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72 /100 POD LIPAMI 71
“Update: On my second visit, there were 5 beers on their 6 taps, three of theirs and 2 from Reporyje (Ejlík and the 14° dark). Still an excellent little pit stop. Original review: A quaint, charming little town on the S7 train from Prague to Beroun, Revnice got its brewery mere 4 months ago, in a former 19-th century train station building - a few minute's walk from today's, also 19-th century train station building, and right on a popular cyclist path. Well renovated, the building has its charms, though the rickety chairs on the patio (due to the highly uneven floor) aren't optimal - hope they do something about it till next summer. Professional, friendly service, pretty quick too. The tap list was, when we arrived, down to three beers - the only beer of their own was the 8° Pale Ale (and a very good one it is), while the 10° and the 12° were from Hostomice, so nobody could or should complain. Cheap, of course. 30kc for the 8° and Fabian 10°, 35 for the Fabian 12°. The rest of the menu sports a solid list of mostly Žufánek liquors, oddly no coffee, and a menu that's borderline classic yet not quite, with pretty good prices. The spicy chips were pretty fine. All in all the place shows promise and it's an excellent pit stop for cyclists and weekenders by all means, and the selection is small but well curated. Try to hit MMX and Bobr on the same trip if you're visiting the area. Quite doable even on foot.“
Marko 982 days ago
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