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“Well, visiting Czech Republic's RB power couple for a tasting has provided me with a chance to visit this out of the way brewpub, located in Mlékojedy (Milk Eaters?!), a village that's a part of (and across the Elbe/Labe of) Neratovice, a sleeping room / industrial panelák town north of Prague. Tricky to get to, but hey, when did that deter me if I had the time? The pub part is modern, light colored, with a little patio area, connected to the brewery part next door. It hosted an... interesting exhibition by a local artist as well on the walls. The place appears to be a work of passion for the brewer/owner, which is highly respectable. CZ music playing. Unsure about English being spoken, my broken Czech was enough. Nice guy, offering samples before tasting (I just went all in anyway). 5 taps I think, but 2 hosted their own beers, one was an unidentified 11% lager brewed by "someone else" (didn't inquire, not having much time). The brewer is doing modern styles - both beers were on the APA/IPA scale, one with American, another with Australian hops. The Letní Džusík was tropical, a bit oxidized, but nice overall. Viktorka had some nice fruity touches and a good body, but also early onset chlorophenols - I guess the water should definitely be taken care of next time. Still, fantastic prices - 30 for 0.3l and 50 for 0.5l is a wow from me. From what I gather, the beers are usually much better now than before too, which is good to hear. I probably just got to them at the tail end of their rotation. All in all an atypical place in an atypical location, serving the craft beer needs of the local populace more than anything. if you're in an area with a designated driver, make a quick pit stop perhaps, people like this should be supported IMO! How to get here from Prague: Bus 348 from Ládví to Neratovice, Dům kultury, return to the last big intersection and turn left to 28. října, and keep on going straight ahead till its end (it will become Masarykova soon). Turn right on Nádražní, keep on going straight, pass most of the "old square" (Kostomlatského sady), turning left by an old, dilapidated house, going past the Terasa restaurant to the bridge footpath. Follow the footpath till its end, go a little forward on Ke Kolonii, turning left into Slépa. Follow it as it weaves right across a field, turning left once you get to the next street. Follow it a little, and get into the first branching side street to your left. A few moments after, you'll see Kaberna's patio. Another alternative, and a better one, may be S3 to the Neratovice station, turning left when you exit it and following Nádražní as it circles a little bit... When you hit the old square, the directions are the same. Nobody said it was simple mydudes. Nobody.“
Marko 128 days ago
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