minutes so you are not away from the bar for long. Nice place to spend an hour talking and sampling beer with the employees.“
thegreenrooster 3299 days ago
72 /100 113 N 12TH ST
“Not a bad place. Good lighting and a lot of open space. Kinda seemed a little run down and dirty, but it was in the middle of a busy Friday night. I was in there for about 20 minutes before the clerk asked if I needed any help, but he didn’t really seem to know much about craft. Good selection, much better than I though it would be. A good majority of the cooler space was devoted to craft but a lot of them are the mainstream ones. Leinie, Boulevard, Sam, Sierra, Magic Hat and New Bel. I was hoping for a bigger selection of bombers but I did pick up a Mikkeller Monk’s brew and a Unibroue Trois Pistoles so there are gems to be found. Value was about average with most other stores in town. Overall, pretty good store. I’ll probably be back every so often to see what other gems I can find.“
jmagnus87 3920 days ago
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