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76 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Stopped in while visiting the Alum. One of the smaller Binny’s I have been to but still plenty large. A pretty standard nice warehouse feel to it. Service was fine. A solid selection of beers which was organized by regions. Prices were in line with the area. Not the best Binny’s but still a very strong selection.“
deyholla 1879 days ago
58 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“It’s a warehouse taproom, with a small, crowded feel to it; although I suppose they could have an outdoor area if the weather is really nice. The service is friendly and knowledgeable enough, but nothing crazy special there - they seem to stay busy keeping people’s beer full, so they don’t really seem to have time to get "chummy." Six taps running with some bottle to take home. they do offer flights for sampling with generous pours, and prices are reasonable. Go for the beers, but there’s not too much else to this place.“
ARH 1899 days ago
62 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Fun spot. Taproom is just a small carve out of the brewery floor - not much ambiance here. 6 beers on today, which were very good. Flights available. Free parking in a spacious lot.“
BVery 2189 days ago
72 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Loved the speakeasy feel of this hard-to-find brewery located at the back of a strip mall. Worth searching for, though. Enjoyed the Grumpess, other beers were hit or miss. Our one and only visit coincided with an Octoberfest (decent) release so the place was hopping. Not a lot of seating. Plastic only (no cash) with a three-per-day limit, which is fine. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea that the only option for tipping is to buy the beertender a beer at $6 each, effectively doubling the price of a beer unless you want to look like a cheapass. Ugly, ugly artwork on the labels, very messy and hard to read. Is that petty? Maybe.“
DotBeer 2207 days ago
56 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Good variety of styles on tap. Some are more to my liking than others but I usually try as many as I can. Tap room is just the other side of a short wall to the brewery. Way too small for the crowds they usually have and it can be difficult to hold your beer, especially if you like to try the flights.“
MOlsonNotBeer 2260 days ago
80 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Very large store with ample parking. Great selection of locals and regionals along with international beers. Really the only downside is a limited number of singles available. Definitely worth a stop.“
shrubber85 2316 days ago
74 /100
Standard Market (Grocery Store)
“A grocery store which also features a bar (located adjacent to the wine and cheese shop) and restaurant/grill. Decent selection of interesting craft beers for retail purchase and bar with a thoughtful selection of local and regional craft beers and small plate offerings. Great addition in the area.“
kseecs16 2342 days ago
68 /100 1175 OGDEN AVE
“A nice little selection with great customer service. Worth a stop by if nearby.“
Headbanger 2375 days ago
84 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“This place has everything you need. Good beer and a bathroom. And not much else. Literally. But I am OK with that. A few more counters or something might be nice as guys standing were trying to juggle their flights with no table or ledge to put them on. Only about ten barseats, so come early! Please note, a bit hard to find on first time there. Also note they have a few unusual policies, so read up on their website before going (no cash, etc). Fun place and good people“
ck1 2391 days ago
82 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Visited early afternoon on a Saturday. Place was fairly buzzing, but we found two barstools next to each other, and were waited upon within a minute. Not much to look at from the outside, but very nice, clean, if minimalistic, inside. Brewing operations visible from the bar. Eight beers on draft, usually rotating. Flights (gorgeously presented in branded wine tasters and wooden supports) of four are reasonably priced at $9, with $1 added for wood-aged beers. Quality brews; Promiscuous’s Apostrophe, Less than Three, and Butterfly Flashmob are highlights. 64 oz growler fills generally $19-$30, depending. Bombers $8-$10. I’d be a regular if I lived in the area. Expect big things.“
jlruthven 2429 days ago
80 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Slightly difficult to find. Take the first right after you turn onto Quincy from Ogden, go to the cul de sac / turning circle and take the last right into the parking lot and go straight ahead. A bar with 20-ish stools and some wooden barrels acting as "tables". The bar was full as were the "tables" when we got their, but bar service was excellent, as was conversation with fellow beer lovers. Had 10 or 12 of their beers on tap. Can also get growlers and they refill their own growlers. Pretty damn good beer they’re making here, and I haven’t seen it anywhere else, but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled now. Just go here not expecting a much other than some good beer, and you’ll enjoy yourself.“
edwardbass 2562 days ago
68 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Wharehouse spot, a bit small and cramped, cool. Interesting place that’s really trying to be innovative from not taking cash, to limiting a customer to 3 beers, not taking tips and allowing you to buy a future beer for a friend. I like it, but also seems like they’re trying to hard. The crowd was very old, weird vibe. The beers were decent, mostly ones I’ve seen around town, but they tasted much better. Interesting spot but nothing would bring me back since its out of the way.“
chibuck 2562 days ago
74 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Standard Binny’s selection, didn’t spot anything the LP store did’t have or was out of. The manager was super friendly, almost overly so, but the beer store in the area so check it out.“
chibuck 2562 days ago
“Great Pizza Deserves Great Beer“
AURBAR 2695 days ago
76 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Stopped in for a sampler and to check the place out. In a large warehouse with an industrial feeling tap room. Place could have used more seating. Service was good considering it was busy. A nice amount of taps on and prices were just a touch high. A big fan of their beer, so worth a stop!“
deyholla 2851 days ago
68 /100 1175 OGDEN AVE
“Was next door at Panera for lunch with the family, so why the hell not. Craft beer section was very solid and prices seemed good. Nice place to go if you are in the area for something else and short on time, but Binnys is only a couple miles down the road.“
HarvesterOfSorrow 2862 days ago
84 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Not far from my hotel, so stopped by and really glad I did! Huge beer selection, one of the largest I have seen. I picked up some nice brews I can’t get at home. Man I wish Binnys was in Minneapolis.“
HarvesterOfSorrow 2862 days ago
84 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Small taproom in an industrial park (Could be a bit tough to find for some) has a nice cozy vibe. Open air building with a view overlooking brewing operations. The taplist is young but growing, samplers are a great try here and lots of cool unique architecture around the bar and it’s fixtures. Friendly staff, no cash (Just credit cards) and a feature with prevents tipping (You can buy the staff a beer if you want). Also a "Buy For a Friend" feature and a regular schedule which involves new tappings, new treatments of beers, casks. A foodtruck frequently on the weekend or surrounding events. The tap room is usually pretty busy, filling a need and niche in Naperville that the area is not used to having. I’m really enjoying my times here and think everyone should take a trip out.. especially on a day they do a special tapping. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.“
TheAlum 2893 days ago
76 /100 1727 FREEDOM DR
“I’d give the ambiance of the neighborhood a 1 but inside this place is pretty nice with a fairly cozy feel and live music on a lot of nights. Service was good when I went, if a little sporadic at times. While they dont serve food the local restaurants will deliver for free and there are some good options near by. The selection is expansive and doesn’t shy away from unique or challenging beers. The only place you’re going to do better in the Western Suburbs is the Bavarian Lodge in Lisle. A great and much needed addition to the area, just wish it wasn’t out in the corporate wasteland along I-88.“
kseecs16 2963 days ago
76 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“A neat little bar where there is seating for maybe 16 people. Got a little crowded as work got out. Service was very good. I thought prices were a bit steep. $6 for a pint, $9 for 4/4oz samples, and growler refills $16-$20. Beer was great. Will be going back.“
Headbanger 3005 days ago
76 /100 1727 FREEDOM DR
“Ended up here after the Sam Adams Longshot Competition. There were probably 50+ taps here, good range of the standard Belgians and regionals/nationals coupled with a good chunk of locals. Prices are a bit steep I think. Lots of one offs here, brewery tap nights, etc. Sports bar vibe overall with a spot for a live band. Not too shabby for the area.“
NobleSquirrel 3036 days ago
72 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Stopped in for a growler and to check this place out. Located in the back of an industrial park. Kind of reminded me of the Bruery from the exterior. Interior is a nice clean brewery with small bar and 4 of their beers on tap. Offer flights, growler, full pours. Credit card only and no tipping allowed, but they do have a Beer For Friends program where you could buy a beer for someone in the future. Will be back for a pint and a growler in the future.“
msante79 3077 days ago
68 /100 1175 OGDEN AVE
“Stopped in while driving through Naperville last wek. Decent sized liquor store with smaller than expected beer selection. Couple of nice finds like Avery Rumpkin. Usually update their selection on as well.“
msante79 3077 days ago
80 /100 1661 QUINCY AVENUE STE. 179
“Exciting to have a brewery in Naperville. Would be hard to find if it weren’t for the boldly painted Solemn Oath logo on the garage door. Smallish bar area serving up Solemn Oath beer, all of which were good to amazing on my visit. Bar is situated with a view in to the brewery. Service was friendly and very interested in the product. Will be interested to see how the tap room develops.“
kseecs16 3082 days ago
84 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Wow, just about the best selection in a store I have seen, Worth the visit if your in the area. They had a few colours. But they had a ton of shelves with beers on it, lots of imports but also tons of beers from local brewerys and small american craft brews, when I was there they were out of all FFF beers which was disappointing but it seems they usually carry them But they had tons of selection. Recommend a stop“
Ontbeertaster 3379 days ago
72 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Very nice selection of both American craft and import beers. Service was great for our visit. The guy working was very helpful in finding us some Midwestern goodies off our list, even willing to go to the back for a few limited seasonals. The only real knock was the pricing which seemed high even for the greater Chicago area. Later found a pricing error on our receipt (charged $2 more than the shelf tag indicated), but by then we were out of town. Definitely give them props on service and selection, though.“
elgiacomo 3415 days ago
“Went here hoping to get some singles, as the Binny’s in town does not sell single bottles - typical Trader Joe’s with the typical shitty Trader Joe’s selection (I left without buying anything, if that is any indication) - sure, they sell single bottles, but who fucking cares?“
notalush 3416 days ago
78 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Large, well-lit but sterile store - huge selection of beer, which is well-organized and well-presented - imports organized by country - fairly extensive selection from most of the major regions (Belgium, germany, Scandinavia, etc. ) - impressive line up of American craft beer, taking up a large wall and several aisles on the far side of the store - the selection was actually too difficult for me to sort through in the limited time I had, so I actually have to return here tomorrow to buy stuff before I leave town - I have not been to the other Binny’s locations, so I cannot make a comparison, but this store is pretty first rate - definitely recommended for stocking up on your way through town.“
notalush 3417 days ago
80 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“(Visited 11/2010): Binny’s is located in the Cress Creek Square shopping center on the west side of Naperville on West Ogden, not too far off I-88. There is a large private lot in front of the store. The interior of this store is large, with the rear and right area being devoted to beer. There are coolers in the far back with many singles, and several aisles for beer segregated for the most part geographically. Local and regional breweries like Flossmoor Station, Goose Island etc are well represented, as are domestic micros and craft imports. Service is about what I expect at a place like this. I was greeted and asked if I needed help (which I didn’t) and had a friendly cashier. Overall I was impressed with this store and would definitely put it near the top of the list of places to go for bottles from breweries I cannot find at home.“
Dogbrick 3417 days ago
68 /100 2607 W. 75TH STREET
“A pretty small but decent beer selection. Prices seemed about par with Binny’s for their bombers but otherwise worth a visit if you are near by.“
Headbanger 3530 days ago
76 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“The overall ambience of this store is not great but the selection and the organization of the beers is first rate. Domestic craft / import craft, seasons and limited release sections make the store easy to navigate. Staff was nice and they were busy cleaning up some breakers of Cuervo while watching the bearing game on an early Sunday morning. Prices are better good but the store is hard to get to with it being in an awkwardly laid out strip mall.“
ilovedarkbeer 3595 days ago
76 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Good selection and helpful staff. Nice tasting events. Wish they carried more Nogne O varieties.“
dragonlady1010 3657 days ago
70 /100 2607 W. 75TH STREET
“Good sized Whole Foods. Small beer selection but all quality brews with some mixed 8 packs of some local beers. Had a couple of really good sales. Picked up 3 Fonteinen Doesjel for $3.99 which is a steal. They also had Nørrebro Little Korkny Ale for $8.99 which is usually $24. Kicking myself for not buying this. Would stop by again if in area.“
msante79 3859 days ago
64 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“I can’t buy Goose Island Ales here in Texas, but I have friends living in Naperville, IL.“
Botnik 3909 days ago
82 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Larger than average selection. Staff was helpful and asked me what I needed twice. Some of the stuff is a bit pricey though.“
slayer02348 3958 days ago
60 /100 88 W. GARTNER ROAD
“Definitely more of a wine store and tasting room, but they do have a better than average beer selection in the back kept in walk-in refrigerators. Since all of the beer is stored cold at least you know it should be in good shape. On the left is your BMC and on the right a cooler full of various regional and popular microbrews. Not a destination but you can find some good stuff here, they also have a make your own six pack section.“
kseecs16 4042 days ago
80 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“This Binny’s beer section is a little smaller than the Glen Ellyn and Plainfield stores. Pretty decent selection nonetheless, some rare beers. Pretty knowlageable staff.“
monkeychugg55 4099 days ago
“Not far from where I used to live. The selection is so-so, but everything is available in singles. Very good prices for what they’ve got there. I would estimate 30-40 different bottles. A great place to pick up a sample pack of stuff if you’re from out of town, even if the beer quality is marginal. “
troyc 4105 days ago
62 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“A typical big box liquor store. Great selection, staff is useless, prices seemed a little high at this one and not as big of a selection as BevMo or Total Wine.“
lithy 4141 days ago
78 /100 2607 W. 75TH STREET
“Prices for local stuff are a couple bucks cheaper than Binnys. As state before the selection is not as vast, but there is different stuff here which is very nice. I found a couple of good rare bottles here and there is also a few interesting meads. Nice clean environment and the staff is helpful too if you can find them.“
ilovedarkbeer 4344 days ago
“Had a decent selection of their own beers along with GI, Ommegang, Victory, and others. Their pricing is great and you can get singles of anything they have. Decent help when asked.“
Headbanger 4355 days ago
74 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Large selection of beer. Most of the good stuff seemed a little overpriced. Limited selection of single bottles of American craft beers normally sold in 6-packs. All in all, comparable to most of the other Binny’s I have visited. I have found some good rare beers here though.“
troyc 4380 days ago
68 /100 2607 W. 75TH STREET
“New store along 75th Street in Naperville. The beer selection is pretty good, and I picked up some decent things. Prices seem to be cheaper than Binny’s for a lot of the stuff. Selection is good, but not as good as Binny’s. Having said that, I was able to find some Three Floyds Moloko Stout and Kasteel Rouge, among many other things. Very clean... and since the store just opened all the bottles were very fresh.“
troyc 4380 days ago
64 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Lot of beers to choose from, found a lot of midwestern brews I can’t find at home in San Jose, CA. A little on the pricey side for many of the craft beers, but they have a lot to choose from. Comparable to the Bev Mo’s I go to in Northern CA“
RunDWP 4401 days ago
58 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“It was my local binnys to score beer, booze, wine, and hit the deli here and there. The parking lot is big enough to park the whole neighbor hood. I don’t know if it was that I just went on there at off times or what but out of the 50+ times going there I got asked if I needed help like twice. Great beer selection compaired to anything around the area. I’d go back just due to selection and prices.“
rednapx3 4464 days ago
78 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“A nice Binny’s, although the clearance singles that they sell are occasionally already skunked. I don’t see the point in trying to sell year old Lowenbrau for $1.19 that’s just going to taste bad and piss people who don’t know better off.“
pumpkinheart 4538 days ago
80 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“This is now my local Binny’s and so far it seems pretty standard. The selection may be a bit weaker than the recently redone Binny’s on Route 83. Have not fully explored but it is a nice clearn store with friendly helpful staff, usually someone hanging out by the beer offering assistance. Have not checked their cigar and deli offerings yet. Accessebility and parking are easy, though watch out for the Ogden traffic during rush hour.“
kseecs16 4552 days ago
90 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Big Beer Tastings twice a year one winter one summer. Huge selection with some nice rare beers. Rotates stock always and clears out beers when they do not sell. New beer guy with good knowledge of selection and whats available. Noticed since he came things are much cleaner, organized and much better than previously. Would highly recommend visiting.“
TheBeerGuy8200 4657 days ago
66 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“Slightly weak selection, though they sometimes have things sitting around awhile which can be a nice surprise. Descent help sometimes.“
Dough77 4660 days ago
80 /100 790 ROYAL ST GEORGE
“I found this to be a very good Binny’s, which kept me happily drinking when working in the area. It’s a larger store, with the typical bright warehouse feel to it. The beer selection was large and in charge, with stuff that I wasn’t able to find elsewhere in Chicagoland (such as Bush Prestige). Prices are entirely reasonable, and the staff was friendly and attentive when approached. This is an excellent stop if you’re in the area!“
Ughsmash 4674 days ago