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78 /100 45 HUNTRESS AVE
“I really enjoyed this place. In an old light industry location. Large side yard with picnic tables and lots of space for kids and dogs, some tables are under shade trees. Couple of tables in the parking lot as well, and the parking lot is large but does fill up; plenty of street parking though in a mostly residential neighborhood. Small bar inside and some restaurant tables. Brewhouse in the next room visible through an open doorway (which is why dogs are not allowed inside the taproom itself). Four sours on offer, two kettle and two barrel aged, all very tasty. Nice variety of other styles as well. Very friendly knowledgeable service. Food is chips (the American kind) and popcorn. Great place“
Travlr 1285 days ago
70 /100 15 OCEAN STREET
“I stopped in for a beer but the food looked so good that I had to get an app as well and I'm glad I did - very tasty and creative. Small parking lot and free street parking. Long bar and some restaurant tables, bar was full when I arrived on a Friday around lunchtime. Staff were sitting at the bar conjuring up new versions of beer cocktails. Existing versions included things like the Creme de Cowcow with Averna, creme de caocao and their coconut cream stout. Beers were OK but not great, so you may want to come here for the food and the beer cocktails.“
Travlr 1286 days ago
78 /100 15 OCEAN STREET
“Located in an industrial building with a small parking lot though there's some street parking available. Inside has a neighborhood gastropub feel which really sets it apart from its local peers. They 6-7 on tap with some guest taps as well. The beers were solid with their yuzu gose being the clear winner. The food was outstanding. Even if the beer sucked I'd go back here to eat. Of course the beer does. Kr suck which makes it that much more attractive.“
DiarmaidBHK 1557 days ago
72 /100 45 HUNTRESS AVE
“Located in what looks like a barn type structure with some outdoor space as well. The indoors has a small bar and pretty massive tv turned to the Sox game. They only had 6-7 on tap but they were all pretty solid. Was a pretty relaxed vibe until a large beer bus came in. Otherwise it's a solid place.“
DiarmaidBHK 1557 days ago
74 /100 125 JOHN ROBERTS RD
“In here around 7:30 on a Friday in late June 2017. They’ve been open for a couple of weeks at this point, so still brand new. Big open space, everything looks great so far. Well renovated industrial space, with ample seating in the tasting room portion of the space. Couple of 20+ year home brew vets that have gone pro. Beers were clean and a couple had some rather interesting flavors going on, not in a bad way, just in an uncommon ingredient way. Staff (the brewers) behind the bar were super friendly. Worth a quick visit.“
j12601 1670 days ago
56 /100 125 WESTERN AVENUE
“In around 7 on a Friday in the end of June 2017. From the moment you walk in this feels like a chain restaurant. At the bar martini glasses filled with cocktails are at about a third of the seats. You immediately wonder Is that because they have such great cocktails? Or such crappy beer?. Spoiler alert, it’s the latter. They do pours in 16 or 20 ounces, and will begrudgingly do a 10 ounce. They do offer flights, which are mentioned on the laminated beer menu (indicating the beers likely don’t change very often), but were not mentioned by my server when I asked what sized pours they offer. I ordered an appetizer which was mediocre at best. Went through the beers in a flight and a sample of one of the others that I was missing. Prices here are pretty good actually, though I can’t personally see a reason to come here. If you want a traditional old school brewpub style thing, go to one of the Sebagos. Beers are better, food is better. If you’re looking to tick every beer or place in Portland I guess you’ll need to come here, but otherwise, there are plenty of better options.“
j12601 1670 days ago
78 /100 15 OCEAN STREET
“Came here in late June 2016. They were at that point, brand new. As in, they had their soft or not so soft open two nights ago. Super new with a big crowd on a Friday a little before 9. As such, a bit accommodating on the slower service since I’d guess they don’t have the flow down quite yet. 6 beers on tap, all their own. Food was salads (8/13) or sandwiches (9-15) with a couple apps (6-14) as well. Small menu, but they’ve been open two days, so I’m willing to bet that they’ll augment or modify at some point. Service was slow to start as we grabbed an open table and did not see a server for quite a while. Turns out there’s a line on the front of the menu that you order food and drinks at the bar an there’s no seat service. Now you know. Get at it. Open looking space with a lot of windows and a good amount of tiles on the wall behind the bar. Food was really good, especially given the two days of being open. Limited menu with 3 apps, 2 salads, 4 sandwiches, but what we had was very well executed. Sand which came with a couple of pickle spears. Pickle spears were awesome. Asked about getting an order of pickles. In the 2 days they’d been open that had been a popular enough request that pickles had been made into a side order. Hell yeah.

Went back in September 2016. And I’m heading back to Portland next weekend (late June 2017), and this is certainly on the list of places I’ll be visiting again. “
j12601 1679 days ago
74 /100 45 HUNTRESS AVE
“Late June 2016. A quick ride to South Portland (assuming you’re in Portland proper). Took roughly a six minute drive from Bissell Bros new location. Speaking of new locations, this seems like it’s relatively new as well. Some outside seating as I pulled up around 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. Inside seating seats 40-50 at a bunch of smaller tables that could be communal if you like intimacy with strangers, as well as 7 bar stools. TV hiding over one of the double door entrances to the outside seating, which was playing a Sox (replay from last night) game when I came. Only six beers on (two of which were actually the same beer, keg vs nitro pours), $2 a sample for 5, $3 for the other, and full pours are at $5/6, with 32oz growlers at $6-8. Feels like it’s worth the stop for the prices alone, as they seem to be a good 25-33% under the competition and are pouring similar beers, or at least ones that aren’t worse than the prices suggest. Beers were pretty solid actually, nothing stood out, but nothing made me sad and want to cry in the corner, and overall were all things I’d gladly drink again, especially in a non-ticking environment. If you’re in Portland and have transport, swing by. It’s a nice easy going place with tasty beers. “
j12601 1679 days ago
66 /100
Broadway Variety (Grocery Store)
“Why am I adding this to ratebeer? Well, because of the fairly decent prices on Smuttynose, Brooklyn, Rising Tide, Maine Beer Company and Allagash. It’s fairly clean on the inside, and they have decent service. One of those places, if you’re in the area, doesn’t hurt to check to see what they have.“
Bulk_Carrier 1769 days ago
70 /100 323 BROADWAY
“Having served in the Coast Guard just up the street from this quaint mostly clean convenience store styled shop, their breakfast sandwiches were more than legit. Their subs were phenomenal too. But why this is added to ratebeer is the obvious, yes, between the fresh Maine Beer Company, Rising Tide, and Allagash selections, this place was a hidden gem that helped me stay out of a ton of lines elsewhere.“
Bulk_Carrier 1769 days ago
62 /100 125 WESTERN AVENUE
“Local by the airport which is impotent to me. Large bar and seating area. I think it’s okay, more so given the options around if you have to be on a flight in 7 hours and also get sleep. Selection and food is meh, service too. Did I mention it’s by the aeroport? Pretty much a smaller version of a BJ’s or Gordon Biersch but with shittier beer. So yeah, it’s by the airport..... And my hotel.“
UDBeernut 2108 days ago
64 /100 125 WESTERN AVENUE
“Reviewed from notes. Sea Dog, as far as I know has become a slight chain around the New England area. This particular one had a decent low key subtle ambiance of gentle quaintness - wooden decor with an eloquent atmosphere of quiet slowness. Its a decent selection of only their beers. The food is actually better than their beers. Go to this one or the Topsham one for Sunday brunch, and you’ll be more than satisfied and definitely take a good ol’ Sunday afternoon nap after that brunch. The value is okay, its Maine, so don’t expect too much. Overall, I say its a decent place but I always remember the food there more than the beer.“
Bulk_Carrier 2529 days ago
78 /100
Jimmy the Greek’s (Restaurant)
“From notes. Sorry for the late upload. And this is better than the Old Orchard Beach place. Their taps are great as there’s at least 40 from all over always there. I was once there with a 15 person party and it was slightly crowded and you know, holy cow, wow, the service was more than spectacular. Everybody always had their cups filled. Also, my first time ever with Deliriuim Tremens was here and it was on tap! Yes, it was. The food was always good ranging from Italian dishes to Greek dishes, mainly, yet still has nice American dishes to grace my palate. The value was decent. Nothing to really make my wallet feel better but still nothing to really that screams awesome. Overall, if I still lived in Maine, I would go back here.“
Bulk_Carrier 2529 days ago
74 /100 125 WESTERN AVENUE
“Sea Dog has several brewpubs around New England and the one in South Portland is located on Rt 9 near a number of big box stores. Nice wooden decor with the big Sea Dog sign above the entrance. I sat at the bar where the full menu is also served. You can buy a beer sampler but I settled on the Gollywobbler Brown Ale which is only available in the brewpub. All the other offerings can be found in bottles around New England. Decent menu. I enjoyed by blackened cod sandwich quite a lot and the French Fries had a nice crunch to them.“
puboflyons 2710 days ago
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