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88 /100 47160 SPRUCE HAVEN ST
“Out in the middle of............Nowhere. Seriously. no ambiance as just a tasting room with a couple of tables outside. Popcorn machine there. Peek in a window and see a small brewkit that is old as. Beers are seriously good. Smoked RIS was world class as well as scotch ale. Go find the limited beers there and go home a winner. Staff very proud, or cocky, and think they are on par with the big buys. They are however. Best brewery on the Penisula. Seriously worth the trip out“
fletchfighters 856 days ago
68 /100 47160 SPRUCE HAVEN ST
“Finally had the chance after 5 years to stop in here. This isn’t that close to anything, so it might not be any many folks radar. They had a decent selection of taps and some seasonal beers the database had retired because they aren’t available anywhere else. Service was very proud of their beers. Free popcorn wasn’t bad.“
SHIG 1315 days ago
100 /100 47160 SPRUCE HAVEN ST
“Usually has the best variety of the Peninsula Breweries. A bit out of the way in Nikiski, but worth the drive to pick up a growler.“
akwarmike 1620 days ago
100 /100 47160 SPRUCE HAVEN ST
“I’m not sure why people knock ambience for a working brewery, what do you expect? It’s about making beer, not making beer gardens etc...hell, most tasting licenses PREVENT you from even having bar stools as you are NOT a bar. Thus a perfect score for what I expected. That being said Kassik was very very helpful. We walked in on a Kenai beer tour and the three of us just got started talking. Very interesting that his well water is in the low 40’s, uses no finings and cold chills everything just by using what he has. Expansion coming. Beer was absolutely top notch and my favorite stop. I love the fact they have DOT signs pointing the way. I’m from San Diego and this was well out of my way but worth every minute to get there. Cheers!“
Phischy 3828 days ago
78 /100 47160 SPRUCE HAVEN ST
“This place is a bit out of the way but definitely worth the drive. Basically a shop on the owners property, but very clean and new. We were welcomed in and treated like old friends right away. They poured us a sample of every beer they had on tap and were extremely knowledgeable about the beer. The owner/brewer was trying to brew up a batch but still took the time to take us on a tour. You can’t buy pints for on site consumption but they fill growlers, keg, sobe bottles, or basically any vessel you bring in. The beer is excellent, quality ingredients and very flavorful, my favorite was the IPA. We will definitely go out of our way to go back and it’s great to see their beer on tap around Alaska. Very good people and very good beer. Thanks.“
savnac 4238 days ago
90 /100 47160 SPRUCE HAVEN ST
“Great people and great beer. Can be improved with a nice lawn and a beer garden but hey they are growing and getting better every year.“
finnful 4642 days ago
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