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72 /100 CHORUSICKÁ 93
“So, a family brewery in a village between Mělník and Mladá Boleslav - easiest to reach from any of the two with the 467 bus - a lovely ride actually (especially from MB). A minute's walk from the bus station there. Big building, the bar area seemed to be closed and the inside patio open and lvoely. All in all, quite pleasant, the music playing was 90s, so okay by me. Friendly, good service. Of the stated 5 beers, one of the m kicked immediately ( :( ), but the other 4 were in excellent shape. All slightly overcarbonated, mind, but all very clearn not afraid to be bitter and generally fairly tasty. Okay prices, not dirt cheap, not expensive. The food's available and looked fine but didn't peruse. Got charged for water - 24kč for a small glass, but it did have a couple of lemon slices. Hm. All in all, a likable place from my visit - and the beers were the best lagers of the trip (dare I say, the only good), so my impression was more positive than normal.“
Marko 714 days ago
56 /100 CHORUSICKÁ 93
“Typical pub for Czech countriside,with the exception of own beers. Neer of village green. Big house with pension, brewery, huge salloon. Regularly 4-6 beers on tap. Friendly service. Unfortunantely it is smoking area.“
Ascelja 3061 days ago
68 /100 CHORUSICKÁ 93
“Typical bohemian down-to-earth village pub; not much has changed here since the 50’s or 60´s; just tidier, cleaner and more inviting than during the glorious days of the communist rule; up to five different well crafted house beers are offered, that is a huge selection, compared to most of the czech village pubs! Quite friendly service, so worth a little detour, for example when You are heading for Mělmik.“
pivnizub 3611 days ago
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