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90 /100 1605 STORY AVE.
“Visited here on a visit to Louisville to do a barrel pick with Maker’s Mark. They don’t get much stranger than this. Maybe Kulminator in Antwerp is the only stranger venue. Bar in a residential neighbourhood, has a kind of shop front but then stretches all the way back through the shop with row upon row of fridges selling hundreds of beers, quite a lot of which are ancient. Obscure British cans of old no longer existent lagers like Skol or more interestingly old bottles of Gales Prize Old Ale. And the tap list is pretty outstanding. Zombie Dust, Chimay Blue, Fantome, Etc. Quirky, charming place well worth a visit. Interestingly when I visited there had been some big game on and some frat boy types were in there completely shitfaced, out of their depth drinking 750s of St Bernardus Abt 12. I have no idea why the barman didn’t kick them out as they were spoiling the vibe. I left when they started vomitting“
EdKing 153 days ago
90 /100 1034 BARDSTOWN RD
“Visited here whilst out picking a couple of barrel picks at Makers Mark and New Riff. Wow, what a great recommendation. On a strip of very good bars and restaurants including Jack Fry's. Outside is like a modern little Church with a neon cross. Inside is a small and dark cosy but sophisticated bar space. Line up is stunning, mainly sour focused with some good local beers too. Has Cantillon, Crooked Stave, Dupont, 3 Fontenein and some really good American wild beers. One of the best bars I've been to in the States. Just a well curated list, nice vibe, cool staff and relaxing space.“
EdKing 187 days ago
66 /100 300 W MAIN ST
“Patty and I stopped in for dinner while passing through town on way back from Kansas. They had about 12 or so of their beers on tap. I tried a DIPA and a porter and both were decent enough. I had a nice sandwich and the wife liked the salad. Fast service, not many people there.“
Ron 298 days ago
82 /100 514 BAXTER AVE
“Another great surprise...Very modern decor with the wall of old amplifiers and speakers! Beers were solid, with good ipas and german styles. Service was excellent, knowledgeable history buff serving me. No samples but free tastes...half pints available. Mexican food truck on premise.“
Lubiere 314 days ago
64 /100 300 W MAIN ST
“Good location, very old school decor, a bit dingy and old. Beers are so-so to ok, nothing special. 4x4 on for 8$. Decent food menu. Worth it if you are at the KICC.“
Lubiere 315 days ago
82 /100 636 EAST MAIN ST
“A beautiful fun place in a cool neighborhood, with at 4 breweries in walking distance. Good quality of beer, going to gose to imperial stout. Good deal on flight at 4 x 4 ounce for 7$.great and friendly service. Good food selection below 10$.“
Lubiere 315 days ago
84 /100 401 E MAIN ST
“Located in the baseball stadium in the east end, and relatively close to at least 4 other micros. Huge patio outside, and decent sized dining room, specializing in BBQ. Excellent beers, 2$ per sample, good service, excellent food.“
Lubiere 318 days ago
72 /100 1036 E BURNETT AVE
“visited in June 2019 while in town. Nice selection of unique beers - setting was comfortable. Food options were very good. Definitely a cool place I would visit again.“
DWestrick 353 days ago
82 /100 401 E MAIN ST
“Large space with a patio; old industrial decour; good wifi; 11 own beers on tap plus full bar, flights of 4 available; very tasty barbecue; beer is good or better; unobtrusive service; certainly worth a visit“
thorongil2 395 days ago
34 /100 654 SOUTH 4TH ST
“Large place with a patio right opposite the Brown hotel; modern decour, 9 own beers on tap, flights of 4 available; wifi supposedly available but the given password didn’t work and the server did not care to look into it; full bar; indifferent service, single server was gone a lot of time even though the place was mostly empty, beer I tried ranged average to bad, will not visit again.“
thorongil2 395 days ago
18 /100 200 N. HURSTBOURNE PKWY.
“I am giving up on Lucky's. It can't decide if it's a bar, buffet, or grocery store. Unfortunately, it doesn't do any of these all that well. Prices are not competitive on most products. Produce is sometimes OK but not great. A lot of the nuts and snacks are in a barrel and I have watched people eating out of these barrels. The employees didn't really seem to be concerned when I mentioned it to them. Several of the employees are rude and really could care less if you shop there or not. In my humble opinion, there are just too many good health food and specialty stores in Louisville to spend your money in a high priced, chaotic place like this. Kroger's and Wal Mart generally have better selections.“
TrappistMaster28 405 days ago
98 /100 1034 BARDSTOWN RD
“Saw the tap list and blasted over here forthwith to drink Uerige alt on tap. Only time I’ve had on tap anywhere in US. Somehow Louisville gets this beer in town. After a few alts I had a German rauchbier, an Austrian kellerbier, and a deschuttes barrel aged porter. I love this place. Staff knew the beers had some good fries and a sharp place looks like an old church. Great beer destination, only 25ish taps but what they did shows you don’t need more than that.“
KPD 411 days ago
82 /100 1605 STORY AVE.
“Stopped in for some dinner and beers - liked the tap list and the epic number of bottles. Bartender was really cool, low key causal, semi run down place. Good beer stop. Found some lagers in the coolers way over ripe. So if you are buying bottles I’d be sure to check dates and buy styles that do ok on shelves for a while. Bottles were really pricey draft beer prices fine food cheap.“
KPD 411 days ago
62.8571428571 /100 13401 SHELBYVILLE RD.
“This is now the best Liquor Barn on the eastside. Large cooler in the back with several aisles of beers. Nice selection of local and regional beers - imports a bit limited but quite a few German and Belgian beers. Plenty of parking and easy access from 265 (Gene Schneider).“
shrubber85 436 days ago
56 /100 4131 TOWNE CENTER DR
“New Rating for new location (moved south of its previous location). This location is only about a quarter of the size of the old location. Selection is drastically reduced - only a fair selection of local/regional beers a pretty poor selection of others with macros or macro-owned beers dominating so now isn't much better than the average local liquor store. Still has a growler bar but with only 12 taps (does have an impressive bourbon bar/selection still, but also lost most of its specialty food). Disappointing for beer hunting and not worth going out of your way for.“
shrubber85 453 days ago
84 /100 514 BAXTER AVE
“Huge space, with an awesome outdoor patio overlooking some old lager caves, a bar decked out with AV porn, a music venue, and a game room in between. Service was great, knew the beer, knew the Louisville beer scene, super friendly. Selection was good, new school haze, lagers, German classics, all decent to great. Food is a taco truck, but very tasty and very good with beer. Definitely recommend if you're in Louisville for any amount of time, and right around the corner from another brewery as well.“
jbruner 482 days ago
84 /100 401 E MAIN ST
“Cool spot attached to the minor league ballpark in Louisville, large expanse of a space with lots of seating. Service was solid, on top of it even though it was busy, knew enough about the beers to get by but by no means knowledgeable. Selection was great, varied styles and all were well done, plus bottles if the draught doesn't suit your fancy. Food is good, new school BBQ, with a few veg options too. Definitely worth a stop, as they pretty much brought craft beer to Lousiville.“
jbruner 482 days ago
56 /100 300 W MAIN ST
“Great location, the place itself has a homey Cheers sort of feel. Not many of their own beers and the ones they had were average at best.“
coachd 537 days ago
58 /100 636 EAST MAIN ST
“To me, barrel aged beers that are not imperial stouts, porters, or scotch ales are a waste of time. This is why my rating for this place is so low. If you like barrel aged everything, give Goodwood a try.“
coachd 537 days ago
90 /100 1605 STORY AVE.
“Absolutely a one of a kind place. It's an old house with a long addition that has some unicorn beers on tap and in many fridges. Not a pretty place, just tons of great beer. Sergio has been there both times I went, beers are served on the honor system, you tell him what you had & he comes up with a price. If you go to Louisville and don't go here you're missing out.“
coachd 537 days ago
80 /100 514 BAXTER AVE
“Fun place. Tons of games to play, ambience is an '80s stereo equipment theme. Beers are good and varied. You must try this place.“
coachd 567 days ago
70 /100 401 E MAIN ST
“Big modern place in downtown Louisville. Service was okay, they get bonus points for giving a homeless guy a free meal. Food was good. Only ATG beers, I wish they had some of their better ones. Definitely worth a stop.“
coachd 567 days ago
72 /100 1025 BARRET AVE
“Nice restaurant and bar - on the small side with about 10 seats at the bar. Nice selection of craft beers with some wine and kombucha choices. All food is vegan (didn't eat anything so can't comment on it). Pleasant place..“
shrubber85 592 days ago
80 /100
Hammerheads (Restaurant)
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon around open. Located in a residential part of Louisville. Look for a big hammerhead shark on the front of a house, and you are there. Street parking only. They have a small patio area out front with a couple tables. Inside is kind of like a dive bar, but on the right you can see they have a pretty large draft beer selection of all/predominantly craft beer. The food here is heavily barbecue, but there is a bit of a gastropub thing going on here as well. The food here is really great. I had an elk burger and truffle fries. Both delicious. Service was friendly and fast. We had our food in just a short amount of time. By the time we left, they were filling up and looked like a line was starting to form to get in. I definitely recommend stopping in here, but try to get there when it opens or you'll have a wait.“
JStax 604 days ago
66 /100 2120 BARDSTOWN ROAD
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon. Street parking only. Fairly quiet. Larger area inside with areas set up for board games or video games. Friendly service. Quality of beer was a bit lacking, but they had decent variety. Hopefully they continue to improve over time, because the service and space were excellent.“
JStax 606 days ago
84 /100 10408 WATTERSON TRAIL
“Great space in an old church. Friendly manager and staff. Twenty beers on draft (10 of their own and 10 guest taps), all available as 5oz samples. Definitely worth a visit.“
Iphonephan 620 days ago
74 /100 401 E MAIN ST
“worth a stop if in town. here is where you get releases npt sent nationally.most beers just ok. but they do try stuff somewhat different. cross styles.“
Sammy 668 days ago
82 /100 1036 E BURNETT AVE
“A favorite stop. Comfortable ambience, no TVs, quiet music that allows for conversation without shouting. Twenty taps, about half are house beers. The beers are all very good to excellent, small (5 ounce) are available and proper glassware is used. Service us always super—friendly and attentive and samples are available upon request for most selections. Crowlers and growlers are available for most beers. The food is quite good, reasonably priced and the fries are amazing. Add Monnik to your “must-stop” list.“
allfreej 717 days ago
74 /100 514 BAXTER AVE
“Visited on a Monday afternoon. A decent sized parking lot is out front. Fairly spacious inside. Lots of white and clean all over the place. They have a music theme throughout the place which is pretty cool. No flights offered, but they do have half pours, which I went with. Unfortunately their beer list is about half IPAs and the like, so I was a bit disappointed in that. The beers I did try were good except the one IPA I had. For food they had a Mexican food truck there. I had the guacamole and tortilla chips which was good. I would definitely go back because I liked the feel of the place.“
JStax 735 days ago
88 /100 1036 E BURNETT AVE
“Visited on a Monday early afternoon. Pretty cool building with a few rooms inside dedicated to the tasting room. Good sized bar. They had about 20 taps and most of them were their own beers. Flights are available and you pay as you go, so no set number on the flights. The beer quality was nice, the only one I didn't really care for was actually a guest tap. Service was excellent. Highly recommend visiting this place.“
JStax 735 days ago
78 /100 636 BARRET AVE
“Pretty good beers and very helpful staff. Well worth a visit.“
Kristophe 757 days ago
84 /100 1036 E BURNETT AVE
“Really like this place, could sit here for hours.“
Kristophe 757 days ago
88 /100
Gralehaus (Restaurant)
“Stayed the night when we visited Louisville a while back. The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and the breakfast in deeeeelicious!“
Kristophe 757 days ago
76 /100 401 E MAIN ST
“Large brewpub with overall good beers. Had a few here in the middle of the day, helpful girl in the bar.“
Kristophe 757 days ago
82 /100 1034 BARDSTOWN RD
“Very nice selection of beers and very friendly staff! Cool interior too.“
Kristophe 757 days ago
80 /100 1605 STORY AVE.
“This place is so weird.“
Kristophe 757 days ago
80 /100 901 E. LIBERTY ST
“In an brick building just east of downtown (used to be an old Taxi building). Main pub on corner of Liberty and Campbell with main brewery behind. Bar with several tables. 12 beers on tap plus canned beer available for purchase. Parking behind building off Campbell Street. A great place.“
shrubber85 781 days ago
84 /100 10408 WATTERSON TRAIL
“In an old church building off of Taylorsville Rd, bare old brick walls, high ceiling adorned with strings of small lights, small bars, and plenty of high table sitting. Flights run $12 for 6 samples, pints are $5-7 depending on style. 10 of their own brews on tap, with 10 guests. Service was patient, friendly, and attentive, the crowd was out for a fun Friday evening, and the beers ran the gamut from acceptable to excellent. Worth a stop if you are within 50 miles.“
rondphoto 789 days ago
88 /100 1064 BARDSTOWN RD
“Judging by the past reviews, I wonder if I went to the same place, as I loved my experience. Humongous taplist, and they offer custom flights of 3, priced according to the beer - I ended up running a bill of $36 (!!!!) for two flights. To be fair, I chose the most expensive barrel aged beers, but still, that seems insane. Bartenders are willing to let you sample beers as well, which is nice. Service was quick and friendly - no complaints at all, at least while sitting up at the bar. What a great stop. So many awesome beers available in one place.“
mcberko 887 days ago
70 /100 514 BAXTER AVE
“Modern hip place, whose entrance is a little off the street. 10 beers on tap when I went, but no flights, only half-pints ($3-6) and pints available, so not a ticker-friendly place at all. I tried the IPAs, and was quite impressed with the quality. Service was friendly and willing to let you sample the beers. Worth checking it - but unless you have a bunch of people going, your tick count may not be high here.“
mcberko 887 days ago
62 /100 909 EAST MARKET ST, SUITE 700
“Very close to a bunch of other breweries, these is a neat spot. Warehouse tasting room, with a modern touch and huge amounts of seating. They do 4 oz pours of all 9 beers on tap for $2.25-2.50. Beers themselves are nothing special, with a couple decent ones and a few not dialed in properly. Service is super friendly. Not a top spot in town, but a fun hangout place.“
mcberko 887 days ago
74 /100 636 EAST MAIN ST
“What an awesome concept these guys have going on: pretty much everything is barrel aged or has touched wood in some way. This makes for some interesting concoctions, including a tequila BA gose, which was the highlight for me. Otthers are less interesting, but nothing is off. Flights of 4 available for only $7. I feel this place is underrated, given the overall average scores of the beers. I’d recommend a visit.“
mcberko 887 days ago
62 /100 300 W MAIN ST
“Super centrally located, just off Main St. The bar is in the downstairs and occupies a sort of an oddly shaped interior. They do flights of 1 oz (that’s right, tickets!) pours for $1/piece, which made me happy. The beers themselves were mostly subpar though, with many just not tasting properly dialed in. Their barley wine was sure nice though. Wouldn’t say this is a top spot in town, but it’s certainly convenient for cheap ticks.“
mcberko 887 days ago
76 /100 401 E MAIN ST
“Located right downtown, directly next to Louisville Stadium, so I imagine this place gets super busy. Large warehouse-like place in a brick building like so many others in town, with plenty of seating. Flights of 6 or 10 available; I opted for the latter (only $13). Unfortunately, the draft list doesn’t have any of those monstrous BA dark beers that AtG is so famous for, so I was a bit disappointed. The beers they did huge were largely their strange, adjunct-laden beers, which aren’t really to my taste. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my visit. Service was super friendly and quick. Mandatory stop when in town no doubt.“
mcberko 887 days ago
86 /100 514 BAXTER AVE
“Nice place. Twelve of their beers on tap. Had the foreign stout and the Kellerbier. Both were really well done. I’ll definitively be back.“
allfreej 889 days ago
86 /100 514 BAXTER AVE
“Pretty nice space with a music theme. Table service, which is kind of different, and nice food from Mayan Cafe. Beers were solid and clean, but no flights. Just half and full pours. Worth a stop.“
drfabulous 921 days ago
84 /100 10408 WATTERSON TRAIL
“Housed in an old church with an old tavern feel. Friendly service, friendly open customer base. Family and dog friendly. Friendly? Did I say friendly? Beer-10 taps of fair to good beers. Another 10 guest taps leaning toward local craft beers. Food? Nosoe. But they do get some good food trucks and will let you bring food or have it delivered. If I lived close, I would be here a lot.“
AndyW68 950 days ago
82 /100 746 E. MARKET ST.
“Small bottle shop with a few taps and a small beer garden out back. A bit more of a hip hangout than I was expecting. Great selection relative to the actual size of the shop.“
piscator34 966 days ago