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“Located not far from Lucky Pigeon in the same factory complex. Very cool vibe and design, reminded me of the Veil in Richmand, VA. A bit dark, but seemed like the normal style of taproomo tables and chairs. Good beer lineup, good service.“
stevoj 784 days ago
82 /100 40 MAIN ST., STE 13-131
“Located in a massive old factory complex that is now home to several small businesses. I didn't realize all of the beers were gluten-free until I was on the last one of the flight. Very lively afternoon crowd, super friendly and top notch service. Learned a little Biddeofrd history in the process. Don't be deterred by the GF lineup, they're all very good and worth the stop.“
stevoj 784 days ago
70 /100 28 PEARL ST.
“One of five breweries in little old Biddeford, Blaze is part of the ME chain, known for wood fired Pizzas and beers. This place has a downstairs bar and a nice out door seating area. They also had smoked food, which was apparently very good. Beers were average.“
bytemesis 1046 days ago
“In an old light industrial location, probably a mill, with an old electrical panel serving at the tap points. Ping pong table up front, medium sized bar, restaurant tables. Brewhouse to your left as you fave the bar with what looks like a homemade mash tun and boiler, plus modern store-bought fermenters. As the barman to open the secret door behind the bar to show you how big this place really is - fully two thirds of it hides behind that door. Beers are very tasty and creative, a dozen or so on tap with flights of four possible, and barman Nate was generous with the samples, without my asking. Some light snax available, but there's a pizza place next door, or it's a five minute walk to Run of the Mill. Great place.“
Travlr 2193 days ago
74 /100 28 PEARL STREET
“In the door around 2PM on a Sunday in late June 2017. A quick walk down the stairs brings you into the big open space with great exposed brick walls. The newer portions of the construction are nice as well. Seating for maybe 30 and another 10 at least around the bar. Not very crowded, with maybe 10 people already. Food truck outside and a popcorn machine inside. Live music from a guy who was actually performing at a reasonable volume allowing people to talk and be heard, he apparently plays here every Sunday 2-5, so plan accordingly to enjoy or avoid as is your wont. (He was pretty darned good). Foosball table and maybe a few card games as well. Very relaxed place to hang out. 5 beers on tap when I went (though it looks like they have six taps). Service is super friendly, and they do a nice job offering some beer geeky beers and very approachable beers, and making both of those things blend together in a way that works for anyone walking in. Worth a visit.“
j12601 2586 days ago
“Quiet and empty at about 12:30 when I went in on a Saturday in late June 2016. Perhaps I was the only one there due to the big event that was taking up the main street a few blocks away on the other side of the water, but maybe not. Seating to accommodate 20 or so, and enough open space to stand quite a few more. Looks as if they typically have 8 beers on, but they were short one when I went. Flights of 4 for $10, which can include the stuff that otherwise is $5 for a 5oz, so that’s nice. Ping pong table, cornhole, foosball, a bunch of old arcade games. Beers were good. No food here, but the pizza place next door will deliver for free. “
j12601 2597 days ago
68 /100 559 ELM ST.
“Considering that’s the pic I added, I might as well say something about this place. Not bad when I lived in Maine and was in this area. From the outside, one might reconsider, but there were some solid options ie Maine Beer Co, Rising Tide, Baxter’s, Smuttynose, Mayflower, and Long Trail. Bombers of Double Bag for $3 probably couldn’t be beat practically anywhere else in Maine, but not sure what the place is like now. Hoping more Mainers or anyone else who has been here show up to say something.“
Bulk_Carrier 2677 days ago
“Large warehouse style brewery. Nordic themed, but mildly. Bartender was friendly and helpful. Comfortable. Several beers on tap including regulars, seasonals and one-offs. Cans and bottles to go. Beer quality generally very good. Nice place not too far off I-95.“
Drake 2755 days ago
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