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68 /100 801 PLAZA DRIVE
“Rustic modern decor, walk around bar, average selection, food was tasty, reminds me of a Coopers Hawk Restarante. Beer were OK.“
BlackBeerPG 11 days ago
80 /100
Stonewood Ale House (Restaurant)
“Large walk around bar, plenty of seating and dinning area, with nice retro beer signs lit up on the ceiling.Wood paneling, medium to large selection of beers. nice staff, looks like many burgers on the menu.“
BlackBeerPG 11 days ago
72 /100 801 PLAZA DRIVE
“With George on Good Friday 2019 before the $hit hit the fan. My first Granite City stop. Everything about this place says "chain brewery." Large bar plus bar area with plenty of other restaurant seating in the place. Many of their own on tap (12?) and the 2 I had were rather non-descript and average. Did not try food but it looked decent. We were sent here while the ladies (redhot13 and trudytrudytrudy) were buying a car. Typical visit for me, but dad talked about this for months on end, so I knew how important it was for him. Dont worry, I will take good care of Jan. Great guy, he will be missed.“
ck1 490 days ago
68 /100 750 MARTINGALE RD.
“Some good tap selections. Mediocre prices mainly because of enormous taxes. Also looked in the store disappointed very few bombers none local. Could not get singles out of the quality 6 pack selection.“
jb 1272 days ago
68 /100 750 MARTINGALE RD.
“First time visit, somewhat recently refurbished and positioned in the store, presentable bar & counter space, with ample seating & gathering area. Fair list of brews, highlighting local offerings, but only posted on chalkboard panels. Need menu sheets and more brewer & style info. Otherwise, a friendly atmosphere made comfortable by our bartender, Gabe.“
tmoreau 1368 days ago
82 /100 1570 E GOLF RD
“Visited late February, 2019. My first visit to a Kuma's! As a long time metal head, I was excited! Very prompt and friendly staff, able to answer basic beer questions and make recommendations. Ambiance is bright and new but yet also sort of a dive bar, which is neat. Heavy metal music is definitely blaring loudly, so it's not for everyone if that's gonna bother you (honestly you ignore it after a bit). TVs show heavy metal videos, waitresses are all tatted up and into metal - definitely a metal vibe. 32 taps and plenty I hadn't had - lots of breweries in Chicago these days so lots of variety was available. Food was great, you get so damn much despite slightly high prices. Overall this isn't necessarily a must stop beer destination but it was a fun stop for lunch! I wouldn't wait an hour and a half like I hear people do, but I'll be back if in the area!“
drowland 1476 days ago
90 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Great store, great beer department. Could spent hours there. And what’s more, As I am looking for singles, they have plenty of that. Great assitance, working with me to find beers I was looking for. Also found Spencer Trappist here, super. Prices are OK. Like this place.“
vipinvelp 2717 days ago
80 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Great beer store - very similar to the Bloomingdale location I recently visited. Comfortable ambiance. Decent service. Good selection of mix-6 - good local selection on that as well, plus a few oddball beers in the bunch. Bombers, etc. - great selection. Didn’t look like it exactly replicated the bottles from the Bloomingdale location, but it was close - Bloomingdale had a few that Schaumburg didn’t have and vice versa.“
BVery 3053 days ago
76 /100 888 N MEACHAM RD
“Nice place, close to the business park area in Schaumburg. Very good selection, both bottles and tap, my wait staff admitted to not liking beer, so have to deduct some points for that. Overall pleasant experience, reasonable prices for metro area.“
stevoj 3127 days ago
70 /100 888 N MEACHAM RD
“Went here for lunch on a Friday with a coworker. I thought this was going to be similar to the Beer Market in Vernon Hills, IL in the fact that they didn’t have food, so I advised we pick up something first. When we got to the location, to my surprise, they had pizza and giant pretzels (like, served on a pizza pan large) that were baked in house. They both looked really tasty, but didn’t actually sample the food. As with the Vernon Hills location, a wonderful, overwhelming menu selection of beers. I knocked it down one point from a 15 only because my coworker tried to order two beers that were listed on their menu, but the server said they were out of = (. I also have to dock them a couple points on service because - although the place was relatively empty on Friday at noon, and the bartender was able to check in on us frequently - when he informed us he was out of the APA that my colleague ordered, he started recommending IPAs as a replacement; I had to step in a direct him to other APAs that would be more suitable replacements. It’s definitely a sports bar motif, which probably gets crazy crowded on weekends and during major sporting events, but a nice little beer haven for an area hurting for anything to give it some beer reputation.“
ARH 3168 days ago
60 /100
Stonewood Ale House (Restaurant)
“I would say that this place probably makes it’s money from the after-work crowd. It’s not too far from the corporate park and this place doesn’t strike me as the kind of place to "pack it in" on the weekends (although maybe that’s just the nature of any bar in Schaumburg - not meant as an offense to the city, but I’ll stand by it). I’ve always been happy with the music selection of mostly alt rockers at a low enough volume to keep conversation lively, but loud enough for Shazam to work if you hear something you like, but don’t know. The service is quick - you’ll never go long without a drink - but as far as beer knowledge ... the food menu’s limited, but what’s on there is good. The beer menu isn’t too bad, they have a few rotating taps and bottles, but nothing impressive. It’s a nice go-to place if you work in the area and are looking for a place to grab a few drinks with coworkers and friends.“
ARH 3339 days ago
86 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“This is a huge shop with a long two-sided beer aisle with lots of craft beers and regional breweries represented. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, and I have been assisted numerous times after describing what I liked, and having them help me find something similar. Not only do they know details about what they have on the (very large) shelf, but they know what’s coming in later in the week, and they can tell you when to come back if there is something you’re looking for. This is my favorite place when I’m in the Chicago area, and it’s conveniently located with plenty of parking.“
Brentv 3424 days ago
78 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Passing through Chicago and visited this place due to it’s ratings. Very good selection of local craft brews and Belgians. Surprising selection of Polish beers as well. Prices seemed high, but may be due to cost of living in area. Would visit again.“
stevoj 3529 days ago
72 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Mega-mart sized liquor store, lots of specials on wine and hard liquor. anyways, to the beer: Very nice selection - Lots from Boulevard, Goose island, Founders, Stone, Bear Republic, etc. Would have liked to see some more of the smaller chicago brewers, but they’ll reach the suburbs eventually. Prices were great, Staff were friendly - only complaint is that someone stole the bottle of Boulevard Saison Brett out of my cart while I was shopping.“
Johnsense 3848 days ago
80 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Went to this store after a business presentation. Easy parking in front of the building. Large building with well organized shelfs with wine, liquor on the right and three large shelfs of beers on the back right. Good selection of standard micros in bombers and six packs and good selection of Illinois beers. Found twelve new beers for me. Party goods, wine and hard liquor store at good prices like the other Binny’s. Freindly package store service. Nice location and good oriental restuarant next door. I will return.“
Tmoney99 4128 days ago
72 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“awesome selection including de molen, firestone walker, FFF, Goose Island, struisse, the bruery...and a ton others. Big warehouse and a dissatisfied staff.“
jlanning215 4377 days ago
76 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Decent selection but the prices can be ridiculous. A number of beers are even priced as high as double the price they are at other locations(even other Binny’s). “
TGL0782 4453 days ago
76 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“This is my "Go-to" place for buying beer whenever I am in Chicago, mostly due to its proximity to where my friends live. The folks who work here often don’t seem very happy, although the senior staff are knowledgable about what’s on the shelves. And there is a LOT of choice on the shelves. I usually concentrate on Bavarian stuff like Hofbrau, Spaten or Augustiner to bring back to Canada (can’t buy it there), and the prices and the freshness of these are pretty good overall. Binny’s is good at stocking the Maibock and Oktoberfest seasonals as well. Huge selection of American microbrews to choose from. Ample parking! I’m giving Ambience a higher score even though there is essentially Zero Ambience in a liquor warehouse to reflect the ease of access and layout in the store. One of my favourite US beer stores. "Exceptional" seems a bit overcomplimentary, but "Excellent" certainly fits. Highly recommended.“
Mooncattie 4662 days ago
78 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Used to be my regular location for buying beer. Always a solid selection with occasional limited brews on the shelf. This Binny’s has one of the larger beer selections around Chicago.“
MikeF 4675 days ago
40 /100
Stonewood Ale House (Restaurant)
“When I first started going to Stonewood Ale House a few years ago, they surprised me with some unique beers such as Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Spaten Optimator. They have since dropped all of the beers that I like. The food is pretty good, but without the beer selection there is no reason for me to come here. The servers are a bunch of cute girls that generally don’t seem to know what they are doing. The service ranges from OK to glacially slow in my experience. I like the look of the place with lots of wood and classic beer signs reminding you of beers they don’t serve. I used to bring my coworkers to this place, but now I don’t bother to go at all.“
don_zouras 4694 days ago
72 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Decent size Binny’s with nice selection of bombers, six packs, and imports. Still had GI Juliet, nice selection of Brewdog brews, and a Faro lambic. Pretty good selection for area and a bit better than the Des Plaines Binny’s. What hurts this place is that they don’t have a singles rack. Will stop if in area.“
msante79 4787 days ago
90 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“I’m from Houston and they had everything that I can’t get down here. Insane selection and super nice staff. Flew home with lots of goodies and will live at Binny’s when I go back in October.“
TopherJackson 4988 days ago
52 /100 1416 NORTH ROSELLE RD.
“These places all pretty much seem the same, mediocre food, mediocre beers with very little stand outs, but you can usually get something decent. Big, loud with a pretty uninteresting ambiance and spotty service. You could do worse, but it wouldn’t be hard to do better.“
kseecs16 5125 days ago
92 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“First of all, a BIG thanks goes out to Andrew Rupert, Beer Consultant, who went above and beyond the call of duty during my visit. He helped go through the list of beers that were on the list of beers rated and made it easier to find the beers that were not on the list. This made beer shopping more efficient and more fun! Spent over $600 and this included 5-7 meads as well. This store is definitely on the must go to again list the next time the beer fridge is in need of being restocked. Thanks again for all of your assistance, Andrew!!“
hotstuff 5255 days ago
70 /100
Stonewood Ale House (Restaurant)
“Quaint little resteraunt & bar. Very clean. Prices were reasonable and food was delicious. Nothing rare on the list ofr beer, but a nice selection of domestic and imported bottles. Food was very good, service was fantastic. They have a brew with there name on it but it would seem to be a labled contract brew from someone else. I’d go back.“
MIBRomeo 5289 days ago
78 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Great selection, but it looks and feels like an over-lit warehouse. The clearance singles are usually right up in te window getting skunked, which is silly. A good stop when in the are, to be sure.“
pumpkinheart 5409 days ago
62 /100 1416 NORTH ROSELLE RD.
“Typical Fox and Hound...fair enough beer selection...bartender was super cute and very friendly at least...I enjoyed my too cold Anchor Porter.“
Walt 5423 days ago
74 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Great selection...not the friendliest people, but still worth it...“
Walt 5446 days ago
78 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“by far the best liquor store in chicago land area i have been to hugh selection of beer, wine and spirts i just wish you could mix and match your own six packs“
TheGuy 5512 days ago
74 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“This was a solid Binny’s that I found when I was working in Elk Grove Village. It’s a larger store, with the open, bright warehouse feel of the others. The beer selection was bigger and better than the original Chicago store, and there were a few gems I found such as Bush Prestige.. I found a bunch of stuff to buy. The service was good when I was able to track someone down. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
Ughsmash 5550 days ago
70 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Very good beer selection with lots of foreign brrews. However, they only sell a select gross or so as singles, and I wish they would sell everything they have a singles or mixed sixpacks. Prices are pretty goof though.“
michael-pollack 5652 days ago
38 /100 1416 NORTH ROSELLE RD.
“Average fox and hound. Been to one youve been to all of them. Beer selection is okay and now with the loss of Bells they have replaced them with more macros.“
SubstanceT 5910 days ago
58 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“I stopped in here to pick up some Dreadnaught. The rest of their selection is decent, but similar to what you can get in the Madison area. The only exception might be the Munsterfest (FFF) which I’ve not seen. The prices were reasonable but you aren’t able to break up six packs. That put a damper on my purchases. If you are at Schaumburg Mall and need a Dreadnaught fix, stop in here.“
Brigadier 5964 days ago
60 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Comparable to the store in Orland... which I guess is a silly thing to say, since it only makes sense to those who’ve been to both. Solid selection as with most Binny’s. Nothing "new" for me except a bottle that I picked up to celebrate National Mead Day this month. Still, I’d stop by if in the area again.“
Cornfield 6076 days ago
68 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“tons of stuff, lots of rotating rarities. seasonals. an early spearheadder of the three floyds movement (with $5 bombers of dreadnaught years ago). you’ll find great stuff here (that’s been well delivered and is not old/stinky) but you’ll also pay for that. kinda tired of this place. sell by the bottle please.“
sersdf 6220 days ago
68 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Giant warehouse type store. An alcoholics utopia. The beer selection is pretty huge, though rarely changes. However, I just went there and they had a bunch of new winter beers. In the summer you can get bored pretty easily. The amount of beers seems to be split between domestic and European. They usually have some good micros always in stock, eg. Three Floyds, Victory, Great Lakes, Bells. They even get a fair amount of the "huge" Three Floyds, ie. I’ve found Dark Lord and Behemoth there. Prices on micros are a little steep but macros and wide distributions like Goose Island and Sierra Nevada are always cheap. They have tons of liquor and wine. Bottom line is that they don’t sell by the bottle which is a big problem with me. Who wants to pay $9 a six pack for something they’ve never had before? I think it hurts the enthusiast and their business. People that work here are fucking douche-cocks.“
Zeswaft 6327 days ago
58 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“An okay place but nothing special. I worry about the lights in their as it was quite bright. As Eric says below, prices are a little higher than they should be. There weren’t many special selections but I did find a few that I can’t get at other bottle shops in the Milwaukee and Chicago markets. Maybe I’d drop by again if I was in the area, but it wouldn’t be my regular bottle shop of choice.“
StewardofGondor 6392 days ago
74 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Schaumburg location-While i was living in Northern Illinois, this was the best place to go for brews besided Madison, WI. This place has it all-vintage, midwest micros, seasonals and very rare imports. The prices are fair, but not cheap by any means. a great beer store!!! “
Terminus 6425 days ago
70 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“The Schamburg location has a good selection of imports and few more rare Beligians (like Cantillon Loerik) than the Clark location.“
bu11zeye 6425 days ago
66 /100 1416 NORTH ROSELLE RD.
“My college firends and I used to go here alot after we graduated. its a fun place-can be smokey and noisy sometimes, but definately fun. They have a decent tap selection: Bells and Goose Island are the best ones. I have fond memories drinking Goose Island Christmas Ale on tap and playing pool here....“
Terminus 6718 days ago
72 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“Schaumburg location as well. For the area it is by far the best place to get beer. Fairly good selection but nothing hard to find really. But, they have stuff that I have not had so worth the trip.“
SubstanceT 6761 days ago
80 /100 323 W GOLF RD
“We loved the Schaumberg location. Excellent selection. Live music. And they even had a few Meads!“
thedm 6787 days ago
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