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60 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Big place. Big parking lot. Drive-thru, but no one came in during my visit. Good selection of Illinois beers. Prices seemed high, but they might be in line for Illinois. Chilled and warm BYO section for $10.99. The warm section was full of old beers. Enjoy by 2021, 2020! Overall not worth going out of your way, but, an OK stop.“
Drake 286 days ago
100 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Great selection of Chicago beers like Pipeworks and Spiteful in their shop. Excellent service. Glad to call this place my local bottle shop.“
mharris2511 2879 days ago
90 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Stopped in while I was in town. I’m from Madison and was very happy to see so many different beers that I could not get at home. Pipeworks, Revolution, Firestone, and many more. The guy who runs the beer area was very friendly and went out of his way to help us out. Even showing us some of the stuff he hadn’t had time to put on shelves yet. Seems like he really likes getting Wisconsin people in. Also, wow do they have a huge selection on liquor and wine. Didn’t buy any, but you could pretty much find whatever you were looking for. I’d say the only selection I’ve ever seen bigger when it comes to liquor would be Woodmans. Prices on everything were reasonable. I’ve stopped in Chicago to buy some of these beer products before and pay probably 15% more. Will stop again next time I’m driving through South Beloit.“
kkleu357 3084 days ago
76 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Nice clean place and a nice selection of beer. Never received help nor did I really ask/need any. Worth the stop any time I go to Beloit to pick up New Glarus beers.“
GranvilleTim 3475 days ago
82 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Everett’s is a family owned liquor store in Beloit WI that’s been open since the mid 1930s (wow!). Always a huge selection of great beer, domestic to foreign, mundane to the esoteric. Other mass market stores in the area might be cheaper by a buck, but they won’t match the service and well chosen selection of Everett’s. Matt and crew do a great job of keeping a wide range of 6packs and bombers of unique beers from the midwest and beyond. Service is helpful and knowledgeable. Beyond beer, the store has a well curated wine selection, and a whisky collection that I’m very envious of -- plenty of Everett’s-only bottlings are available, though you might have to ask to see the "secret" bourbon closet. “
zak_AT_olympic 3493 days ago
100 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Nice little store hidden in South Beloit. The beer area is in the back past all the liquor.

Service has always been good for me. As long as you ask for help, they always have someone to assist you, unlike some of the bigger stores. I was lucky to have Matt (The Beer Guy) helping me out. Not only did we talk about beer and the industry as a whole for almost an hour and a half, but he even grabbed me a couple hidden gems out of the back room after learning my style choices.

Great selection! 2 full shelving units of craft brews along with various endcap displays and case stacks and another full shelving unit of Euro beers. A whole bunch of coolers with mostly macro stuff, but a good deal of craft 6-packs and bombers are also kept cold. While I was there, I grabbed a Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 12pk (the only place in town I ever saw it), Sierra Nevada BRUX, New Bel Peach Porch Lounger, Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi, Boulevard Reverb Pilsner, Dark Horse Fore and Tres Boulevard Collaboration 3 Stingo, Mo Betta Bretta, Unibroue Grande Reserve 17, Stone Smoked Porter w/ Vanilla Beans and a Hoppin Frog BA Naked Evil. And that is not even getting into the Euro beers where I absolutely saw a bunch of Mikkeller stuff including stuff from the single hop series and the Beer Geek series. They have a bunch of great whisky too, including the single barrel stuff that they get bottled just for them. I was told by a friend about some single barrel Weller that is awesome. From what I understand, the 750s and the handles were different barrels so they have totally different tastes. That will be my next purchase there.

Great value here too. I don’t know about the Wisconsin Woodmans like others here have said, but I know Everett’s is usually the same or lower than the Rockford Woodmans. And, you get service here that you won’t find in a grocery store.

Overall, I don’t understand why this place isn’t rated higher...Someone better tell Dr. Owl to come back and give it another go. As someone who is new to town, this is going to be one of my usual stops on the way home from work.“
jmagnus87 3773 days ago
74 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Since I live and work in Wisconsin, this is my hot spot for those beers that are only available in Illinois. There are generally 100-125 brews there I can’t find easily elsewhere where I normally shop. The selection is modest but they have a good selection of good and unique beers. I generally head home with a mix & match 6pk and an imported single. Way better than Stateline Liquors that is less than 1/2 mile away. A great little liquor store in a little po-dunk town.“
Lemke10 3989 days ago
80 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Made a pit stop here earlier today and glad I did. Beer was in the back and not a huge selection, but loads of quality. Prices were very good as well. Didn’t ask his name, but a guy came out of the back and saw me checking out the craft beer. Asks if I was interested in some limited release stuff and I was like heck yeah I am. Seemed like a great guy that knew his stuff. They had some singles, but my focus was on the good stuff. Check it out if you are in the area.“
HarvesterOfSorrow 4057 days ago
68 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“I stopped by on my way to Madison, WI, and managed to pick up a few things.

Well lit, small little place. Normal signage, and a little bit run-down, I’d say.

I was never asked if I needed help, and when I checked out the cashier was not very friendly.

The selection wasn’t bad. Lost Abbey, New Belgium, and plenty of local IL and WI beers. I was hoping for a bit more, though.

The prices seemed on par with just about anywhere else.

Overall, it’s a stop if you’re in town or passing through and want to get some of the stuff you can’t get in WI.“
drowland 4123 days ago
72 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“I enjoy coming here for all the stuff I can’t get in Wisconsin, good selection of Lost Abbey brews and I recently picked up 2 bottles of KBS here, Matt the beer guy really knows his stuff and is helpful with any questions you have. If you’re making your way in to Wisconsin it’s worth the 5 minute drive off the interstate.“
cbfobes 4342 days ago
78 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“I nice little place with a pretty good selection of craft beers - head to the back. The store is a bit off the beaten path, so if you didn’t know where to go you might never know it’s there. Good prices and selection makes this store worth a stop if you’re near the border. (update - had a nice long talk with Matt at Everett’s and wanted to update the service/overall scores to reflect it)“
bertram 4370 days ago
86 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Are we still in Illinois? Sigh... yes. Beer is wayy in the back here, past aisles of liquor and wine. At least theres no light coming in. There were a couple rack displays with bombers from Port, Lost Abbey, Ballast Point, New Belgium, Fort Collins, etc. On the shelf there was plenty from Founders, Bells, Dark Horse, and others. Breakfast stout was on special for $8.99, that was sweet. Pere Jaques and Sofie from GI were also on display. Around the corner there was a good range of imports, 3 Monts, Chouffe, Rodenbach on the Belgian side, Schlenkerla and others on the German side. Not crazy extensive, but respectable. In the coolers there were only 2 doors of craft, and 1 door of imports out of 10 or so doors. Lots of macro cases, and random malt liquor dominated the rest of the cooler. The older lady at the register was nice, but there was no staff on the floor. Overall this was a good store with cheap deals, but Wisconsin was calling my name. Woodmans in Beloit had Cranbic, and Badger had a bunch of WI singles, plus Stone etc.“
emerge077 4726 days ago
76 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Nice little store on wisconsin border pick up a nice selection that i have not been able to find closer to the city,blackout stout from great lakes,tres blueberry stout and 4 smoke from dark horse. diffenitly worth a stop if you are in the area“
TheGuy 5266 days ago
62 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“I find this to be a good place for a lot of the beers I like. It doesn’t have everything but still a fairly good selection and the prices are reasonable. Most of the beers I have rated came from either Woodmans or here. I usually visit it once every other week.“
JJClark 6080 days ago
48 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“liquors are really expensive. beers are pretty variable, but you can get the good ones a little on the cheap side. doubt they care for the beer well, of course. only downside here is it’s illinois, so you get no New Glarus. take the short drive to woodman’s for the NG, it’s worth it.“
sersdf 6110 days ago
54 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Looked like they had some pretty good liquors and t good prices. The beer selection was decent. Somewhat of a motley selection. They had Rochefort 10 and 8 and they were cheap. 90 minute IPA, GI Matilda were some of the highlights. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.“
Zeswaft 6218 days ago
54 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“I can’t say I was terribly impressed, but to be fair, this is more of a wine place than beer place. Some have commented on their Wisconsin micro selection, and I’m not sure why. Even though this place is literally a few hundred feet from the state line, Wisconsin micro selection is limited by the fact that many Wisconsin breweries are not licensed for distribution in Illinois. If you’re satisfied with Sand Creek, Leinenkugels and Point, this is your place. If you prefer a more broad selection of Southern Wisconsin micros you’re better off driving an extra 5 miles to the Beloit Woodman’s. Yes there were a few decent Euros, a handful of decent Belgians, but the selection is so random that if you’re not already familiar with their selection, you shouldn’t really go to Everett’s counting on them to stock whatever it is you’re looking for. Probably the best you’re going to find in a relatively non beer-savvy area, and it might be worth a stop if you happen to be driving down Illinois 75, but in my opinion not even worth the 2-mile side trip off the interstate.“
TheEnemy 6282 days ago
56 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“They didn't have much in the way of Belgians, if any. Their stock of good beer was mainly English. I couldn't find anything is the area comperable, however.“
boto 6892 days ago
44 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Well, This place changed owners or something. I went up there about a year ago and they didn't have anything that muzzlehatch said they did. Its pretty bogus now.“
Terminus 6909 days ago
72 /100 426 GARDNER ST
“Chimay, Duvel, Corsendonk, Orval, Aventinus, Weltenburg-Kloster, JW Lees. Not names to set the most experienced beerhunters’ hearts aflutter, but quite uncommon in backwater places like Beloit, WI and sister South Beloit, IL. This small, friendly store has a large selection of E European lagers & porters, bespeaking the heritage of the area, and a very good collection of Wisconsin micros. It may not knock your socks off, but it certainly must be one of, if not the best places for beer inside the Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago triangle. UPDATE July 04: in-stock were Lindemans,Aventinus,Duvel,Westmalle,3 Monts, 3 Monts Spec Reserve--you guys have just been unlucky. Not amazing, but for sure worth it if you’re in the area.“
muzzlehatch 6926 days ago
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