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82 /100 J. PALACHA 121/8
“A new Craftbeer-bar in town, which serves homemade beer. Kind of hipster-place and direct concurrence to the Dvur-Bar. Several beers on tap and some snacks to eat new toilets and a really nice winter-garden to enjoy a drink“
Goldbarren 233 days ago
66 /100 SADY 28. ŘÍJNA 17A
“My favourite café in Břeclav, a border town between Austria and Czechia, which is normally known for a huge border railway station. It is a hipster-like café with normally 2 local (mostly unknow) beers on tap. It offers cakes and sandwiches and spirits. Located in an old house it has a nice glass-front to an inner-coutyart, where you can sit and join a BBQ in summer. Toilet is in the cellar and old, but renovated. A bit rusty, but I like it.“
Goldbarren 556 days ago
60 /100 J. PALACHA 121/8
“Local micro by 2 former home-brewers. At the time of my visit (Sep 2017) they had only Lager and APA in bottles (though they are making more other stuff). The brewer was kind enough to give me a glass of Lager (real good) directly from the tank and gave me a short tour of the brewery - very nice.“
Sokolov 966 days ago
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