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“Hidden off the beat and path of most of the popular stores at the mall which consumes most of this area this Binny’s has a lesser bulk of craft beer than the others I’ve visited, but I still managed to find 4 beers I hadn’t seen before rather quickly. I will say that the layout of this store makes it the most convenient of all the locations I’ve been to, and the service was great!“
TattooJack 1851 days ago
“While I will still visit Binny’s LP or South Loop mostly, I was surprised by the nice selection of local and midwestern beers available as well has a few under the radar offers from elsewhere. Sure, there is likely little here that is not available at he other locations but it was nice to do a beer run here and not drive into the city since I was just at Hailstorm Brewing, 10 minutes or so away. Oh, the cigar selection was very nice but pricy.“
BBB63 2246 days ago
60 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“Ok place. Service was ok. Food was ok. Nothing special, kind of a "generic/ commercialized" brewpub.. I enjoyed their flight and would compliment their house brews. Nice stop if you are in the area, but don’t go out of your way.“
Harley_Biker 2565 days ago
“Visited on 7-9-12. Superb selection, with many strong coastal beer brands that aren’t distributed in my native Minnesota. Seemed to be a good representation of local breweries as well. Several rows of shelves of singles and six-packs, as well as multiple fridges of beer. Good, though not great, liquor selection, for what it’s worth. There seemed to be a lot of wine, but I ignored it. Comfortable atmosphere. Layout was a bit haphazard, but I still enjoyed looking through the impressive selection. Surprising dearth of customers while I was there, which was great for me as a browser and customer but probably not so great for the business. Staff left me alone until I asked questions, after which they were helpful, and that’s exactly how I like my service at a liquor store. Surprisingly low prices for the Chicago area; comparable to the prices of the better liquor stores in the Twin Cities metro area.“
islay 2995 days ago
50 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“Visited on 7-11-12 and 7-12-12, as it was across the street from my hotel on a work trip. I sat at the bar the first night and with coworkers at a table the next. I tried four beers, two each night, all of which were good and two of which were very good. I was surprised at how good the beer available was, especially at the high end on the gravity scale. About a dozen beers on tap, with a good variety of styles available. The food (ballpark pretzels with cheese one night, pizza the next) also was remarkably tasty, ordinary though it was. Wood décor. The atmosphere and setting was acceptable but completely forgettable, American sports bar normal. Mostly middle-aged crowd, with a few 20-somethings thrown in the mix. Service was on the slow side. Reasonable, unremarkable pricing.“
islay 2995 days ago
“Pretty solid store for a big chain place. I own a liquor store in a town 5 hours away and have family here so I shop here from time to time. Prices are fair, not great and the selection is pretty good though allotments seem to be low on slightly unexpected items. Though they do carry a ton of regional and local flavor. The new lay out is slightly confusing but I’ll work it out over the holiday season I’m sure. This place is amazing if you’re looking for a great bottle of wine. The floor staff seem to know wine better than beer but are knowledgeable either way.“
GreggK25 3255 days ago
52 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“This place seemed to have some decent ticks so I thought I’d head over despite my reservation of it being another RB. Looks brand, a huge really nice looking building inside and out... Selection of their 5 regulars with 10ish pub drafts, sadly most that I had were not very good... the service was ok, the server seemed to know beer but wasn’t very good at suggestions... not worth the tick“
chibuck 3304 days ago
“compared to the other binny’s the selection here is pretty weak, however they do sometimes hold onto beers a bit longer than the other stores. ok if you leave here but don’t drive out of your way.“
chibuck 3304 days ago
“Nice big store that sells everything you can get your hands on in Illinois. On a recent visit, though, it became clear that their beer volume is not keeping up with the demand. But that’s probably on the breweries as much as anything. This is my go-to store at home, and there is no where else to bother going to in the area. The people are generally knowledgeable, but not always.“
basewars 3566 days ago
76 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“This place takes care of it’s regulars very well. Good season beers.“
WITTBEER 4012 days ago
72 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“Excellent food, good service, and very tasty beer. Not a huge selection of beer, but what they have is very good. I partook in the sampler, and was impressed by all beers, especially the brown ale and pale ale. I tried a pint of their seasonal Cinco de Mayo...this was very good. Overall a great place. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and atmosphere. A bit pricey, but not too bad.“
hogan873 4128 days ago
“The beer selection in here is better than it was the last time I was here. Wide selection of beers, some not available at other Binny’s. Somewhat mixed up as far as organization goes. Worth a visit.“
monkeychugg55 4173 days ago
76 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“Great food at this place. Nice, slightly fancy restaurant feel. Great selection of food. Beer selection has both sessionable and heavier, interesting ales. The Brewmasters beer gets better every time I go there.“
HonkeyBra 4274 days ago
“This is a pretty good Binny’s. Really good for new releases, and interesting kind of rare stuff. It’s big, the traffic is terrible, and it’s tucked around in the middle of nowhere. Basically, anything you can get in the chicagoland area will be here. Lots of great stuff, big selection, cool staff.“
HonkeyBra 4274 days ago
66 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“Typical suburban chain restaurant feel. Very clean. They had a nice selection of beer on tap. Mainly session-type stuff. The service was quick and attentive. Food was decent. Worth a stop if you are in the area.“
MoDog 4379 days ago
76 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“Been to this location about 7 times as it is less than 5 minutes from my house. Typical RB design with standard RB beers and fare. The main 5 beers that are on the every day menu are decent but Brewmaster’s Specials are quite good. Can’t say I have had a bad beer at this location but nothing I would say is great. However, I do beleive Iain Wilson will produce some fine brews in the future as the beer gets better everytime I go. My favorite so far has beer the Naughty Scotch Ale. The food and service is quite good also. The wife likes the pretzel appetizer and I perfer the Chicken Enchilades and Fish Tacs. All in all it is a nice place to have a brew and beats the hell out of anything beer wise in Orland and Tinley Park.“
msante79 4464 days ago
74 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“First Rock Bottom I’ve been to. Decor was much like a Chilis or Ruby Tuesdays. We got great service and the food was quite good and the portions ample. Ordered their beer sampler which started with their version of light beer. Of the six, only the last two (a porter and a stout) were decent. Wanted to try their bourbon coffee stout but was told I was too late. The guy who waited on me knew enough about beer.“
YourDarkLord 4531 days ago
88 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“jason was the bartender when i stopped by. nice selection of beer, and jason poured me three samples of of my favorite styles without being asked. knowledgable staff, decent beer, nice place. maybe i will eat here soon. join the mug club...it’s free! iain willson, the master brewer is often on hand to discuss beer, or present free samples on mug club beer release nights. my second home brew pub.“
dm9831 4574 days ago
64 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“The fact that RB has a standard design for its new locations has led me to call the chain Applebee’s with better beer. That’s probably not quite right they do have a chef at each location, only I usually have an appetizer. The food may be much better than I know. Only drag on the Ambience is the fact that you’ve been here before if you’ve been to RB Yorktown. BUT the place does have brewmaster Iain, who has his own ideas about what to put on the taps, as does Pete downtown and Tim at Yorktown. My experience of the beer so far is just three, from a pale lager to a barrel-aged IPA, but he handles each extreme pretty well. Let’s just note that RB seems to have set this up pretty close to a brewpub with a poor reputation (Harrison’s), just as the Yorktown RB is near Taylor. Hmmm.“
DrnkMcDermott 4581 days ago
“Damn this place is big...if only you didn’t have to fight Orland Park traffic to get there (yeah, it really does suck). Much cleaner than the avg liquor store gets it high marks on ambiance (really hard to rate liquor stores for ambiance, they’re liquor stores!) Very large beer selection, although most of what they have is not particularly ’rare’. You can find most seasonal FFF and a wide selection of North Coast, DFH, Great Lakes and some imports as well. Got some Founders Bkfst Stout here once as well, but don’t come here looking for any Bell’s thanks to the great state of IL. Biggest detractor is the prices...its a nice, clean store that is taking over the Chicagoland area, and you’re helping to pay for the expansion. Still a worthwhile stop due to the ridiculous number of beers here! Oh yeah, good luck finding singles...its sixers or bombers!“
valpoaj 4655 days ago
“This is one of the better Binny’s. Huge Macro section. A whole 20 foot aisle just for seasonals. Thier beer section is bigger that most places entire store. Not a place to find some thing rare but they do have 90% of the beers distributed in the chicago area.“
msante79 4689 days ago
74 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“Went here during the height of the football season on a Sunday. Beers were really great, especially compared to the Rock Bottom in Warrenville. The food was good too. Service was prompt and friendly. A couple of beers that I wanted to try were out. All in all the experience was great especially considering the circumstances.“
gws57 4698 days ago
92 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“This is a wonderful restaurant with great service, knowledgable staff, a great brewmaster, and most importantly great beer and food. It is reasonably priced too. The beers are truly premier, and they always have a new one ready to be tapped.“
JLAudio 4727 days ago
62 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“I stopped here last night as part of a road trip to Ohio. It wasn’t very busy on the Thursday night so we grabbed a table in the bar area. There’s not much to say about the food and decor if you’ve seen most of the Rock Bottoms you’ve seen this design before. Food was average to slightly above average - my pulled pork had a nice spicy kick but overall was your basic upscale brewpub fare. The tap list was not much different than the one I visited in Milwaukee. The local specials were the BA Scotch Ale, a hefeweizen and an Octoberfest. Prices were reasonable and the half pint of hefeweizen I tried was decent. It’s a nice place to stop if you want good beers amid a sea of chain restaurants.“
Brigadier 4738 days ago
70 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“For the most part, I am in agreement with the trusted raters below (well... at least I trust them). This is a cookie-cutter replica of the RB standard design... with its brick and stone and Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie-style influences. A smattering of patio tables should be pleasant in the summer while the interior finds large accomodations for the diner and drinker alike.

Food quality was above average, but I think the cooks still need to find their groove. A "spicy" entree was not so spicy while some side dishes (and the chili) seemed overly salted.

Service was VERY attentive in the dining room on a busy Friday night. In chatting with our waitress, we found that their wait-stations were astoundingly tiny in comparison to other restaurants of similar size. Even without a bus staff, there should be no reason why you’d find service lacking. On the other hand, the bartenders were swamped and could barely keep up with orders. (I think I counted three, but it wouldn’t hurt to equip an additional one on a weekend evening.)

I was impressed wtih Mr. Wilson’s beers (which I had heard were assembled rather quickly) and am hoping this standard of quality is maintained.

I just have to add that I’m excited to finally have a decent beer joint which is close enough to stop for lunch on a workday. (And my lunch is at midnight, so it’s all the better!)“
frankenkitty 4922 days ago
72 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“As Cornfield says, template Rock Bottom building, template Rock Bottom menu... But I was pretty impressed with this location’s beers. This visit they had three beers on cask, the Fire Chief Red (better on cask IMHO), Pale Ale, and an experimental white chocolate stout. I also tried their Brewmaster’s Special, Naughty Scot Scottish Ale. Tasty. Service is hit or miss. Late on Friday night the bartender told me that the special was, "A dark". She new no more details. On the other hand, today the server was right on, clearly knew her stuff. Food is standard Rock Bottom menu, which isn’t bad for a chain location. Jerk chicken sandwich was solid. A very good addition to the South Suburban scene. I’ll be back.“
htsprint1 4932 days ago
60 /100 16156 S LA GRANGE RD
“This new Rock Bottom is physically a clone of the recently opened RB Yorktown, the only difference being that the parking lot is on the other side of the building. The food is the standard stuff for the chain. Sorry, no salmon meatloaf, Joe, but my smoked salmon fish ’n’ chips were good, and they had the appropriate malt vinegar to go with it. The staff, friendly & efficient enough, seem to know very little about the beers. The beers- I almost forgot...

All beers are recipes of head brewer, Iain Wilson. (I tried to flag him down as me moved about the moderately busy lunch-time crowd, but he seemed to avoid the old beer geek and visited folk who were drinking [sigh] soda pop. Maybe next time.) His first eight tappings are a bit thin, but fairly decent drinking. At this point, I see it as a project in the works and will revisit to see how it develops.“
Cornfield 4941 days ago
“Under new management. Better service, better atmosphere and more knowledgable staff. Worth checking out!“
binnys 5157 days ago
“Ambiance? Well, it’s a liquor store. Actually, it’s a new store, so very clean and bright. In the year or so since this opened, I;ve seen the beer selection grow. I’m writing this rating after attending a well-stocked beer tasting, where I’ve been able to try many imports with less than 50 ratings overall. Sure, their "club" is more wine-oriented, but I’m hoping more beer events like this will help them want to develop in that direction. As they were cleaning up, I watched one of the beer guys try to help a woman select a "better" light beer, steering her away from Beck’s, etc., to either a lighter amber or at least a Sam light. So it’s definitly getting better at beer. Just one Millenias on display, at the customer sewrvice desk for a "reasonable" $118. No food served, but a good selection of gourmet cheeses and other go-alongs.“
DrnkMcDermott 5514 days ago
“A very clean shop in a shopping-mall atmosphere. There’s a "beer guy", but he’s never around when I’m there. I’d say the selection is over 200. Was hoping to join their discount club but, alas, it’s really only good for winos.“
frankenkitty 5671 days ago
“Your typical Binny’s selection: Great for out-of-towners who are looking for local micros, but for the locals there’s not much to drool over. Large shelf space for imports. A good place to get away while the wife is shopping.“
HopsOrDie 5762 days ago
“Newly opened in the southwestern world of shopping malls, this isn’t a bad place to pick up some decent brews. Plenty of Belgian, German, and Brittish to choose from. A healthy amount of mainly midwest micro brews. Wine, too, if you like that crap. I easily loaded up my shopping cart. Could do it again a few times. Just thought SW Chicago area folk should know about another good beer shop.“
Cornfield 5768 days ago
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