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64 /100 PRAŽSKÁ 581
“I've visited this brewery 2013 during a czech-course in this area with a group of students. The brewery was home to Bohumíl Hrabal, a famous czech writer and many beers are named after figures from his books. At the time of my visit it was a old and rusty place, but it has charme and the old cellars are a great place to have a beer. There's also a small shop and bar, where mostly locals buy cheap beer. It's not so modern, which makes it a great place to see.“
Goldbarren 650 days ago
52 /100 PRAŽSKÁ 581
“A serving-hatch for out-sales of brewery beers in bottles. They have individual and boxes of 4 for sale but that is it. There are no souvenirs available and the bottle opener attached to a piece of string, hanging from the hatch tells you how far the beers usually get. The picnic tables were populated by the town’s local beer reviewers who seemed in good spirits and didnt make my visit awkward. It is a bit of a hike from the town centre (about 20 minutes) and as I found out on returning the tourist information office sells the brewery glasses and a few odds and ends. No English spoken on my visit.“
1980olympics 3536 days ago
54 /100 PRAŽSKÁ 581
“A hole in the wall where you can get your bottles from the brewery. Seating on wooden benches close by for drinking chilled beer from the store.“
gunnar 4576 days ago
50 /100 PRAŽSKÁ 581
“Little bottle-shop at the gates of the Nymburk brewery, selling the whole range of the Nymburk beers plus some souvenirs. For those, who are thirsty, some chilled beers are available also.“
pivnizub 4915 days ago
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