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68 /100
Gast (Bar)
“New place with a spacious, modern stripped-back interior. Good selection of ales with a few surprises including some rare lambics. Very good service and a good replacement for the now mostly closed Paix down the road.“
baxterfish 23 days ago
64 /100
Goeste Ijs-eethuis (Restaurant)
“Modern restaurant and ice cream parlour which specialises in local produce including beers from local breweries like De Struise and interesting newbies such as Sosab and others I've never heard of. The house beer on tap called Smoeter is by De Plukker. They also own the Goeste shop over the square and the lovely L'Heritage cafe at Reninge. Haven't tried the food, but the ice cream is excellent.“
baxterfish 219 days ago
78 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Visited September 2022. Situado na plaza central, o sitio é un restaurante cunha aceptable selección de cervexas. Tomamos un menú do día na terraza, a comida estupenda en relación calidade prezo e a rapaza que nos atendeu, moi amable e simpática. Probamos dúas cervexas da zona de Poperinge e a verdade é que estaban en boas condicións e como non podía ser doutra maneira en Bélxica, cadansúa na súa respectiva cristalería. Moi recomendable para xantar cunha boa cervexa local. Next one please!“
Taboada 350 days ago
78 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“NIce, friendly cafe with a good selection of local beers.“
whimbreltits 442 days ago
76 /100
Goeste Boetiek (Grocery Store)
“New shop opposite the Paix Cafe on the Grote Markt. speciailses in local produce including an eclectic range of beers from a number of local breweries including some really rare stuff from De Struise - I picked up a 75cl bottle of Aardmonnik !!! Well worth a look. They also own a new cafe across the square next to the reincarnated Belfort which I have yet to visit.“
baxterfish 632 days ago
“went there with a buddy of mine end of may - beginning of june. when we arrived there was a presentation of the farm and brewery in flamish. talked to Kris and tasted his beers. great stuff. Can not describe it but definitely a highlight of our beer trip. Kris explained everything and gave us a little tour. so he is not only one of the best brewer also a perfect host. took a selfie at the end.“
Dirk_T 1599 days ago
“Visited twice (on appointment), has a small bar to try some of the beers. Had a very nice talk with Joris, the hop farmer. Tried a bunch of his own beers, and some international ones he got as presents from visitors, which he shared with us as well. Was a very nice visit!“
tderoeck 1882 days ago
“An Irish themed pub with a few interesting beers! The Wipers Times I believe is from Kazematten brewery, on tap.“
b727trijet 2293 days ago
52 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“A nice cafe overlooking the main square. Appallingly slow waiting staff. I had 3 beers with my food and had to wait 20 mins for the first, I ordered the 2nd as food arrived then 25 mins with an empty glass for the 3rd!! I did not leave a tip!! Unfortunately most of the other bars mentioned on this were closed so not much choice to go elsewhere!“
b727trijet 2293 days ago
“Hier kom je niet voor het bier maar voor de sfeer. leuke Irish pub.“
ieperbier75 2303 days ago
78 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Visited in June 2014.

We came here after visiting Westvleteren, walking around Poperinge for food and beer. Think we had Kapsalon for dinner at some kebab place.

Anyway! This is located right at the Grote Markt and we walked in here instead of any of the other pubs more or less on chance. We made the right decision as they had a nice selection of primarily De Dolle and Struise stuff, even some fresh Struise Imperialist on draft. The owner was a hop grower (he even offered us to drive us out to his farm the next morning!) and sat down and talked beer with us. I remember the beers being pretty cheap for what it is. A solid place to go down some Imperialist or Arabier in this small, charming town.“
VsXsV 2848 days ago
68 /100 ABEELSEWEG 29
“Origineel tot en met! Super bediening!“
Boxereddy 2868 days ago
“Gewoon authentiek, puur natuur!“
Boxereddy 2868 days ago
64 /100 GROTE MARKT 20
“Flink wat lokale brouwerijen op de kaart!“
Boxereddy 2868 days ago
84 /100 GROTE MARKT 20
“Great location in the center of town with a terrace overlooking the town. The owners were very friendly and service from the staff was good. Good selection of beers, but nothing outstanding. I ate dinner there and decided to go with hennepot, a local dish served in gelatin sauce. It was tasty, but not amazing. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area. I also stayed in the B&B.“
LesIsMore 2982 days ago
58 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Stopped in for a beer while staying in Poperinge. As soon as I walked in, it smelled like I walked into a smoking station. The smell was overwhelming. There was no one at the bar so I took a seat outside. It does have a nice view of the town center and a decent beer selection. Service was decent. I got my beer, but couldn’t get over the smell of smoke on the glassware. Can’t say I’d go back.“
LesIsMore 2984 days ago
36 /100
Palace (Bar)
“Me and Loz visited The Palace on Wednesday 18th March 2015, we’d been here before maybe 6 years ago and never rated. It was very quiet when we arrived 3 English folk at the bar and that was it. Ok so it was a Wednesday night so to be fair the town was absolutely dead with Café Le Paix and Oud Vlaenderen both shut this evening, and those were our first choices. The Palace still has a nice bar and a decent beer list but sadly the chap who runs it is a shocker. The chap/owner seems obsessed with watching television which is on far too loud and heaven knows what crap he is watching. In fact serving you seemed a huge inconvenience for him. Throughout the ordering and then paying process he managed the entire transaction without smiling and or uttering a word. We had an Orval but it is one of the few times we would happily have left it and walked out, the three English chaps had already wisely moved on. I really felt like I was an annoyance to him that we were there, he was fixated on the bloody television. At one point I said to Loz I feel like getting up and hammering out a tune on the piano just to see what his reaction would be, (I can’t play btw). My review isn’t really focusing on the Hotel/Bar and for that I apologise but I thought that others should be aware of just how far this place has fallen, I think it’s soulless and totally avoidable. “
Fin 3173 days ago
82 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Now run by a local hop farmer and after a very dodgy transitional stage is back on form with an improved beer selection featuring De Dolle & Struise. Update 1/1/15: now has probaly the most interesting (but not the largest) beer menu in town with a De Struise beer on tap and the likes of Fort Lapin in bottle - check the cabinet as not everything is on the menu.“
baxterfish 3254 days ago
“Great place for beer. Brown café. Nice.“
Jerre 3370 days ago
78 /100 ABEELSEWEG 29
“Was here on 26.10.’13. Good original place.“
Jerre 3370 days ago
60 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Rather large bar in 2 stores right on Groze markt. A few taps and bottles, mostly locals, including some Struise, Hommelbier, etc. Service a little slow, fairly priced. Nothing to go out of the way for, but nice enough for a drink after a tour around town.“
Camons 3390 days ago
82 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Great beer at a pretty sweet price. Nice harmony downstairs and an old cinema upstairs that shows the world championship games.“
storis 3446 days ago
80 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“This place totally surprised me and they had a good selection of both Struise and De Dolle. Very nice owner and the best place on Poperinge! Was there during the Football World Cup and on the second floor they had like a movie theater with football.“
kOrv3n 3446 days ago
50 /100
Palace (Bar)
“Gone down hill since the Halcyon days of Guy & Bea. Still a nice pub with a good selection of beer but the service is unenthusiastic and often absent. Used to be packed on a Friday and Saturday evening but now struggles to attract a handful of locals. Still worth a visit, however and the hotel is good value, if basic(the landlady is nice but seems to leave the bar to her less-welcoming husband and beer ignorant son).“
baxterfish 3536 days ago
74 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Visited October 2012.

After a string of unsuccessful stops around the oost/westvleteren area we stopped here looking for something to eat. The problem was, of course, that outside of tourist season NOTHING is open during the week outside of an hour for lunch and another hour or two for dinner. I don’t remember what we actually ate (aside from the cup of soup that I had) but we probably ended up settling for some crappy halal food. They did have cake which in retrospect I should have tried. They have an interesting bottle list of some things that you don’t normally see, mostly local stuff. What I ordered wasn’t bad which was the hommel bier which seemed fitting considering where we were and that we had just come from the hop museum. Service was decent considering this is Belgium. Not sure I’d journey across Belgium to get here but since at some point I’ll undoubtedly be back in the area (still have to visit de Dolle and Rodenbach after all) I’ll probably stop in for a beer on the way to/from St Bernardus to load up on more schwag.“
t0rin0 3649 days ago
90 /100 ABEELSEWEG 29
“St bernardus beers Quintine Belgian Trappists 3 Monts Gavroche Guiness Stout, Hercule Poirot, Gordon Scotch Poperings Nunnebier Hommelbier Keikoppenbier Beselaars heksenbier Duchesse de Bourgogne Kapittel Blond en Kapittel Abt and more nice beers also a lot of old flemish pubgames “
Keikop 3663 days ago
64 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Has a few good beers. Convenient location near the square. Not worth going out of your way for, but the easy access makes it worth a quick visit.“
AndySnow 3667 days ago
64 /100 GROTE MARKT 20
“Very good location next to the central square in the middle of Poperinge. Hard to miss if you are in town. A few nice beers, decent enough food. Had lunch there a few times and wasn’t disappointed either time, but not overwhelmed either.“
AndySnow 3667 days ago
68 /100 GROTE MARKT 20
“Small bar in in center town square of Poperinge. Brass framed mirrors, small table tops. Outdoor seating in the square. Small tap list with local beers and decent bottle list. Can pick up a few ticks here if you are going to the hop museum or even better, the world war 2 museum and British "consulate" museum and Inn. Pretty nice historical stop through Belgium.“
GT 3685 days ago
66 /100 GROTE MARKT 20
“Got a few beers and some soup here while waiting for our train. Decent beer list, decent food. Not so special, but nice enough.“
KyotoLefty 3720 days ago
“Irish pub in the centre of Poperinge. Nice ambiance and friendly staff. Beer selection is nothing special, they just have all the regional beers. (which are great of course, mind you)“
MarcoDL 3769 days ago
68 /100
Palace (Bar)
“We stayed in the Palace hotel, so of course we visited the bar in it as well. Decent selection of Belgian beers, including some delicious Struise. Weird though that one of the owners sits in the corner watching TV all the time.“
MarcoDL 3769 days ago
72 /100 GROTE MARKT 20
“Nice place, great outside seating in the interesting town of Poperinge. OK beer list.

The hoppe museum is around the corner, and worth the visit.“
Martinus 3863 days ago
56 /100 ABEELSEWEG 29
“Loved this place. It’s 20 minutes out of town but easy to find. Friendly Landlady who speaks very good English. I expected the usual Belgium lagers on tap and 3/4 bottled beers . I found a list of around 40 including some good dark. Beers and all the St Bernardus range. I had a few of the f Gavroche from the Brasserie De Sylvestre just over the boarder in French Flanders. Give it a try.“
Hertfordboy 3891 days ago
26 /100
Palace (Bar)
“Who am I to argue with Tim Webb see previous entry, but my party thought the smell was stale tobacco mixed with B O. A sad reflection on the great place it once was under Guy and Bea. Beer list still reasonable but owner was more concerned with his tv rather than customers. Later in my stay in Pops I noticed a long term Palace regular in another pub. Seems like everyone is giving up on the Palace.“
Hertfordboy 3891 days ago
30 /100
Palace (Bar)
“Saturday lunchtime, nobody there. Stank of stale fish. Sat in the bar for some minutes and called out but nobody came. Time to see that the beer list has shrunk dramatically. Such a shame as it was a great place under the previous owners and the reclaimed cinema cum bordello at the back is a stunner.“
Tim Webb 3894 days ago
72 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“Went here because it was literally one of the only places open in the city. Small draft list with a half decent selection of bottles. Not really worth going to on its own, but it may be your only option depending on when you’re in town.“
brokensail 4072 days ago
72 /100 GROTE MARKT 20
“Pleasant place with nice bar and outside area. Good selection although nothing extraordinary.“
mike_77 4238 days ago
“Nice little local’s pub 10 mins walk from the Grote Markt. Small beer selection but enough from St Bernard & Van Eecke to pass away an evening. Friendly service and good value.“
baxterfish 4271 days ago
“Love this place! Really small Belgian bar on the roads around Westvleteren. The lady behind the bar was really friendly, even set us up to meet a hop-farmer in the area. Had the home-brew (by De Bie), the Helleketelbier.“
Mathieu87 4359 days ago
64 /100 GROTE MARKT 14
“This Grote Markt cafe has a decent enough beer selection that included a couple of Duponts when we were there. Food is not bad. Worth a look while making the rounds in Poperinge.“
Travlr 4360 days ago
“I’ve passed this place many times while driving or walking the back roads between Watou and Poperinge, but I’ve only ever seen it open once. The locals and staff alike were quite friendly, but the selection was rather small, and limited to bottles. There are definitely better places in the area.“
Travlr 4360 days ago
70 /100
Palace (Bar)
“Nice hotel, good food and traditionel belgian beers. Kind service and acceptable pricing.“
Hansen 4368 days ago
78 /100
Palace (Bar)
“A very pleasant stay for a night, nice room, a very good breakfast, nice staff and a good bar with a decent selection. I’d happily go again.“
prawlie 4416 days ago
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