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68 /100 VELDSTRAAT 61
“A cool Italian ristorante but in the Belgian "brown cafe" style, lots of religious statues and paraphernalia adorn the space, really cosy and friendly cafe. A small menu of half a dozen dishes, super tasty spaghetti and certainly not expensive. They have a small bottle list but you will find something to satisfy your inner "beer geek". Highly recommended“
BierDudeOtto 1213 days ago
“A nice and cosy bar. It is kind of like going back 50 years in time. A cool ambience and a beautiful rustic interior that creates a cool vibe, they also have a beautiful cosy outside terrace. They have six beers on tap and a small but good bottle list. The food and service are both good. This place is a must for Roeselare. Note they have a remarkable amount of choice of non-alcoholic beverages.“
BierDudeOtto 1213 days ago
48 /100 ZUIDSTRAAT 30
“A medium sized brassiere where they per beers with dishes off the menu. Quite expensive food wise for what you get? The service is friendly but maybe an extra person would not be a bad idea, so it would not be so slow. The space is full of dark wood tables and chairs with no soft furnishings so it can get quite noisy. Good beer list, don't know if you can just have a beer or not? Also it's cash only (Yes I know we are in the 21st Century) !“
BierDudeOtto 1213 days ago
68 /100 118 OOSTSTRAAT
“Nice unsuspicious looking bar with rodenbach on tap. The prices are very fair and the food is good as well. Nothing fancy but a good place nonetheless.“
King_Alex_II 1520 days ago
68 /100 SPANJESTRAAT 133
“Tokk a ttour. It was crowded with older folks, slow going, but awesome to see the old maltings and the foeders. At the end we all got a classic, and then either a Grand Cru or Alexander (or both if you asked politely). Impressive to see what is going on, but the Foederbier is now gone, sadly, and Bavaria is not all that authentic...“
KyotoLefty 1925 days ago
“Super nice bar with a beautiful back lot.“
punkis 2328 days ago
66 /100 SPANJESTRAAT 133
“Got a tour in the original old brewery by Rudi himself, which is still preserved but not used any more. Visited with a Belgian television crew for a program about tourism (Vlaanderen Vakantieland). Final part of the visit was the same as the regular tour, including a visit of the foeder workshop where they build new and repair the old foeders, very impressive! Didn’t get to try the (at that time) new Rosso, even if it came out just one week later. That was a bit lame. If you receive a bus full of beer geeks, taking a day of from work to visit, it would be nice to pour the new beer... Oh well...“
tderoeck 2568 days ago
84 /100 118 OOSTSTRAAT
“Like this place. Pleasant, modern café between the train station & Grote Markt. Good but not exceptional choice and they have Rodenbach Foederbier on tap along with Vintage & Character Rouge in bottles all at reasonable prices. Recommended.“
baxterfish 2991 days ago
62 /100 SPANJESTRAAT 133
“Went there last year on the day they organised to celebrate the Vlaamse Oude Bruine bieren. Took the tour trough the huge barrels and ended up in the pub-section were we got a free taster. Lots of atmosphere overthere with a band playing. Was cool. Don’t know anything about visits on other data.“
Mathieu87 3563 days ago
94 /100 ZUIDSTRAAT 30
“Wide selection of beers. Good food and friendly people. It hasn’t stolen its name, it is truly heaven.“
perneelw 4106 days ago
92 /100 ZUIDSTRAAT 30
“Amazing selection of beers, fantastic food!“
Margot1995 4106 days ago
56 /100
Streekbieren Yves (Beer Store)
“Wouldn’t recommend this place. No special selection, high prices (even the local brews), and not that friendly service.“
Mathieu87 4250 days ago
68 /100
Streekbieren Yves (Beer Store)
“After reading the raving review in Tim Webb’s guide and considering the out of the beaten path location, I’d expected a grander selection in this half-warehouse/half cute beer store shop that we had a hard time finding, but is actually just a block or two behind the old Rodenbach brewery. The few hundred beers seldom venture into rarities territories, but I still found plenty of oud bruins I’d never tried to put my hands on and the prices were ridiculously low, many being around 1 euro. My girlfriend paid 8 euros for a 3F Shaerbeekse Kriek. We were served by an old man, presumably owner of the place, who did not really speak English, but was trying and throwing nice smiles our way. Even though the place was empty and he was not the quickest guy in town, he gave us exceptional attention and care and it’s something I’ll remember. Nevertheless, the point of a beer store is selection and some important players were missing here. Maybe 300 Belgian beers all in all which does not make the national top 10. “
Rastacouere 4411 days ago
68 /100
Streekbieren Yves (Beer Store)
“Such a typical Belgian beer shop, the famous beer crates. But in one corner of the store, a special room for the local beers. On weekends there is an older man for some to help and also has some knowledge whats there on the shelves. A reasonable selection of beers in the square behind Rodenbach. “
goozen 4841 days ago
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