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74 /100 737 W 5TH AVE
“Nice upscale atmosphere. Service was great. I had the fresh catch halibut sandwich. Their beers on tap and a visiting cider. You can get a sampler flight. Nice place I can highly recommend.“
weihenweizen 208 days ago
68 /100 609 F ST
“This place has three levels. Bottom level is nicer slightly contemporary brewpub. The secon level is restrooms and arcade. The top level is a rooftop deck that had a DJ and most of the beer. Service was average. The place was surprising busy for a Wednesday. Selection was pretty good.“
weihenweizen 209 days ago
70 /100 610 W 6TH AVE
“Service was good. Selection was big for Anchorage and pretty good for Alaska beers. Medium size busy slightly run down bar. Their menu online was not up to date.“
weihenweizen 209 days ago
92 /100 8111 DIMOND HOOK DR
“Driving through a light industrial area, hard by a postal service sorting facility, in an unassuming building, is this gem of a brew pub and eatery. You are met by a very friendly and genial space with a row of taps on one side and small tables on the other. Nice beers and appetizing food menu. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Anchorage.“
Iphonephan 339 days ago
76 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“Pretty sizable place overlooking the water. In warm months there is a roof top deck. I visited in February and the deck was not open. Extensive food, beer and whiskey menus. Food was decent and so were the beers.“
Iphonephan 342 days ago
68 /100 2830 C STREET
“Matanuska has been around the Palmer-Anchorage area for quite a while, but there current locations are mysteriously absent from Ratebeer. This place is in the midtown "suburbia" part of town, basically a standard American bar/grill kinda place, but offering beer from the parent brewery up in Palmer. Food was great, beer was good (but they were out of some things), and you can make fun of the kids playing the giant golf simulators while you eat and drink. Not great, but not bad either. Did I mention the food was really good!?“
Braudog 532 days ago
68 /100
Tent City Taphouse (Restaurant)
343 W 6TH AVE
“This place is new since the last time I was in Anchorage. The COVID world has turned everything upside down, so Humpy's was a huge disappointment this trip. So discovering Tent City was a pleasant surprise. Humpy's only had about 12 beers on tap from about 5 breweries. Tent City had 12-15 on tap from a wide variety of places. The food ranged from outstanding to so-so. But the service was friendly and accomodating, and the place is with stumbling distance of the downtown icons. Stop in.“
Braudog 532 days ago
“Why is this even in the database? It's an airport bar, with crappy, overpriced food and an average tap list of 3-4 craft-ish beers. Sure, if you're in the airport, stop by. But there's also the Silver Gulch place ...“
Braudog 532 days ago
94 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“If I lived in Anchorage this would be my go-to. It is a multi-level building with a bar and tables on the main floor, second floor table seating and outdoor seating on the roof weather permitting. The food menu is extensive with good pizza, seafood, salads, sandwiches and Yak and Reindeer based offerings. The beers really shine. Spruce tip beers are an Alaskan thing and their Sprucesplosion is just amazing. I stuffed my suitcase with some. The IPAs and Pale Ales are very good, as was the Belgian Tripel, Stout and Porter.. Many of their beers are canned, and they do growler fills. It might seem pricey, but everything costs more up there.“
CallMeHarmon 867 days ago
“Busy place on a Friday evening at 11pm, I was able to quickly browse on their selection, but the tasting will have to be for another time.“
azzurro 1222 days ago
86 /100 328 G STÉ
“Another little gem, part of a 4 restaurant association in Anchorage, a small selection of beer but chosen with perfection. The food is excellent, great overall menu.“
azzurro 1222 days ago
76 /100 314 G ST.
“Associated with the Crush Bistro next door, they have a nice selection of local beers, and if you’re careful few complex ones. I wish I had more place in my luggage. A must see.“
azzurro 1222 days ago
96 /100 148 W 91ST AVE
“This is the Holy Grail of beer, in AK (and likely hard to beat by anyone). Big boy player in the world of beers with a variety of strong, complex, aged beers. Just on their tap menu, I wanted to try them all. You will not find a Pilsner here, go away. I brought one beer from this trip back, can’t wait to open it (Endless Endings) with friends. One of the great moments we had on this vacation.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
58 /100 610 W 6TH AVE
“Stopped by in the afternoon, quiet, lots of selection from AK, I’d say it’s is like Darwin’s but bigger. I’d go for the Hard Rock Cafe for the ambiance. Grossly overrated on my end.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
72 /100
Snow City Cafe (Restaurant)
“Stopped by for lunch, a little gem for food, where they support local vendors, they also have a limited selection of local beers. Tried one from Broken Tooth. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
48 /100 930 W 5TH AVE
“hard to find a Liquor store in Anchorage. This one is in fairly touristy area, yet, limited local beer. I was recommended to go see their warehouse which is not walking distance.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
78 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“Passed by, I wish I had had more time, as I would have liked to try their Belgian triple. Another time. They have a liquor store inside, saw some nice Balvenie Tun.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
18 /100 426 G ST
“Passed by while my wife was shopping quilts, went in, staff never said anything, looked at their menu, got a ‘hi’ on my way out. Nice logo.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
72 /100 737 W 5TH AVE
“Our first main stop, trying real Anchorage beer. Although they praised to have a nice aging program, they had none to offer while we were there, which was disappointing. Food was fantastic, when in Alaska, ‘king crab legs time’. Got a nice flight to accompany the great food. Very busy place.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
62 /100
Orso (Restaurant)
“On our way to the Glacier Brewing co., restaurant is just beside, nice gluten-free and vegetarian menus, some assorted selection and beers from Glacier (sister co. According to staff). Looks very nice, and a bit pricy.“
azzurro 1223 days ago
72 /100 737 W 5TH AVE
“Better restaurant than brewery. Beers were easy drinking, there weren't many of them but they complimented the food well.“
coachd 1235 days ago
“Visited about noon on a Monday. Friendly service. Nice place to wait for your flight. Their beers on tap, but a bottle (and can) shop, that you can purchase and take on your plane. Nice!“
RobertDale 1317 days ago
60 /100 8840 OLD SEWARD HWY
“Saturday afternoon visit. Friendly service for sure. Decent selection of Alaska beers at reasonable prices. Did not look at much else. They did have about 20 beers on tap available for growlers. Some of the on tap were local, some west coast selections.“
RobertDale 1317 days ago
78 /100 9050 KING STREET
“Sunday afternoon visit. Busy brewery with a bus tour in attendance. Very friendly service. Flight of four was six dollars. Beers were all above average. Half a block away from Anchorage Brewing. One food truck outside. Nice atmosphere. Free popcorn. Enjoyable visit.“
RobertDale 1318 days ago
76 /100 148 W 91ST AVE
“Sunday afternoon visit. Fairly busy at 4 p.m. Nice venue. Only full pours available. Some bottles and some cans to go. A bit pricey. All beers are first class. Service was fine. Pizza oven on site. Interesting feel to the place.“
RobertDale 1318 days ago
80 /100 8111 DIMOND HOOK DR
“Saturday evening visit. Brewery was very busy. 30 minute wait for a table. A good number of their beers on tap (15 or so ). Service as good as could be expected. Beers all above average. 6 ounce tasters available. Cans, bottles, and growlers to go. Food was good. Worth a visit.“
RobertDale 1319 days ago
94 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“This place has a special place in my heart. Not just the beer (all their own brew), but the food aswell. Highly recommend their King Crabbie sándwich, and their Buffallo Chilli.“
TasteTaps18 1511 days ago
88 /100 737 W 5TH AVE
“Gorgeous place with great ambience. All the beer is their own brew and the food is pretty awsome too. Great for a fine night out, right in the heart of downtown Anchorage.“
TasteTaps18 1511 days ago
96 /100 8111 DIMOND HOOK DR
“The best craft beer in Anchorage by far. All their own brew. Boths times in Alaska, and both time, this place was a must! In love with their Kodiak Brown Ale. Service was fantastic. Sadly didn't eat there so can't say anything about the food...though it did look nice.“
TasteTaps18 1511 days ago
84 /100 9050 KING STREET
“Saw after Anchorage Brewing as across the street from Anchorage and our car was in their parking lot. Outdoor seating and some limited indoor seating and a rooftop deck. No food but food trucks were there. Quick, efficient service. gave some good reccomandations. Beers were solid. Had a very good vibe. Liked the suggestions for blends of beers. Had tasters and full pours, good range of cans and bottles.“
fletchfighters 1594 days ago
80 /100 3300 OLD SEWARD HWY
“Straight up sports bar that does its own beer. Thought beer was workable. Root beer was awesome. Food was excellent. Service was good. Went on a Saturday at 6 and they had an hour wait. Nope. Went on a Sunday lunch and much more reasonable.“
fletchfighters 1594 days ago
78 /100
Brown Jug Warehouse (Beer Store)
“Not far from Mooses Tooth. Big floorspace, basically a big box store so ambiance is lacking. Excellent selection of beers. AK, USA, and International. Big Growler bank, 24 taps, solid selection. Good prices and excellent wine and spirit selection. Liked more than Bodega. One of the better big box stores have been in in USA.“
fletchfighters 1594 days ago
80 /100 148 W 91ST AVE
“Modern Venue that is exceptionally clean. Cool to be able to walk around the brewery and see what they have. My only issue is that no half pours, all full pours. Excellent beers and good service but need more than just full pours. A bit pricy for pours and some of the harder to get stuff but the the liquid is top notch.“
fletchfighters 1594 days ago
82 /100
La Bodega (Beer Store)
“More a beer shop that does wine and spirits. Intersting European and international ticks there. Well priced and has growlers, nothing that I was overly impressed with. Service was excellent, got asked for help once started looking.“
fletchfighters 1594 days ago
82 /100 8111 DIMOND HOOK DR
“Went twice while in Anchorage. had no issues with parking, in fact the opposite. Downstairs was all merch and the merch was manned on Saturday. Upstairs is the kitchen and tasting room. Food was good but not overwhelming. Service was good overall. Lots of solid tap options and did change over the 2 visits. Bottlelist is the fun part, had some interesting older beers there. the 36 OZ limit does hurt a lot from an experience point of view but overall a good experience and nice set up. Well priced tap and packaged options.“
fletchfighters 1594 days ago
82 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“Nice place near the Shoreline, with awesome quad and sprucetip beers.“
IrishBoy 1598 days ago
78 /100 737 W 5TH AVE
“Quaint pub, Alaskan decorated, beers pretty good, but a couple with minor diacetyl.“
IrishBoy 1598 days ago
66 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“Brewer Dave is great and allowed to be creative. The tap list is usually solid. The problem is the prices, even a sample glass is about the same price a pint would be elsewhere. The service is slow, usually non-attentive and sometimes rude with seasonal workers. I recommend this place for the beer alone as I will never eat again.“
SHIG 1765 days ago
78 /100 144 E POTTER DR, UNIT E
“A small, nicely appointed space in a semi-industrial, semi-retail space. Their lack of signage makes it easy to miss ... it's next to an easier to identify local pretzel purveyor, so don't drive by it. Once inside, it's a neat and very clean place, and I like their style. This is clearly a "mom and pop" operation, the owning couple operating both the brewing operation and bar front. Their lineup is small but well varied. They offer a flight of 4 at a very reasonable price so you can target a favorite before getting a full glass. They're super friendly, and the beers are pretty good. Nice quiet space to visit with friends and enjoy a good beer. Brewery #818.“
Braudog 1845 days ago
72 /100 3024 MOUNTAIN VIEW DR
“In a strip mall a bit east of downtown, this is a small but wide-open space, with seating right up against the humble brewing operation. They only had 5 or 6 options on tap. I tried one and it was pretty good. Pretty quiet on a mid-afternoon, mid-week in early January. I'll go back next time I'm in town. Brewery #817.“
Braudog 1845 days ago
80 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“Housed in the old Sleeping Lady/Snow Goose Brewing locale with a great patio overlooking the inlet (summertime only, of course). Even on cold January evenings, they do a brisk business, a good sign. Their tap list is impressive, with 20+ of their own varieties for offer. Most of the several I had over the course of a week were pretty solid, but not outstanding either. I had one that didn't seem quite right. The service was excellent and friendly. The food menu is standard Alaskan pub fare. My one gripe here is the prices ... of course, everything in Alaska can be a bit higher than in the lower 48, but 49th State stood out among all the other venues, even downtown ... like $12 for a flight of five 4 oz samples? Well, I still went 3 times in a week (at least for a beer), mostly because of location. Good place. Brewery #816.“
Braudog 1845 days ago
90 /100 148 W 91ST AVE
“As you drive up, you might wonder where the hell you're going. It's back there. The tasting area is small but well appointed and well blended in a nice wood-clad brewing area. ABC has some ultra-unusual concoctions, and this is definitely my new #1 AK destination. Enjoyed a couple here, and took some back to the hotel. A bit pricey, but well founded. I agree with the previous rater, 1/2 pours would be a welcome addition, especially given the gravity of most of their pours. Brewery #815.“
Braudog 1845 days ago
90 /100 148 W 91ST AVE
“I called in my second beer pass of the trip and took an Uber from Moose’s Tooth to ABC while the girls went back to the hotel to swim. I could not miss visiting one of my favorite brewers and masters of Brett. The place is in an industrial area, not too far from Midnight Sun. This is a working facility; beautiful fodres on display that you could walk around. Their tiny little bottling setup was there as well. Can’t believe the go distro with that little thing. Everything was unbelievably clean. These guys must have Sean Hill level of cleanliness/OCD. Wow. Really neat. The taproom itself is small, with a bar to basically order from, a large handwritten tap board behind the bar, a few tables and row of counter seating inside and a few more outside the side door. No food or anything. A few clothing items for sale, as well as nice ABV Teku glasses

They had 8 taps available when i was there, including many of their core Brett beers and a few taproom specials. Everything is still served only in full pours, which is a challenge for the solo ticker. (I was busy leging Shig while I was there). I still had three and all were high quality as one would expect. They also have a good selection of to-go bottles, most of which will or have made it into distro in Cali, so I didnt bother with those. The unique ones were Crazy Rays (sold out, unfortunately), and Scotch BA Darkest Hour, which I picked to take back. Note that the printed bottle list is not entirely accurate. Check the actual bottles to the right of the bar and or ask what else they might have.

You know, this is the kind of place I love. World class beer, beautiful brewing equipment, laid back attitude, no superfluous crap. If they would just do half pours it would be beer heaven. Place rating #984 - closing in!“
bytemesis 2035 days ago
76 /100 3300 OLD SEWARD HWY
“Ahh, Moose’s Tooth. I had heard about this place before we left, and at least three Uber drivers recommended it to us, one stating that they were voted the third best pizza in the United States. Anyway, the hype was great as it ensured that the kids would want to go. Unfortunately with the hype comes crowds. We showed up at 2:30 PM on a Wednesday and there was still a 10 minute wait for tables, but in the end there was no problem. We sat outside, which was nice, but there is also extensive brewpub-like inside seating, as well as a bar in front. Wife sat at the bar while we waited and got a flight while I minded the girls, which frankly I thought was cool; good to see her taking more of an interest. After being seated the service was generally prompt and efficient

Beer list was interesting, divided between the Broken Tooth core lineup and a healthy serving of specials - about 8 of each I think. They offer build your own flights of four; core beers cheaper than specials, of course, although there were only two prices, which meant the special session IPA was the same as the imperial stout; kind of an oddity. Nothing sour or BA on the lineup, but a good mix of stuff in general. I was able to sample a decent selection since my wife let me taste her flight as well. Beer quality was a bout average in general. The Maibock was a standout for me.

In general a good stop. Kids LOVED the Pizza although I thought it was just good - there were definitely some unusual ingredient combinations to have fun with though, and lots of crust, sauce and cheese choices. Beer was decent but the variety kept you busy. Service was good, even after we left - wife left her jacket behind and when I called later they had it and held it up front for me to come pick up. I showed up at 10PM and holy hell the place was rocking with a ton of people still waiting for tables. “
bytemesis 2035 days ago
78 /100 610 W 6TH AVE
“Very quick stop after arriving from Seward on the train. This is apparently a bit of an iconic stop, decent business at 10:30PM on a Thursday night, but plenty of spots at the bar. Bouncer out front for ID’s. Inside is dark and barlike, fairly roomy with plenty of tables around, including a couple in a widow facing 6th. No band playing when I was there. They certainly had a lot of taps; list was divided by style with locals (meaning Alaksan) highlighted. I woudl say it was more than 50% local beers, which was kind of nice. Nothing earth shattering, but you would have to be pretty snobby not to find something to drink. Only two offerings classified as "sour" and neither local. I guess that would be the gripe - very few unusual styles on tap. Nothing from Anchorage Brewing for some reason; maybe they don’t distribute locally? They had about 6 taps labeled as "Humpy’s Brewing Company" but a quick check of the listings showed that they are all contract brews. Anyway, solid service, reasonable prices ($6 pints) and a worthy destination. Did not try the food. Oh, and now that Uber has made it here you should not be more than 2 minutes from a pickup at pretty much any time.“
bytemesis 2042 days ago
82 /100 737 W 5TH AVE
“Lunch visit. Quite a nice place in a bit of a mini mall sort if arrangement. Brewpub upstairs. Typical brewpub feel. Busy on a Tuesday for lunch. Solid menu, including kids menu. Everybody found something to order, and everybody likes what they ordered, which is a big plus for families. They had a dozen beers on the menu, but were out of most of the specials. I ordered a flight of their core beers. A lot of styles I don’t obsess over, but each was well done for it’s style, which is unusual. I would have liked to see how they handled something more adventurous. Prices were fair. Recommended.“
bytemesis 2044 days ago
84 /100 8111 DIMOND HOOK DR
“We took an Uber, but I can see the parking challenge. This is more of an industrial area; clearly a working brewery first. The first floor is dominated by the production facility and a small gift shop with a surprisingly large assortment of clothing. the Loft is upstairs, which on the website reads like a restaurant, but inside its pretty much like a brewery tasting room with a kitchen. Family was initially disappointed, but that got better once the food came, which was really very good. Service was attentive and willing to work with special requests. Lots of beers on tap, available in three sizes (6 oz, full pour, growler). Included a bunch of taproom only things that you will not see in distro, as well as many of the regulars. Small bottle cooler to the left of the bar with bottles to do. I picked up one that sounds nice that I have not seen before. A pretty good experience.“
bytemesis 2045 days ago
80 /100 717 WEST 3RD AVENUE
“Two stories with open seating downstairs. Was PACKED when we showed up. Waiter said more than an hour wait for upstairs, luckily we were there to drink instead. Large downstairs with plenty of seating of all different style. Loads of taps. The scene was less beer punters and more party goers. Service was still really good, which was a pleasant surprise. Beer was also very tasty. Sold crowlers to go. A place I could be a fairly regular at if I were living nearby.“
Capa 2062 days ago