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66 /100 67 MAIN ST
“Nice, newish looking brewery in Dubuque. Has the post-industrial chic vibe you see in a lot of revamped buildings in US cities. Large outdoor space and really spacious interior. Beers were okay and I would definitely visit again. Visited with pops after moving Emma to Dubuque in 2022.“
ads135 138 days ago
“Nice brewery in the redeveloped warehouse neighborhood of Dubuque. Really large indoor space, though a tiny porch. Good selection of their own brews. The food looked good, but I'll have to try it on my next visit.“
ads135 538 days ago
72 /100 67 MAIN ST
“Wow, I can't image how much someone spent to rehab this place. The resulting industrial beer zone is great to look at with beers that were in the slightly above average range (our group tried 10 and two or three would be worth having again, though we did finish all and none were sink pours). Service was top notch and helpful with a beer menu that was light on details (which was surprising, considering the meticulous effort and investment in the facilities). Located on a dead-end street that offers a fair amount of convenient street parking.“
mrjaxson 593 days ago
64 /100 333 E 10TH ST SUITE 101
“Backpocket has a young crowd with young children (they only get root beer and they're expected to leave by 9 p.m.) and a basement full of video, pinball and table games (foosball and air hockey). The beers were OK but everyone was rushed and maybe 8 p.m. on a Friday night isn't the best time for reflection and thoughtful conversation on brewing technique. 8-) Honestly, this is a fun bar with lots and lots going on. Plus it's part of a larger complex with other adult-beverage establishments (bring breadcrumbs to find your way back from the centrally shared bathrooms). If you're in that mood, then do not miss Backpocket.“
mrjaxson 593 days ago
80 /100 115 W 11TH STREET
“Definitely the best of the bunch on a recent tour through downtown Dubuque breweries. Our table tried a half-dozen beers and all received thumbs up. A definitely older crowd than our other stops, most likely (we thought) because these folks were looking for good beer and not an industrial renovation or a basement full of video games. Both bartenders were patient, polite and had good knowledge of their products. Flights were available, about 15 taps were flowing and about ten brews were available for takeout in 16-oz cans or glass bombers. It was the smallest of the Dubuque breweries we visited, yet definitely the one you want to visit for good beer.“
mrjaxson 593 days ago
80 /100 1630 E 16TH STREET
“First visted mid-October, 2018 and we will definitely be back! Little did we know there was another brewery in Dubuque! I don't think this place even comes up when you search for breweries! The staff was prompt and friendly and had cursory knowledge of the beers. I had a classic fried pork tenderloin and aside from needing salt, it was quite tasty! The beers were average to bad, but not completely horrible. They also have a cool little shop with local whiskey, house smoked fish and fish dip, artisan cheeses, etc. It's really a neat little place that we enjoyed and will definitely be back to. I will admit none of us tried any seafood, so I can't speak to that. Definitely worth a stop for some ticks and grub if you're in the area, then go hit up the other breweries in town for better beer. Slight update: I've been back a few times now and several of the beers are TERRIBLE. Like sour infected garbage. Beware.“
drowland 1438 days ago
80 /100 180 MAIN STREET
“Visited mid-January, 2019 with Mrs. Owl. I guess this place is fondly known as "The Busted Lift" but when you Google it, etc. it's just known as The Lift, so I altered the name accordingly. This is a pretty cool place and we will definitely be back. It's kinda hard to find. Basically you need to go into Vinny Vanucci's or whatever the Italian place is and go downstairs. Ask someone if you go in and can't figure it out. This is a really really cool dive bar type place, which is right up our alley. We went right at opening (3pm) on a Monday and were the only customers. Dim, grungy, lots of cool old brick and old lift stuff. It's sorta split into two rooms, both sides have a bar, and one is smaller and designed for pool etc., and the other side has a stage for live music etc. I hear it is loud, busy, and annoying when there is live music, but we had a wonderful time on a chill Monday afternoon. Our bartender was prompt and friendly and knew about the beers. My only mild complaint would be we got there right at opening and he spent the next hour or so opening the place up. I guess there must not usually be anyone there. He didn't ignore us or anything, it was just weird seeing him do all his opening tasks. In my experience in the bar biz, that shit should be done before open. You're able to get flights for $8 and on Mondays it's $1 off all draft beer, so even with a couple pints and a couple flights we got out of there pretty cheap. Also that means I left with 10 rates, which was unexpected! That brings me to the selection... pretty good variety of random local and regional beers, which was surprising. Me leaving with 10 new rates was not something I was expecting at all. I think they put some effort into getting some good stuff and since it's packed on the weekends they go through it pretty quick. He actually had to change two kegs right in front of us that had kicked from the weekend. Anyway, we'll definitely be back. We had a surprisingly good time drinking good beers in a chill place. Don't get me wrong we won't be popping in at 11pm on a Saturday, but for chill afternoon beers, we'll be back for sure. Cool place!“
drowland 1475 days ago
78 /100 253 MAIN ST
“First visited late December, 2018 with Mrs. Owl. Great location downtown on Main St. right by Dimensional and Lot One - worth checking out all three. I think they have food but we didn’t try any. Dark place, even on a Saturday afternoon, and was totally empty. It strikes me as a dance club of sort but for some reason they have a shit ton of good regional craft beer on tap. So I’m guessing you don’t wanna pop in for ticks at midnight on a Saturday, but go for it otherwise. We’ll be back for sure.“
drowland 1490 days ago
80 /100 67 MAIN ST
“Have visited a few times now since they opened... the newest brewery in Dubuque! I’ve honestly had mixed experiences so far. No food (that’s fine; just saying for the review). Big place with a cool loft area. Lots of wood, stools, cement, metal. Sorta hip industrial feel. Great location downtown. Bartenders have been prompt and friendly and able to answer questions. One night one of the owners or brewers or someone got up in the loft and yelled “IT’S CHUGGING TIME!!!” and pounded a pint of NEIPA... it was a very busy Saturday night and everyone seemed super confused and annoyed. He then went and cranked the music, which was also terrible, and thankfully a bartender turned it back down. My other visits have been pleasant, though.“
drowland 1504 days ago
62 /100 2395 NW ARTERIAL
“Standard Hy Vee. Pretty good local/IA selections and you can get singles... so not bad - I pop in for singles when I’m around but it’s so far off the highway, I usually go to the Dodge St or Locust St locations,“
drowland 1504 days ago
64 /100
Lot One (Bar)
“Visited with Mrs. Owl 12/16/18. Glad someone had already added this place! We hung out downstairs for a couple beers; didn’t try any food. Big sports bar vibe, but we did visit on a Sunday afternoon. Long skinny place with a long bar to boot. Lots of TVs showing NFL games with the volume SUPER FUCKING LOUD. Bartender was nice but a little slow and clueless about the craft beers on tap, which are plentiful enough. I may pop in for ticks again, but it’s not a craft beer paradise. If you want some good IA beer while you watch a football game and grab some grub, this would be a good choice.“
drowland 1504 days ago
80 /100 373 BLUFF ST.
“Visited first in October 2018 and I’ll definitely be back. Cool place downtown Dubuque. Kind of a hipstery dive bar with craft beer that’s also a good coffee shop. Bartender was prompt and friendly. Good selection of brews, especially regional/Iowa stuff, with some nice surprises on tap. I don’t know that they have food and if so, I didn’t try it. My main complaint is I got a 16oz can of IPA that was $10. Oof that must have cost them an arm and a leg; giving them the benefit of the doubt that it was standard bar markup. Like I said, I’ll be back with Mrs. Owl!“
drowland 1568 days ago
80 /100 333 E 10TH ST SUITE 101
“I have visited this taproom multiple times fall 2018 and will definitely be back. Neat little place in the millwork district, right around the corner from 7 Hills, so you may as well hit both. Good beer, nice and knowledgeable bartenders, and arcade games if you’re into that. They have a neat little deal with a restaurant in the same complex to provide a limited menu, but we haven’t tried any of the food, though it sounds good. Decent enough place and it’s pretty close to us, so we’ll be back!“
drowland 1568 days ago
80 /100 115 W 11TH STREET
“Been here a few times since moving to Platteville in fall of 2018. Small place downtown. Friendly workers and since it’s small, sometimes the owners or brewers are around and they are really nice and knowledgeable. I wasn’t impressed with the core beers my first visit - just sort of bland and uninspired, but no big flaws. Now that I’ve been back a few times, I’ve had much better experience with seasonals and specialty beers. I’ll definitely be back!“
drowland 1586 days ago
“Moved to Platteville in fall of 2018 and have been here a few times. Sorta “hip” place in an industrial area that is being gentrified. Open space, metal and wood. Friendly workers, limited beer knowledge. Core beers are good if uninspired and I’ve had some great seasonals. We ate dinner once and it was very tasty! Burgers and such. We’ll definitely be back.“
drowland 1586 days ago
74 /100 3500 DODGE ST
“I’ve visited a few times since moving to Platteville in fall of 2018. It’s a Hy Vee grocery store with a wine & spirits... they’re basically all the same. Well lit, clean, friendly workers. Pretty good craft beer selection and this one had a far superior selection compared to the other one I went to in town. You’ll find some ticks for sure, especially if you’re out of town or state.“
drowland 1586 days ago
“A nice clean facility. Lots of open space with wood and metal furniture. The staff were friendly. Lots of style on the menu for drinking. Flight was decent price with cool glassware. The brews I tried were all pretty tasty with no big flaws. Lots of information about the beers on large tv screens. Worth a stop if in the area.“
heemer77 1708 days ago
64 /100 2395 NW ARTERIAL
“Pretty typical HyVee supermarket with decent beer selection. Singles/Pick Six section in cold. IA beers well presented.“
rosenbergh 2280 days ago
80 /100 373 BLUFF ST.
“I really liked this place. A combo bar/coffee shop. Downstairs is a sort of dark gaming room. Upstairs has a very nice arrangement for sitting and enjoying your beer or coffee. Good selection of regional and national specialties. Visited with Jess while passing through Dubuque in 2016.“
ads135 2359 days ago
74 /100 180 MAIN STREET
“Visited in the spring of 2014 with my brother; we had eaten at the Italian restaurant above, and came down to this (at the time) quiet pub later. I think we were here on a Sunday - as others have noted and as research will show they often have live music, a cover charge, crowds. Not so when we were here. Iowa beer of course isn’t just Millstream anymore - I believe they usually have a Toppling Goliath or two on tap; pretty sure I had an IPA of some kind but I wasn’t keeping track at the time. I personally just love the ambiance - old building, exposed limestone, funky bar. I suppose some might say it has a bit of a hipster vibe and indeed my brother and I were among the older (late 40s) and squarer folks in there that night. Nonetheless we felt pretty at home and the bartender was awesome. I hope to get back in that area before long and this is definitely on the list for a return visit.“
muzzlehatch 2383 days ago
80 /100 2727 DODGE STREET
“Was driving through Dubuque and I saw on a web site Toppling Goliath was sold here. I stopped. The outside is older and not inviting, but that all changes on the inside. Courteous and helpful staff. They went out of the way to help. Good beer, good prices.“
GranvilleTim 2680 days ago
78 /100 3500 DODGE ST
“Enjoyed my quick stop here. Courteous help and service. Nice single selection of Toppling Goliath.“
GranvilleTim 2680 days ago
58 /100 373 BLUFF ST.
“Two older people walk into a bar... It’s a hipster kind of bar for young people. They don’t get asked to leave or whether they’ve wondered away from the rest home and need someone to call for a ride. Okay. Good sign. There’s the raised eyebrow from the mutton-chopped hipster leprechaun leaning against the wall with his nose in his beer... but the wait staff behind the bar has a friendly smile and quickly gets our Green Flash Green Bullet and Bells Two-Hearted bottles from the fridge. The beer selection is the best we’ve found in Dubuque which means that compared to most of the rest of the country, it’s really not that great. And it’s all bottles. So it’s mostly what you’d find on your better-stocked grocery store shelves only about 3 times pricier. So... what’s up with you, Dubuque? No good brew pubs? No good bars with a big selection of craft beers? Time to wake up?“
Gmku 3366 days ago
76 /100 2395 NW ARTERIAL
“Surprisingly large selection of beer (some good some bad) at this place. Kind of a long drive from the tourist part of Dubuque but I think there might be another location closer. Also had a "pick six" section.“
fiveacestx 3830 days ago
66 /100 373 BLUFF ST.
“This building has been a long time coffee house and part time art gallery. A little sprucing up and the addition of a pretty wide beer selection has added "beer bar" to the litany of places for which this building is used. It’s an awfully nice place, very well decorated, good art, & very cozy. They only have one tap (scrimshaw at the time I was in) but I know they’ve done stuff like Hopslam on it in the past. One cool thing is that it’s still a coffee house, so you can sip some espresso with your Imperial Stout if you like. They’ve got an empty bottle display with stuff like Mikkeller and De Molen bottles that they sold on limited run, so I guess they’re trying to get more adventurous... but slowly this is Dubuque mind you. Also they do live music in the basement and have a record store upstairs (you can take your beer with you to both). Kind of a new Isabella’s... kind of not.“
CanIHave4Beers 4223 days ago
62 /100 180 MAIN STREET
“Ahh the Busted Life, This place is all right most of the time. I don’t really like going here on a weekend, which means I pretty much don’t at all anymore. Really though, for what it’s worth there is always a good beer around here. They keep plenty of millstream around and the Guinness is well tended to. Sometimes they get interesting belgians around but the staff seems to have a general reverance for Delerium Tremmens that I don’t so much understand. I tried to order one once and they told me they didn’t have it, I knew damn well that they did but if they want to keep that stuff around for themselves I’ll take another millstream! They have live music which is usually pretty good. I really dig the down in an old basment atmosphere, and last time I went they had the resturant up and running again which was fantastic.“
CanIHave4Beers 5142 days ago
68 /100 1301 RHOMBERG AVE
“I dig coming here. The food is great and they always keep some decent German beer around. The atmosphere is sort of an American neighborhood bar mixed with a German Pub. They pull this off very well.“
CanIHave4Beers 5206 days ago
50 /100 180 MAIN STREET
“Have been here several times over the past few years, and only once have I enjoyed myself. It is usually quite full with ridiculous cover charges (live music venue). Once inside, there are 10 taps including Millstream (which in itself is worth checking out, I like Millstream). The outdoor seating is pretty bad.“
jde123 6098 days ago
70 /100 180 MAIN STREET
“Nice pub in the basement in one of the old areas of Dubuque. Decent selection and good music scene.“
BlueFalcon 6199 days ago
66 /100 180 MAIN STREET
“Irish pub in the re-emerging Old Main District of downtown Dubuque. Named after the old non-functional elevator which was once used in this old pillow factory. The pub is in the basement of the building and has nice limestone walls. 10-12 beers on tap including selections from Millstream and Old Capitol Brew Works and Public House. They often also have a belgian on tap and a few others which can be hard to find. It is close to the Bricktown Brewpub, Julien Inn, and the riverboat casino.“
GeneralGao 6245 days ago
68 /100 1301 RHOMBERG AVE
“This is a cool place. Neighborhood German restaurant and bar. Several good German beers on tap. Very friendly staff if you take the time to chat with them.“
GeneralGao 6392 days ago
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