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40 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“I visited the place only because they had ads along the road from Jablonec to Harrachov. I found the place quite easily and walked the stairs to the restaurant. It was completely empty. Two waiters standing there and asking what I'm looking for. Beer it was. They had 3 beers (František, Certák and Hutské výcepní) available in half a liter bottles. Quite expensive actually. I paid the beers and walked away as the situation was quite pressing. Unfortunately I didn't know anything about any glass factory so I missed that.“
rosenbergh 693 days ago
68 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“Browar i Piwiarnia z widokiem na hute szkla. Piwko dosc srednie.“
caketm 1099 days ago
42 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“The restaurant has crappy interior, almost crappy service and borderline crappy food. The only redeeming factor is the adjacent glass factory. It is surely fun to have a beer on the balcony inside and watch the workers feeding the huge oven. Their pils and dunkel are also really good. I’d say grab a pint or two and then go elsewhere. They also run a beer SPA where both service and interior are nice, surprisingly.“
ElDesmadre 2276 days ago
46 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“Located just across the border, on the main road to Prague, this microbrewery is one part of the joint tourist attraction in Harrachov, the other being the oldest functioning traditional glass manufacture in the world. The venue is a good old local style restaurant, with rows of wooden benches arranged alongside long wooden tables. The selection includes the local brews, which are rather good. The food is not the greatest experience imaginable, but it is decent. I wish the staff were more service-minded, though. One of the waiters forgot my order, another one gave me insufficient change and disappeared. Still, a nice and affordable place to lunch at if you are a beer nerd. Otherwise I would recommend one of the many excellent restaurants in the heart of the village.“
Bamsen78 3011 days ago
30 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“My recent experience does not match the positive comments posted previously by my fellow travellers. A lot of things can change in 3 years and it is definitely the case here. Beer-wise, the tmavé pivo was truely awful, and the svetle merely OK. Food was disgusting, service was rude. Prices were on the high side for Czech Republic (that’s kind of normal for a tourist area). Fortunately, the tour of the traditionnal glass blowing factory saved the day.“
YULbier 3348 days ago
66 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“Interesting spot well off the beaten track. Situated in a working glassworks, although they seem to be developing the tourist potential as a couple of tour buses arrived while we were there and there was a leaflet from a place in the same complex advertising beer baths. There are usually three beers on tap - the weaker one is primarily for the employees in the glassworks, which is understandably very hot, to slake their thirst while working. Unfortunately the weaker one was not available on tap when we were there, although the workers were certainly quaffing something. The two beers we did have were very good, especially the Tmavy, which was one of the best beers I had anywhere in the Czech Republic. It was possible to buy all the beers in plastic bottles to take away but they didn’t really survive the few days wait for RBESG too well. Service was very good although, if you arrive in the bar just after a coach party I imagine you might have a long wait. Fortunately, our timing in that respect was spot on.“
chriso 4424 days ago
58 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“Visited the place during our winter holidays. The brewpub has 3 beers on tap. It’s placed in a nice room with windows to the glass factody. It has a dining card too, but we didn’t taste. The beer is also available in plastic bottles of 0,5 l and 3 l (I’m not sure about the size).“
stouby 4469 days ago
72 /100 NOVÝ SVĚT 95, SEMILY
“A very good brewpub situated the Krakonos mountains, a mere kilometer from the border of Poland. This brewpub/restaurant adjoins a glass factory, and you can see them at work if you visit at the right time. From the restaurant, you can even walk onto a ledge which looks down onto the workers blowing glass below. The beers are very good, unfiltered and nourishing. I found the tmavy particularly original and complex. If you are taking the bus to go there, be careful to get one that will drop you off at "Harrachov aut.st.", not "Harrachov, Novy Svet, something else", or else you will have an extra 3 kilometers to walk before you reach the village. Yes, we had to walk an extra 3 kilometers. The beer here is definitely worth the trip.“
MartinT 5756 days ago
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