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80 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
ambiance: Not a huge place. Parking in a lot across the street. Feels like a small Applebees but with beer decor. Innocuous but fun atmosphere. service: Not bad. Our server was a bit scattered but super nice, and he did a decent enough job keeping four separate checks straight. selection: Decent choice of Abita stuff on draft and in bottles. About 5 or 6 taps, about 7 or 8 bottles. Only annoyance was that the menu didn’t specify what was on draft and what was in bottles, so it could be a bit of a chore to select five draft beers to make a flight. food: DELICIOUS. The chicken and sausage gumbo was some of the best cajun food I had in Louisiana, and the burger was tremendous. Fries were perfect. value: Extremely reasonable. overall: Well worth the visit. Absolutely need to go back next time I’m in town.“
JDBaker11058 2020 days ago
78 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Visited on 2-19-2013. A clean bar and restaurant with a lot of wall decor throughout the establishment. They also have an outdoor patio area. Cameron, our server, was very, very personable as well as very knowledgeable about their beers. They offer five beers in their sampler. The beers I had were good and there were none that I disliked. They also supply their customers with an Abita Beer Guide about their beers along with a decal. I really enjoyed this visit and would revisit if in the area again.“
hotstuff 2490 days ago
74 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Visited February 19, 2014.

At the risk of losing a brewery rating I’ll say that this isn’t really a brewery anymore, and it hasn’t been since the 90s. This was the original Abita brewpub but when they opened the production brewery up the way they sold this to a family that wanted to take it over. So technically speaking this isn’t even owned by Abita anymore. That said, they have a contract to only carry Abita beer save for one guest tap. When I was there it was Stone smoked porter. Also, they have most of the original brewery on display in the back. When beer was brewed here it was not a restaurant or bar, it was purely a production brewery. Now they’ve jammed what remains of the original brewery into the corner and built a glass case around it so that you can look at it but it’s not functional. That’s not to sound negative, just to provide a little history. It’s actually a nice place and if the kitchen wasn’t closed I would have gladly eaten here.

As it was I arrived 10 minutes before closing but they were nice enough to sell a pint and give a few free samples. Not really a whole lot of stuff that you haven’t had most likely but they had some cask variations (not ticks) and a seasonal that I hadn’t had before. Their IPA when fresh at (near) the source isn’t bad. Cozy little place with good service. I wanted to try the muffuletta sandwich but no such luck.“
t0rin0 2878 days ago
70 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Somehow I forgot to rate this earlier. Visited September 2013. The food was tasty and they had one brewpub exclusive beer available. Otherwise quite good selection of Abita brews available. Quite long drive from New Orleans.“
rosenbergh 2893 days ago
68 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“This looks like a small house from the outside. You can’t park in front or on the sides, but you just a bit past it and there’s a small public lot in front of the restaurant across the street. The place was fairly empty, so easy to find seating at the bar. They had a dozen or so taps, available in a normal flight of five, or a premium flight, but they do the choosing. The taste range of the premium flight was very narrow when I visited, which made for a pretty uninteresting flight. The food was tasty, though, Cajun style. Not worth going out of your way for, but if you’re in the neighborhood it’s decent enough.“
Travlr 2921 days ago
78 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Hard to believe that is where Abita started. Nice little spot with friendly service, and a good selection of there beers with some guest beer.“
jeremytoni 3361 days ago
100 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“The crawfish cakes are awesome, the staff is really great and the beer speaks for itself“
edirvin2814 3529 days ago
70 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Not a bad place. Mostly Abita brews on tap with a handful of one offs and a couple of guest brews. The burgers were very good. The bar tender was helpful and accommodating. It’s worth a stop if you’re nearby.“
badlizard 3544 days ago
56 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Stopped by on the way to NOLA .. been wanting to stop by for years (and my feet are fine) .. . Great cozy little spot .. nice food and fat burgers .. . selection was a bit disapoointing, nothing special or brewpub exclusive- which i would have expected .. did have a seasonal but every bar in NOLA had to so .. I did enjoy my visit, but its basically just a quaint restaurant that serves Abita .. and Tonka the cat was cool!“
SudsMcDuff 3773 days ago
74 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“We ate at the brewpub, after renting a car in New Orleans and driving up to Abita Springs. This building was the original Abita Brewing Co. site, in downtown Abita Springs, LA. Great little town to visit, and this little place is really a great spot in town! Ambiance is casual and laid-back, with a good varity of Abita beers on tap and in bottles. Service was mostly friendly though a bit distant; we would have been better off at the bar itself instead of a table. Food came as ordered and quickly; very good bayou fare (jambalaya, creole shimp, catfish po-boys, etc) and it was paired very nicely with fresh Abita beers from the new brewery, which is 3 or 4 miles north of town. Highly recommended for anyone visiting the New Orleans area!“
RGDave 3787 days ago
68 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Stopped on my way down to the beer desert known as North Texas about 4 yrs ago. A nice welcoming little restaurant with a descent selection of their brews. Excellent southern food. Definately stop if your passing through!“
dnstone 4320 days ago
62 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Stopped in while driving through town for a sampler. Price was average. Didnt have any food. The atmosphere is good and the location is fairly convenient to I10. If you stop in Abita Springs, dont forget to go to the UCM Museum, only about 500 yards up the street. Overall, a nice place serving Abita beers.“
GodOfThunder 4773 days ago
80 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“I live about a mile from this place and it is one of my favorite local *restaurants* based on the tasty food alone. This is southeast Louisiana, there is no shortage of great places to eat in these parts, so for this to be a favorite truly speaks volumes! The atmosphere is that of a simple country family restaurant. Very understated but homey and welcoming. Very wide variety of food offerings ranging from steaks and burgers to Louisiana seafood dishes and classics like jambalaya. Everything on the menu is great. Oh, yes, they have beer too! You will find all the currently active Abita beers on tap. This includes the flagship beers, whatever the current seasonal is, and one or two select Abita brews that change regularly. There is always one and only one guest beer on tap. The guest beer is either a not-widely-known import or a not-widely-stocked American microbrew.“
FishManLA 5052 days ago
82 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Stopped in here prior to an LSU home football game. Was in town for the game, made the pilgrimmage to Abita. Glad that I did. The bar was quite empty which was a lil dissapointing but that was due to the upcoming game. With the lack of patrons, we received great service. Food was good and beer offerings even better. Tons of taps, stuff not bottled yet. Worth the drive!“
UofFkid 5089 days ago
74 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“I stopped in here with a friend one day when we were passing through in 2004. The selection was okay, as was the food. But what it lacked (only slightly) in those areas, it made up for in service. My friend and I sat at the bar to have some drinks and food, and everyone working there was great, as were the other customers around us. Another thing, if you’re coming here to taste the Abita brews, they will give you free two- to three-ounce samples. At least they did when I went there. I hope to make it back to this place one day, and if I ever pass through here again, I will.“
not4theseason 5296 days ago
76 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Had lunch with my girlfriend and my brother. Great atmosphere and food. I had a great burger and several beers. All were good and the staff was great.“
pojo41 5376 days ago
78 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Had lunch here with my brother and his girlfriend. Nice ambience and food I had (Gyro) was really good. Had the AndyGator (Barleywine), Turbodog (brown ale), and the Restoration Ale(golden ale). All were good. Very friendly staff.“
biggmike 5379 days ago
72 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Been working in Baton Rouge since May ’05 and finally got a chance to drive the 60 or so miles over here. A little out of the way but worth the trip. Had six of their regulars on tap, one of their Selects, two seasonls and a guest tap - Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Had an extensive menu with a Cajun flare. Had the chicken with fried oysters, shrimp and creamed spinach. Very good. The place reminds me a bit of "Porky’s" from the ’80s movie - but with much more flair and class. Can get very smoky.“
PorterPounder 5851 days ago
66 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Ive made the trip from new orleans to abita many times. They have one of the best tasting rooms ever. Theirs beers are not excellent but they are very good. I really enjoy purple haze, but its too far away from new orleans to go and drink beer.“
lifeofravis 5998 days ago
92 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Very cool place. Friendly folks who know beer. Great atmosphere. Solid beer. Great food and a relaxing, but still hip and funky decor. The artwork (the walls are huge murals) was absolutely amazing, but the scenes are just of everyday life so I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. Whoever the artist was....frigging incredibly skilled person. Really enjoyed this place and the owner was a very sweet lady who was happy to chat and never stopped smiling.“
NYHarvey 6041 days ago
66 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“A short hop off of I-12, take exit 65 north about 3-4 miles. A quaint little main street town. Good selection of seasonals, surprisingly good English-style pale ales, a decent barleywine. Good chow. Abita beers are good with food. Well worth the stop, if you’re going east-west on I-10 / I-12“
Aurelius 6180 days ago
60 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Set in the small town of Abita Springs, you really to have to trek to get there. The beer is actually brewed at the brewery just down the road. Usually about 6-8 beers available, with quality ranging from fair to very good. The food is always great. A good place to go when in the Northshore area.“
bleeng 6307 days ago
40 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Many moons ago that I was there. Funky and about to move down the road to bigger and pehaps better. I liked the people a lot more than I liked their beers.“
fly 6334 days ago
48 /100 72011 HOLLY ST
“Mostly their own brews. Good food, but maybe a little over priced. Nice atmosphere. Very relaxing place to get a drink or a meal.“
n0kwa 6440 days ago
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