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80 /100 101 HUBER DRIVE
“Visited late January 2019. Let’s be honest, if you’re here and on RateBeer, it’s because you came to town to go to Toppling Goliath and/or Pulpit Rock. Might as well pop into Pivo. This is a big place, super friendly staff, and HOLY FUCK 40 beers on tap. Very eclectic as well, ranging from pale ales to chipotle pumpkin saisons (yes, why?) to lots of other crazy and traditional shit, they seemed to have it all. I will say they didn’t have lots of hazy IPAs and goofy pastry imperial stouts and all that shit - just lots of traditional styles and wacky takes on more traditional styles. Longshot, but if you’ve ever been to Rapp in the Tampa area, it’s like that, except the beers aren’t nearly as good. Beers ranged from mediocre to good, nothing completely horrible or infected or anything, nothing amazing. The staff was insanely kind and friendly. I’ll probably go back if I’m in the area to visit Pulpit or TG, but I don’t suspect this place becoming a destination anytime soon. They had food but I didn’t try - looked good. Flight sizes pour of almost any beer for $2. Ticker’s dream!!“
drowland 715 days ago
80 /100 101 HUBER DRIVE
“Kind of crazy. This is a brewery combined with an art studio both with Czech names. The brewery is quite large and open with a nice window into the Brewing area itself which is quite impressive given that this is a new start up there is some money behind this operation. The most noticeable thing when you walk in is the tap list; they have about 30 taps including a whole Board of guest taps primarily other Iowa beers and then 20 or so of their own beers on tap including a lot of rather unusual styles. When I was there they had such thing as things as a great, a dunkelweiss, a weizenbock, a Chipotle saison; quite a broad selection. Beers are available as full or half pours as well as $2 sample pours. You can also order a flight but its 4 pours for $8 so there's really no savings over just ordering individual samples. Most beers are also available in growlers. Service was friendly and efficient. They were having a special release on the day we were there; they had a bourbon barrel-aged bock; and the place was starting to get a little bit busier as it got closer to the time of release. I thought the beer quality was fair - nothing really stood out as exceptional but nothing was bad either. There weren't a lot of major flaws which is nice especially given the breadth of styles that they were brewing. This is definitely a place to watch in the future. Best part is it's only a 15-minute drive from Pulpit Rock / Toppling Goliath.“
bytemesis 1092 days ago
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