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72 /100 ŠKVORECKÁ 725
“How to get here: Train (S1) to Úvaly train station. Then you can take the 423 bus to the Úvaly, Pivovar station directly by the brewery, oooor, if it's a wait, go left till the end of Jiráskova, climb up the stairs into Havlíčkova, follow it till the end, turn left, then as soon as you can turn right, down the stairs, continue straight, across the river, and then immediately left through the part that makes the walk worth it - a beautiful path between a river/creek and a lake. Then just go straight past it until you hit the brewery. There is also a bus from Praha-Klánovice to the brewery (391), but it's hard to imagine a beer tourist having a reason to use it. Soooo... Libertas, apart making me think of Dubrovnik every time I see one of their beers, is a pretty modern brewery somehow both at the edge and near the centre of Úvaly, with a huge, green yard and a spacious patio. Paid tours are possible with arrangement (even a "brewer for a day" option), and there's a brewery tap. The inside of the place is pretty, modern, in pleasant soft ochres-beiges, and one wall bedecked in every tin old brewery sign they could buy I guess. The service is basically only pouring you beers, friendly enough, you have to carry them yourselves. 6 taps, 2 new for me - 8° lager and 11° hefeweizen. The rest was their regular 11° lager, APA and IPA and the 12° lager. Both beer in good shape, good for what they are. The modern styles can be shaky, but I've had their APA in excellent shape and form, quite above CZ average, at least once. Food is available, slightly higher brow spreads/pickled hermelín/utopenec + bread combos. Looked fine, likely worth the slightly elevated prices, but didn't partake this time. Beer prices are Prague-style, not great, not bad. Relatively sure you could get bottles to go (tentatively keeping the selection high because of it), but didn't inquire or see price lists. All in all, a very pleasant brewery visit. It stands a bit alone on any beer path, but you shouldn't regret visiting it on a nice day.“
Marko 371 days ago
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