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“How to get here: 371 or 374 from Kobylisy, station Zdiby, Přemyšlení. Exiting the metro train coming from the center, take the exit to the right. After climbing up, turn left again, and go through the underpass to the other side of the Pod Sídlištěm street, exit through the left staircase, past the cadastral office - the stop will be one of the last down the road. Same as the bus for Šedivák, but a couple of stops down. Exiting in Přemyšlení, go down the road till you come to the lake, you'll see a sign pointing towards it. Czechia's newest brewery as of today, having opened in the Atria (ex Tesla) factory area in what was before a boiler room building, chimney and all. You can see that a lot was invested in this project, which is still a little bit of a work in progress looking at the surroundings. Very, very busy on its opening day, the entire village having probably shown up. A cute modern brewery-restaurant, with a sizeable patio and a top floor. The staff was extremely busy, and though everyone had to wait ages to get acknowledged or served, that's not their fault - they did a pro job. Unsure about English being spoken, who knows. The brewer/owner learned his craft at Cobolis - okay enough - and he knows how to make a clean tasting beer - which is great. All lagers were nearly in polotmavé range visually though. But to each his own I guess. The 10° and 12° are soft, watery chuggers, the 12° showing some flowery hop character, while the 11° is more or less a proper pils taste-wise, showing a good hop profile and bitter kick, if not necessarily as clean malt-profile wise as the other two. The Miami APA, as they say - Cobolis-influenced is... well, okay, clearly a Czech brewpub APA, but drier and cleaner than most of these. I think they ran out of PETkas to go that day, but they will be available I guess. There is food, at first glance slightly modernized takes at Czech classics, looked fine, didn't partake this time. The prices are good, 30-ish for 0.3, 40-45 for 0.5 of their lagers, the APA costing 5kč more, average Prague out-of-center brewpub prices. All in all, while it's a bit out of the way for Prague-based people (might be ignorant but don't see a reason to go to Přemyšlení apart for just a brewery visit), it's a pretty solid brewery to visit, that will be essential to the locals - without any doubts at all. We'll see if they will distribute stuff further too, wouldn't be surprised.“
Marko 320 days ago
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