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64 /100 708 3RD ST. SE
“Had a really good time at IBC in 2021 on my way back from WI in 2021. Nice inside space and a very sunny patio. Great selection of their own brews at more than reasonable prices.“
ads135 780 days ago
76 /100 59 16TH AVENUE
“Nice brewery with solid beer selection, haven’t had the food but service and staff were Cb our what’s aging.“
blutt59 1299 days ago
72 /100 3235 OAKLAND RD
“Pretty standard large liquor, wine and beer store. The beer selection was quite good for both local and farther afield. A few small bottles and cans are available as singles, but most are not.“
Iphonephan 1941 days ago
76 /100 59 16TH AVENUE
“This is nice brewpub ritht in the heart of the Czech Village. Outdoor seating was very pleasant when we were there. The beers were quite decent.“
Iphonephan 1941 days ago
84 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“This is an excellent beer bar and restaurant in the happening area aroung the Czech and Slovak Museum. The beer lis, both draft and bottles, was impressive and very fairly priced. There were quite a few offerings from Iowa and surrounding states, although not the majority. The selection seemed well thought out and the food was excellent. Definitey a good place to go for a meal and beer.“
Iphonephan 1941 days ago
88 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“Fun place to go with a group and try a whole bunch of different beers.“
Chappie224 2067 days ago
“Place is fine -- smallish sports bar in a corner strip mall. Can get giant sampler wheel for about $1 / pour. Good place to watch a game. House brews and Bud Light on draft side-by-side, which I don’t see that often. Main downside is that I didn’t really enjoy any of the beers that much.“
Prufrockstar 2462 days ago
82 /100 59 16TH AVENUE
“Cool place in Czech Village. Outdoor seating when the weather is good, spacious enough inside with a nice big window looking into the brewing / barrel room. Food is tasty, beers are generally very good to excellent. I’m a fan and stop in here every time I’m in town.“
Prufrockstar 2462 days ago
84 /100 59 16TH AVENUE
“Nice locale in the Czech Village. Decor is definitely standard brewery industrial, but leaning into cozy British a bit. Definitely a Brit-focused place, right in my wheelhouse. The year rounders were solid, especially the mild and porter, and a seasonal IPA was excellent. Seems like they tend to have a few infusions on at a time: the Kolsch had 3 fruit variants and the porter had gone through bourbon and maple, some additionally with coffee. Food was outstanding. $9 small plate of nachos could have fed two. Really nice and helpful staff. If I lived anywhere closer than 4 hours away, I’d be here constantly.“
badgerben 2483 days ago
78 /100 708 3RD ST. SE
“Easy enough spot to find close to downtown Cedar Rapids. Large indoor space with some couches in a living room-type area, room for about a dozen at the bar, and a decent sized patio. Somewhat standard industrial warehouse feel. Really solid beers. 12 in house beers plus several guest taps. Really inepensive flights: $3 for 3 3oz pours. Though I suppose that’s coming from a Twin Cities perspective. I’m not sure they have a ’house style’, as I had solid to great examples of Baltic Porter, American IPA, Unfiltered Pils, Cali Common, and Flanders Red. Definitely worth a stop.“
badgerben 2483 days ago
82 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“Stopped in for dinner. Place is easy enough to find. Plenty of seating inside. Service was prompt and friendly and seemed fairly knowledgeable but I did not ask a whole lot of questions. Tap selection is a good mix of local, regional, and national beers. Food was also pretty good. Definitely worth visiting if you are in town.“
gopherfan99 2491 days ago
72 /100 3235 OAKLAND RD
“Great selection for a grocery store. They get drops of TG bombers. Nice selection of mix-and-match singles (10% discount for 6) and bombers (10% discount for 4+). My go to place in Cedar Rapids (to be fair, my mom lives less than a mile away). Apparently if you shop here frequently you can join a beer program for future discounts and swag.“
Prufrockstar 2612 days ago
72 /100 320 2ND AVE SE
“Good place for beers in downtown Cedar Rapids. Lots of taps with up-to-date listing on Untappd. Sampler trays available ($8 for 4x5oz of anything on draft) with nice range of local offerings and other quality craft taps. Expect crowds of conference-goers staying at the nearby doubletree. I strongly preferred this place to parlor city.“
Prufrockstar 2612 days ago
80 /100 59 16TH AVENUE
“Nice in house beers and good apps, give it a try“
dwstein 2666 days ago
82 /100 59 16TH AVENUE
“Solid beers with a bit of an English focus. I have been very impressed with what I tried. They use proper glassware. The staff is friendly and know their brews. Certainly worth a stop if in the area. Nice clean presentation wih lots of wood and metal.“
heemer77 2679 days ago
70 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“A good spot for Cedar Rapids. Good selection (nothing outrageous, but it covers lots of bases). Good veggie burger with guac. Kind of typical loud sports bar, but it’s the place to go in this town.“
GJF 3183 days ago
“Airport bar. 4 Millstream on tap, 3 regular and one seasonal. Also Sam Adams seasonal offered. Respectable prices for an airport. Nothing much to look at but they have breast bars down the road if you get stuck here.“
DietPepsican 3224 days ago
66 /100 59 16TH AVENUE
“Simple but solid decor, comfortable with an industrial vibe. Service is hit or miss with some staff not very knowledgeable about beer. Fairly limited selection. h, yeah, the beer: love the Workman’s Compensation. Had a really great hibiscus soda.“
DotBeer 3269 days ago
92 /100 320 2ND AVE SE
“This is a great place to visit in Cedar Rapids, it’s a neighborhood bar meets 48 taps of micro-beer, hallelujah!! Good food,good beer and better service!!!“
pablo951 3432 days ago
84 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“When in Cedar Rapids, this is the place to go to!!! They have 56 beers on tap. Iowa beers represent in this fine establishment. Decent burger salad menu, good well established appetizers. You will definitley find a beer to hit that spot in Parlor City!!!“
pablo951 3432 days ago
84 /100 3235 OAKLAND RD
“Best selection in Cedar Rapids“
dwstein 3478 days ago
82 /100 320 2ND AVE SE
“Regular meeting space for the local homebrew club so the large selection of taps must be decent, right?“
gravit8 3577 days ago
82 /100 3235 OAKLAND RD
“Nice pick a six selection but the service was a bit lacking as I was looking for Iowa beers and the gentleman didn’t know much but was still helpful .Found a couple Ommegang that are not availabe in Chicago any more but was impressed.“
Headbanger 3651 days ago
78 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“Visited twice. Great tap selection, decent food. 4x7oz sampler of anything on draft. One big annoyance: beer prices are not listed anywhere on the menu. I get the impression from my $15 sampler consisting entirely of Iowa IPAs and pale ales that stuff can be pricy. One quirk: beer can be ordered in 12, 16, or 25 oz size. Judging by the 25 oz stein of w00tstout I saw being poured, that goes for anything on tap.“
Prufrockstar 3679 days ago
62 /100
Guppy’s on the Go (Grocery Store)
“Wide selection of beers, Craft beers by the six pack or Mix and Match six pack, also singles. Will often host Friday Craft Beer tastings.“
WJSchlo 3698 days ago
86 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“Am not sure of the low rating of this place. I think when we were there they had one tap down, so only 55 taps. With all the good beer to order we saw several people drinking that yellow fizzy stuff. If you can’t find a beer to put a smile on your face, there is little help for you. Our server told us she isn’t a beer person, but would get us a taste of any tap. She was always very helpful and the food came in large portions and was good. We left just after a blues band started to play and they were very good. Will we return, you bet!“
UNLVFan 3704 days ago
70 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“Came on a busy Friday afternoon. Nice beer selection with plenty of Iowa and other goodies. The food was decent, nothing special, but also reasonable prices. Good service. Lots of Cedar Rapids items on the walls. Worth a stop if in the area. Nice to see another solid beer bar.“
heemer77 3842 days ago
56 /100 305 2ND AVE SE
“Food has always been lack-luster but the best draft selection in Cedar Rapids that I have come across. They don’t rotate the taps too often but with as many lines that they have I haven’t gotten bored with the selection. Best to go at happy hour for a good beer at a cheap price.“
Dhaley49 3881 days ago
72 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“If you are looking for a place with many styles of craft beer on tap, that are quality. This is the place for you in Cedar Rapids. Very bike friendly, decent food options, quick service, and interesting people to meet here. I usually make it here at least once a month. They are constantly putting new things on tap, so, that is appreciated.“
MAFountain 4041 days ago
100 /100 3235 OAKLAND RD
“What an amazing store!“
the_Ryan_T 4127 days ago
88 /100 1125 3RD ST SE
“Great bar with 56 tap handles“
Bjshades 4165 days ago
100 /100 3235 OAKLAND RD
“Great store with a huge selection“
Bjshades 4165 days ago
“Place is probably the best find in the Cedar Rapids Sports Bar Community“
Afish 4267 days ago
42 /100 305 2ND AVE SE
“Despite this place having a huge selection of Ales and Lagers in Cedar Rapids, I would rate other smaller locations ahead of this place. Perhaps it was the growing pains this place was going through. I dined in and drank after it had been open a couple of months, but, I must say the service severely detracts from what highlights they have on tap, and in bottle form. Improvement is necessary. Poor service, and sub-par food (for the price) overshadows anyone’s experience anytime.“
MAFountain 4280 days ago
82 /100
Benz Beverage Depot (Beer Store)
501 7TH AVE SE
“This is the place to go in Cedar Rapids to purchase Craft Brews, and hard to find imports. They have a huge selection of Belgians, and Germans. I primarily shop though for the American Craft Brews and it beats any place around here hands down. The beer manager Matt is extremely helpful, and on top of his game in regards to getting hard to find items that distribute to Iowa. I believe they do a great job for the limited amount of great Craft Brews that come to Iowa. They are always willing to try and get items also.“
MAFountain 4297 days ago
60 /100 1602 E AVE NE
“A nice selection of New Belgium brews. Also some Empyrean and Ayinger Brau Weiss on tap. Decent Belgian and random micro bottle selection. Better than it used to be. Years ago, this was a mostly macro brew. Fun small bar.“
heemer77 4297 days ago
76 /100 1602 E AVE NE
“A fair selection of Belgians, and some regional craft brews are available. Was able to score some GI Bourbon County Brand Stout even. Dennis the owner is Cicerone Certified. Nice to have a knowledgeable beer owner.“
MAFountain 4298 days ago
52 /100
Benz Beverage Depot (Beer Store)
501 7TH AVE SE
“Good beer. Prices pretty spot on. Goose Island Rare? Did not find! Bummed!“
jobeman 4355 days ago
“From the exterior it appears as a hole-in-the-wall sports bar. And, well, in a way it is. Not as divey as I expected though, which is good. The ambiance is fairly cheerful, but there are televisions all over the place, which is pretty annoying. Especially on a Sunday during football season, which is when I visited. Total sensory overload. Service was good if disinterested. Didn’t have any food, so no comment on that. Had the sampler, which is quite a good value. The quality of the beer ranged over a wide spectrum. Interesting enough place.“
tronraner 4390 days ago
74 /100 4755 1ST AVE. SE
“We came late Sunday morning--big mistake. Apparently their brunch deal draws a huge crowd. 40 minute wait to get seated. The place has a serious chain-restaurant feel about it, especially with it being that busy. The beer was ok, nothing to write home about. Food was pretty good, though. A simple question about the beer-cheese soup resulted in the chef coming and sitting down at our table and discussing it, so big points in the service category for that.“
tronraner 4391 days ago
“(Visited 08/2009): Third Base Sports Bar & Brewery (formerly Cedar Brewing Company) is located on Blairs Ferry a mile or 2 off I-380 in a strip mall. Parking is fairly plentiful. The interior features the bar right inside, which table seating on the outskirts. The bar is dark and is decorated with dozens of growlers and for some reason Chicago Cubs Bud Light cans. Actually there is Cubs stuff everywhere so someone must be a fan. The available beers are on a whiteboard behind the bar, and some of the brewing equipment is viewable as well. The brewpub has 8 of their beers on tap and they are available in samples. The beers are pretty standard fare (Amber, Wheat, Pale, Hefe, IPA, Stout etc) with one unique offering being a Smoked Porter. All the beers are average with the Smoked Porter being pretty good. Service on a weekday early dinner was good. The bartender had a good grasp of the different beers and was friendly and timely with food/drinks. The food at Third Base is pretty good, especially for the sports bar theme. I had a pork sandwich spiked with Caribbean spices and it was tasty. Overall this is probably the best bet for beer in Cedar Rapids, as the other brewpub is a chain place. Worth checking out.“
Dogbrick 4571 days ago
“(Visited 08/2009): This beer bar opened somewhat recently on the upper level (C Concourse) of the Eastern Iowa airport. The inside is small with a short bar and a couple high tables. Not much by way of atmosphere aside from a view of the tarmac, waiting area and a couple TVs. The bar has 4 Millstream beers on tap (Iowa Pale Ale, Schild Brau, Generations White, and Hefe Weissen) as well as about 10 different bottled beers, including another Millstream. Samples are available on request. The service here is pretty good by airport standards. The server was even kind enough to let me take a couple of unopened bottles with me despite thinking it might be against the rules. Overall this is one of those "any port in a storm" type places, and I will definitely grab a beer any time I am early enough to have time, which at this airport honestly isn’t really necessary.“
Dogbrick 4571 days ago
“Airport bar with 4 millstream taps and one bottle across from Gate C4, food as well but didnt try any“
blutt59 4761 days ago
“If you are from out of town I would not bother stopping by. The flight of beer (or sampler as they call it) was reasonably priced for the amount of beer we received. My friend and I each ordered a flight and they brought out seven beers for each of us and the pours were about 6oz pours for a dollar each. The first two beers we tried were awful and barely drinkable, the third was okay at best, but the last four were quite nice. I finished the last four and then had some salsa and chips to help me with the first three which I had to throw down to get past the taste. The overall ambiance of the place is very nice and relaxing. The service was average and did not know much about the beer at all. Our food was typical bar fare and nothing more. If you live in the area you should stop by and check it out, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get here and probably won’t go back unless I am in the area.“
KAF 4834 days ago
“Visited this place awhile back en route from home to UNI or vice versa. Nice place inside, but kinda hard to get to. The exit off of the interstate is always super backed up and the place can be hard to find.

Our waitress was fine. Can’t say she knew much about the beers, but a decent waitress in general.

The selection is basically their stuff on tap... it’s a brewpub!

Food wasn’t too bad. I got a buffalo chicken sandwich, can’t complain. Didn’t blow me away, but good.

Average to slightly raised prices. You won’t get screwed, but don’t expect a deal.

Overall, stop by if you have the chance. Their normal line is pretty "meh," but I had some good specialties made by them at the Annual Festival of Iowa Beers one year.“
drowland 4852 days ago
64 /100 4755 1ST AVE. SE
“The beer is okay...but the service is great. Once again, I was just talking beer with the bar maid and the brewer said, "let me show you the operation". You got to love brewery tours. It seams as though they only ferment and filter the beer there so it does get that bulk packaged blandness you taste in macro beers.“
BrianHagmeier 4928 days ago
“My brother and I stopped in to try the beers here and the brewer (Travis) gave us a tour? We didn’t ask for one, we were just talking about the beer and the gal behind the bar said, "well here’s the brewer." and next thing we were in Willy wonka and beer factory. We had a great time. Oh, and the beer is wonderful.“
BrianHagmeier 4928 days ago
76 /100
Benz Beverage Depot (Beer Store)
501 7TH AVE SE
“You can buy good beer here. The selection is pretty good and you can tell that whoever is running the show has pretty good taste. The shop is very nice looking, remarkably clean, and kind of upscale. Let that last fact not dissuade you as the prices are very fair. The folks who work here are very knowledgeable and friendly. If we could just get a place like this in Des Moines I would be pretty damn happy.“
CanIHave4Beers 5049 days ago
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