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68 /100 441 W. BONNER ROAD
“This place has changed address and is now fully open to the public. There is a driveway off of Rand rd where it is located, i think it is 100 rand rd or something, theres a sing and a driveway, just before the intersection. They primarily focus on higher-alcohol versions of their pabst distilled beer cousins. They had 2 beers which they deemed "normal" beers which were far below mediocre. The sweetened soda beers ranged from sickly sweet and awful to sickly sweet and barely passable. The kombucha was fine but missing some tartness. The owner stopped in and gave a very wishy washy story of the origins of his brewing history. He talked for a long time boasting some interesting claims about botanical brewing.The service was great, lots of free pours of beer, I think the goal they have in mind for customers is getting them a very good buzz and sugar high. But in the end this place is going to be a polarizing one for beer drinkers and this guy is just trying to sell his product, no fault in that...“
crossovert 1234 days ago
64 /100 110 SLOCUM LAKE ROAD
“Nice place with a great pet-friendly biergarten overlooking the lake. Their house beers leave a lot to be desired but they also have plenty of guest drafts which are all available in flights.“
crossovert 1239 days ago
74 /100 441 W. BONNER ROAD
“A little tricky to find in small strip mall. Our bartender was friendly and helpful with questions. Small and new place, not crowded. All the ales with tasted were Gruit (herb and spiced), inspired as they said, many super sweet with big aromas in the nose. They are much in the same family as "Not Your Father Root Beer’, with kick.“
BlackBeerPG 1588 days ago
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