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68 /100 73 MILE RD
“Patty and I stopped in while raining. During Covid pandemic time. We could of had drafts in the tent in the parking lots. It was kind of full so I got 2 mixed four packs to go. We had chice of 10 differnt beers to mix. The beer was pretty good.“
Ron 947 days ago
82 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“During our most recent trip to Ogunquit, I had some available time to search for beer and found this place close by. I was looking for NEIPA's and they had a very large selection. Both cold and warm. I was able to break open any 4 pack and get just one or two of the cans of my choices. So I was able to get a larger selection for my money. nd the prices were great. $2 less per can then in Ogunquit shop. I was only one in store for a bit and the clerk helped my find several of the Brewers I was looking for.“
Ron 953 days ago
78 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Came here a lot 2014-15 and a few times since. Can't get some of the fine Belgian ales that are available here in NH due to distribution issues. Well worth the drive. Good selection that differs from my local shops.“
tekstr1der 1309 days ago
72 /100 73 MILE RD
“Visit Date: 8/9/2018 Nice little taproom / bar area, some games as well. Beers are solid and some of them are pretty unique. Worth a stop if you are in the area.“
ben4321 1372 days ago
72 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Decent bottle shop, located in a strip mall. Craft brews in back. Excellent selection of foreign beers, with a specific focus on British beers.“
GregMooreNH 1611 days ago
72 /100 73 MILE RD
“Modern taproom next door to their modern warehouse brewery, brewhouse sadly not visible. Lots of parking. Central L-shaped or maybe U-shaped bar, restaurant tables, swag and can shop. 12 beers on offer, flights of four 5 ounce pours possible for eight bucks. Individual tasters are possible do but pricier, $3.50 for the barrel aged stuff. Beers are tasty and creative. Food is popcorn. OK service. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 1771 days ago
74 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Located in a shopping center that's seen better days but that just means there's plenty of parking. This place has kind of a run down liquor store vibe but given that beer takes up more space than anything else here it's definitely a beer store first. They had a good selection of local and regional craft and I love that they let you break up sixers to buy singles. As others have notes the prices seem to have a bit of a resort markup to them. Still it's pretty solid bottle shop.“
DiarmaidBHK 2060 days ago
78 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“I've shopped here for years but just noticed I've never rated it. Stopped in here last weekend on the way home from Portland. Its in a strip mall with Hannaford as its anchor. Small square store with wine on the right and beer on the left. Warm rack 16 ft long or so with some other stuff piled on the floor and maybe 10 doors in the cooler dedicated to beer. Many Maine locals with a few I dint know existed. selection is great service was friendly pricing a bit on the high side but this is a touristy area. I go back whenever I'm in the area for my Maine beer fix.“
johnnnniee 2069 days ago
72 /100 73 MILE RD
“Stopped in to do some tasting. No one else there. A couple people came in looking for food. Friendly service. Good brews. None that I didn’t like.“
GIJOE 2625 days ago
84 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Great little place. Impression collection of Maine beers, and other local New England beers, in addition to some good representation of well-known craft beer from around the country. A favorite place!“
GIJOE 2625 days ago
76 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Decent selection, friendly staff. Nothing super rare but very pleased to find both Even More Jesus and Aun Mas a Jesus.“
Ktwse 2883 days ago
78 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Small place but they pack in quite a bit of beer. For the location I wish the focus was more on local beers. There are a ton of Allagash but who cares. They offer most beers in a mixed sixer, so you can grab some new ticks. Service was friendly and knowledgable. Great spot if you’re looking for some national coverage, but I imagine there are betters to grab some locals.“
chibuck 2887 days ago
80 /100 73 MILE RD
“Stopped in on a slower Saturday afternoon (I think at 2 pm in Wells everyone was still at the beach) I didn’t order any food; was here completly for the brews. All the brews where solid but nothing really was a major standout. The other 4 people in the place loved the Jali ( jalapeño and apricot ). I enjoyed Patroon the most and this is the Brewers flagship. Very nicely made IPA. I will return because the staff was friendly, the place was clean and I was even offered a tour of the operation. They also have a handful of barrels aging beers. Worth a stop if your anywhere near the area.“
AirForceHops 2901 days ago
88 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Impressive selection for a little shop tucked away off Route 1. They have a good glasswear section too, but the highlight is a really impressive selection of craft beer from around the country and the world.“
thepatrickman 2903 days ago
80 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Lors de mon dernier voyage à Ogunquit, j’ai été faire 2 visites chez Tully’s. Les 2 fois j’ai été bien conseillé et accueilli par le staff. Je m’attendais à une plus grosse sélection, mais c’est quand meme très bien. Je ne peux pas dire si les prix étaient hauts pour toutes les bières, car c’était la première fois que je voyais la majorité d’entre-elles. Pour ceux que je connaissais, c’était un peu élevé... Ca reste quand meme un incontournable de la côte du Maine et j’y retourne assurément lors de mon prochain séjour.“
veronneaupy 3172 days ago
62 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“When I was stationed in Maine, I’ve been here several times. Its always a clean place with more than enough beers from different companies to make one think for quite some time to wonder what they really want to buy. They have a pretty good glassware selection as well. The value, well, it is liberal Maine, so don’t expect to walk away with great deals. Overall, from what I remember, its a pretty good place with a nice variety of brews, but because its liberal Maine, you’ll get what you’re looking for here.“
Bulk_Carrier 3279 days ago
54 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Great selection, but price markup just doesn’t make it worth it.“
Mmmhop 3671 days ago
86 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“friendly knowledgeable staff, good selection of crafts lot’s cold. by far the best in the area“
thunderhops 3685 days ago
82 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Checked this place out the other day on the way to a friends. they have an awesome selection of proper glassware that you don’t usually see. selection is pretty good for Maine. I hear that it gets better as the weather gets warmer (selection). Id visit again if I was in the area.“
spence3208 3701 days ago
66 /100 124 POST RD
“A nice restaurant in Wells, which serve 4 house beers brewed at Oak Pond in Skowhegan. They do have another 6 taps of Maine and regional breweries. Prices of beers are good (4$ pint of house beers, 4.75$ for guest). Beers are so-so, food was great (pizza was quite nice), with good service, very modern decor mixing in a maritime feel. Sampler: 4 X 3 on for 6.50$,“
Lubiere 3937 days ago
70 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Worth the detour driving to Portland, this ending up having the best selection of my stops in Maine, with service and organization. A little pricey, but almost anything I wanted was here, with the bonus of a few Shelton brothers’ selections that were sold out elsewhere.“
Sammy 3939 days ago
58 /100 124 POST RD
“Slow service, I will admit they were busy but no one should wait at a table for more than 15 min before seeing your waiter, the place is just not that big. I was not impressed with the beer and it was pricey, we didn’t eat“
thunderhops 3949 days ago
68 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Passed through on my way back from Portsmouth Brewery.... Tucked in a strip mall shopping center, there was a decent selection of local, domestic and imported beers.I found a couple of things that have been sold out up in the Portland area of Maine but overall the prices were a little more than standard mark up. The guy behind the counter did ask if I needed any help but I declined because there wasn’t that much around that I hadn’t yet seen. Not a bad selection if you live in Southern Maine but I don’t think Id go out of my way to stop in again.“
bottleforager 4013 days ago
78 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Nice selection and very friendly service. It’s a bit out of my way, but definitely worth the trip to stock up on some goodies.“
kreid27 4016 days ago
92 /100 2135 POST RD
“They have Rouge Dead guy on tap which can only be found in Portland (as of now). We have Sam Adams Summer on tap, Down East Cider, Guinness, IPA, Baxter; all of which are great. Many more selections.“
estrothers 4073 days ago
90 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“This place isn’t huge, but has an awesome selection. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a little bit of a haul from my house, so I usually only stop in when I’m already passing through the area. One of the best beer stores in the state!“
Grady546 4075 days ago
84 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“A nice bottle shop located in a strip mall not too far off I-95. A bunch of Maine/NE stuff as well as a good selection of US micros & imports. Staff was friendly & helpful.“
rudolf 4110 days ago
84 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Located in a strip mall. Place is small but has a decent amount of craft beers, especially regional ones. Got a braggot, which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Also some other Maine beers. Prices are within reason. I’d go back again if, for anything else, to pick up some Maine beers.“
AguynamedTodd 4288 days ago
82 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Selection is very good for the area in Maine. They had a good selection of Maine microbrews. A nice selection of Belgians. And the variety is growing. The owner is a beer geek and knows what she is talking about. She has a passion for beer. Her staff is also, very knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help you. They have a lot of the stock in coolers but if you want something room temperature, just ask and they will get it for you. She will also do a special order if you call ahead and her distributor can get it. They also sell a lot of proper glassware. Oh yeah, they have wine as well, so if your friends or family don’t have the passion for craft beer, you can get a nice bottle of wine.“
AirForceHops 4512 days ago
90 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Smallish store on busy Route 1 in the Hannaford Plaza. However, what this place lacks in size, it greatly makes up in an excellent selection. Most items are in the coolers as well as on the shelves. Lots of local Maine brews. Friendly staff.“
MaBeer1972 4658 days ago
88 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“This is the "go-to" beer store in Maine & New Hampshire. I compare their selection not to other Maine beer stores, but to the biggies in Massachusetts. And, you get friendly, Maine service rather than Masshole attitude. I try to stop here on the drive home after my frequent trips out of Manchester airport. It’s an easy 5 minutes from the Wells exit of the Maine Turnpike. It’s worth the diversion. Bonus points for having a female lead the way at this establishment - what a lucky fiancee she has!“
thewheelman 4750 days ago
90 /100 2135 POST RD
“Stopped in the "new" Litchfields for lunch the other day. Locals will remember it as a fine dining restaurant, with oyster bar. The new Litchfields is trying to be more of a family restaurant with a Pizza shop out front and bar/restaurant out back. I sat at the bar so can’t say what the service is like in the dining room. They have 14 beers on tap and lots in bottles. Taps include the usual suspects, a Sam Adams seasonal, Newcsle, Kona Longboard, Stella Artois, Bar Harbor Blueberry, Long Trail, Shipyard Export, and a Belfast Bay Lobster Ale. They rotate a couple of taps to keep things interesting. I had probably the best chicken ceaser I have ever had. Service was great and prices reasonable. I will go back, since I love any place you can get a good meal at the bar!“
beerkleener 4801 days ago
78 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Easy to miss store because it is part of a mall and is not visible from the street. The “Tully’s” logo is however one of the mall array of logos sign that is clearly visible from the street. This is the best store I have found in Maine so far. The size/number of products rivals RSVP in Portland but with a better selection, a pleasant display and knowledgeable staff. Lots of fridge space so plenty of cold beer to bring to the beach. All the Maine brews you may want, lots of Belgians, good England selection. If it is available in Maine, Tully’s has it. The Cadillac Mountain Stout was out everywhere in Portland but they had stacked up at Tully’s. I had an interesting discussion with the lady (owner/manager?) and she explained to me that she doesn’t carry lambics because they don’t sell in Maine but a few customers call in advance and she gets them cases of Hanssens and such. In the middle of nowhere but if you are hitting the main Maine beaches (Ogunquit, Old Orchard) then this is the place to go to.“
Glouglouburp 4958 days ago
78 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Belle petite place, à 30 minutes de old orchard beach. Définitivement le meilleur endroit de la région pour se procurer des bières de spécialités. Bonn sélection de bières américaines, Belge, anglaises et allemandes. Les prix sont dans la moyenne, mais pour les plus grosses bouteilles, je dirais que c’est asser dispendieux. 22$ pour la old rasputin bourbon barrel. Très bon service et conseils. Beautiful place near old orchard beach. Probably the best in the area. Good variety of americans, belgians, germans and english beer. Beers are a little expensive. Excellent service.“
OliverG 5027 days ago
84 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Been here twice now. Selection is pretty decent. They had a good selection of Maine microbrews, although not as many as I had hoped. A large selection of Belgians. A nice lady named Amy was very pleasent and helpful. She knew her beer. Store isn’t as big as I would have expected, but it’s clean and well lit. They also sell a lot of glassware. Hours are kind of limited, so check their website for hours before driving there.“
mcox90 5204 days ago
92 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Dawn has improved her selection and prices over the years, the newer location in the Hannaford mall gives her more space. As near as I can tell her claim that she has the most in Northern New England is true, I have been to all the major stores listed in BA. 550 beer choices is excellent. Her prices are reasonable and fair and the staff seems to be able to remember what is new especially for me. Huge selection of Belgians that are the same as or cheaper than other liquor stores. Beer is my luxury and this is the place to enjoy getting the hard to find.“
jimhilt 5337 days ago
92 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“A wonderful place to stop, talk beer, and browse the large selection of domestic and imported choices. Dawn and her daughter Kristi are knowledgeable, attentive, and a real pleasure to deal with. Unfortunately, there are plenty of good beers that are not distributed to Maine, but Dawn says she will do her best to get whatever she can, if you make a suggestion or request. Check out their website (link above), which gives a good sense of their selection and their beer-friendly attitude.“
DrDavid 5370 days ago
96 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“great family run store .if its available in Maine they have it or will get it .always helpful even stayed a little late while I was making up my mind (lots to choose from ) you are welcome to break up packs if they don’t have it in singles (small bottles) to me this is the Best beer store in southern Maine.“
Pastor 5750 days ago
86 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Wow, c’est égale à Belfast Co-op pour le choix, mais c’est plus espacé. Il y avait beaucoup de choix intéressant, comme la Nogne O Imperial Stout, j’aurais aimer achèté plus, mais j’étais à ma limite. Donc si vous êtes à Well, Kennebunk ou Ogunquit et vous êtes des amateurs de bonnes bières, allez là, point!“
Quevillon 5801 days ago
92 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“I really wanted to update my earlier review from 2007 because I think I was being too picky then. This is probably about the best beer store in Maine. It is the best one that I have been to anyway. They have a large selection of local/regional brews, especially from Maine as well as imports. Nearby in NH things are a bit restricted so Tully’s is one of these easy to get to stores where I can find something I really have wanted to get my hands on. Beer Lady Dawn is so enthusiastic about beer and she really knows her stuff. Easy to get to off US Route 3 in the Hannaford’s Shopping Plaza.“
puboflyons 5848 days ago
86 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Very impressed with this store. Excellent selection of local and imported beers. Very pleasant service from the lady (sorry I forgot her name) on duty. Will definitively go back there on my next vacation in the area.“
rsans 6178 days ago
84 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Nice store, smaller than I expected, but they do alot with what they have. Great selection, pretty strong on Belgians, good on ME micros and various other US craft brews (DFH, Rogue, Smuttynose), some Germans. UPDATE 7/12/10 Tully’s has really grown since my initial rating (which was before they had moved). I’d now consider them the best beer store in ME. UPDATE: 4/15/12: Selection keeps getting better and better.“
porterhouse 6460 days ago
82 /100 45 WELLS PLAZA
“Wow. Nice selection of New England beers, all available in singles. I walked out with almost 2 cases of singles. The employees were very helpful as well. Thanks ladies. DFH WWS available for $8 per bottle. Lots of "macro" Belgians, British, etc. Nice selection for such a small area.“
MrRomero 6646 days ago
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