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70 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“A must stop in Talkeetna, a town where you could see everything in one afternoon. Big place in a small town, they may be the #1 attraction. Good beers, good food.“
coachd 582 days ago
74 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“Visited for lunch. Busy restaurant serving Denali beer. Owned by Denali beer. About ten of their beers on tap. Beers were decent. Think it is now called Denali Brewpub.“
RobertDale 669 days ago
“Tap room a few miles outside Talkeetna. Same selection as in their downtown restaurant, but I kind of expected more.. Great beer, though“
TasteTaps18 858 days ago
86 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“All home brew and of an excellent quality. Amazing food and ambience.“
TasteTaps18 858 days ago
70 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“Busy restaurant in the middle of town. Even on a late afternoon on a Sunday there was a wait. Good buzz to the place. Service was good, very friendly and made good suggestions for food and beer. IPA was very good as well as the stout. the more limited stuff had issues. A bit expensive but that figures as nothing from Talkeetna and Denali.“
fletchfighters 941 days ago
“I gave the in-town restaurant a pass and instead asked for a short hall pass to visit the taproom on the way out of town. This is the production facility. They offer a few tours each day in addition to pours of quite a few of their beers. The public space is quite cramped inside, but there are a number of outdoor tables available. Parking lot is gravel and plenty large enough for as many people as will fit, even when taking the preponderance of RV’s into account. Quite busy on July 1st. I had to wait in line for a bit to get served, but they were efficient. They sell 5 oz samples of everything, individually priced or as part of a flight. I had time for just two so I went with a Session IPA (ok) and a Belgian Strong (good). All in all this is a pretty typical production facility tasting room, well worth a visit. I can’t speak to the quality of the tour as I had no time.“
bytemesis 1382 days ago
“Tap room off from the brewery. Not huge, but in the nice months they have the outdoor beer garden. They have at least 12 taps now and plenty of swag. Have sample, glasses, or take a growler.“
SHIG 1674 days ago
64 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“Went here on Labor Day weekend. Pretty busy, but service was above average. The price was insain, $100 for 2 adults and 2 children under 10. The food wasn’t very good for that price. The beer has gone down hill as well as a collab beer was the best on tap. Most likely my last trip here. I’ll spend my time elsewhere or at the brewery.“
SHIG 1674 days ago
“Small tap room. Good beers. Good service. Good tour (thanks Brian of Big Swig). It’s a place to drink beer. And to buy special bottles (I got One Tree Birch Beer). Good experience.“
bhensonb 1680 days ago
82 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“A rambling place in the center of town. A bit noisy on the Friday we visited. Really tasty food and excellent beers. Service was just so so. Still a great place to visit.“
Iphonephan 1780 days ago
84 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“Probably the best place to eat in Talkeetna (not counting breakfast) with Mountain High Pizza Pie a close second. The food here is pretty good and the restaurant pretty cool. Best part is the staff who I found to be a great part of the experience. The beers are all the Denali beers you can get out at the brewery (and I really like visiting the brewery)...but f you want more than a food truck with your Denali...or if the weather is cold...come here...the restaurant is very warm and inviting.“
PRBeer 2007 days ago
72 /100 22165 S C ST
“Visited here in September for lunch on a cool but just enough sunny day to allow for eating out on the deck. The décor is nice...the pizza pretty good (for Alaska...I’m from NYC after all) there is a pretty decent selection of draft beers from a variety of Alaska breweries...which for me was the highlight. If you’re in Talkeetna for a couple of days...make sure you include a stop here.“
PRBeer 2007 days ago
“Not sure why the ratings are so has no food because it’s a small brewery...not a brewpub or large brewery (plus they have Twister Creek in the main town of Talkeetna). Serving food takes valuable time and attention away from making good beer. I think people commonly agree that Denali beers are pretty good to very injecting the standard of whether you prefer to visit brewery taprooms vs brewpub/restaurants seems a disservice to them. I visited here in September...sitting outside on a warm evening thankfully light on squiters. I love there beers and actually came here a couple of nights "after" I’d already eaten and drank at Twister Creek. In some ways this was a better experience for me...because it was all about the beer...and some great customers...and a couple of very accommodating staffers. To each his own I guess...but I say rate a craftbeer place first based on its beer...and try not to weigh too heavily your personal preference for bar, restaurant, brewery, taproom, or brewpub atmosphere.“
PRBeer 2007 days ago
“No food, just a tap room. They’ll fill growlers of anything on tap. No food. Nice outside area.“
furthur 2008 days ago
“Visited this place this past August. My wife and I flew with Talkeetna Air Taxi around Denali, and landed on a glacier. It was fucking awesome to say the least. We stopped here afterwards, and the service was great. The waiter was quite friendly. The food was decent. I don’t think it’s the most exciting food in the world, but it wasn’t bad. I liked the beer quite a bit, actually. I had the Louisville Sour, which I thought was a quality Weisse. I would definitely return if I was in the Talkeetna area. The day we were there, it was stunning outside, so we sat outside, so I can’t comment on the ambiance of the brew pub itself, but outside was awesome. Anyways, you have to visit Alaska. With that, you have to visit Talkeetna. With that, you have to take the flight around Denali. There is some Roadhouse bakery place that is fucking awesome, too. However, the rest of the town is just a bunch of gift shops, and my wife and I aren’t really trinket-type people.“
CheersMate 2318 days ago
64 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“Didn’t really go to the restaurant, only to the taproom where they do growler fills, etc. The room was tiny, and if we were here for a session I think it would have been better to go to the restaurant. It was a quick visit for us, just to sample the beers. They had a barrel-aged sour that was fun. I wouldn’t call Talkeetna a "tourist trap," it’s draws tourists but is actually a special place with a genuine hippie vibe, worth the detour.“
Beershine 2385 days ago
“There are only a few tables here, and is not the kind of place you would spend any time as it is mainly a brewery, so better off driving the whole way into the ausshank in Talkeetna town to drink the Denali beers. The town is awesome!“
Beershine 2385 days ago
“When you turn off the Parks Highway to go to Talkeetna, you’ll pass this pretty quickly. They only have their main beers here, whereas the pub in town has specialty beers as well. So this is pretty much skippable unless you’re in a hurry or want to do a tour. But they have tasters available. The Matt Porter is a blend here, not rateable, though it sometimes appears elsewhere pre-blended in kegs. Not much else to say - it’s a basic tap room.“
Oakes 2403 days ago
64 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“This is the brewpub - the brewery/tasting room is on the highway into town. There is a restaurant here, but also a small tasting window off to the left hand side, and you can buy beers to sample there without setting foot in the restaurant. They offer the standard range that you’ll find at the brewery, but also specialties that are brewed on-site and unavailable anywhere else.“
Oakes 2403 days ago
84 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“Here on cold winter weekend, I’m sure the ambiance and service is different in summer, but I’d come back here in a second without reservation.“
furthur 2712 days ago
68 /100 22165 S C ST
“Nice towneven better pizza. Stopped by for dinner, and had some pizza and a beer. The place is small, fits loe 30 or so people, they had a brew event the previous day so they had a few leftover brews on tap. Selection was about six taps. The food and sevice was pretty good. Overall a nice place and an nice town.“
hombrepalo 3297 days ago
58 /100 22165 S C ST
“Not really sure this place should be here. They do have a decent selection of craft beer and Alaskan stuff, but definitely not a beer destination. Small eating area with a big deck during the summer. Pizza and sandwiches are good, service is usually decent unless they are slammed during the summer. Value is Talkeetna so you are pretty much getting screwed. Overall a decent place for food and the beer selection is decent.“
savnac 3451 days ago
62 /100 13605 E MAIN ST
“Been here a few times. Nice place right on the main drag of Talkeetna. Service can be hit or miss, due to high volumes of people in the summer. You’ll get most all the regular Denali offerings and a few specials and seasonals. The beers range from bad to good. Food is pretty good and consistent, typical brewpub with an Alaskan flare. Prices are high, for one this is Alaska, on top of that your in Talkeetna which is a tourist trap. You get charged for samples in the tasting room, which is lame. Overall, check out the beers, but there is some other nice places to eat and have some good beer on tap in Talkeetna.“
savnac 3540 days ago
58 /100 22165 S C ST
“Reindeer sausage on the pizza was a hoot. The food was good, the service was great, the beer selection so-so. Remember that this is a pizza place that serves beer. They had a couple of drafts from Alaska Brewing and some bottles. Not a destination, but a nice place to stop if your in the neighborhood.“
josarah 4624 days ago
76 /100 22165 S C ST
“Talkeetna is out of the way. You have to go up a 15 mile spur of Park Hwy to even get there and the road literally deadends in town. The closest road other than Parks Hwy is hundreds of miles away. It is, however, the starting point for most climbers looking to conquer Mt. McKinley and draws a fair share of tourists. I’m actually not sure there’s anything there that doesn’t depend entirely on tourists to stay in business. Still, the locals recommend this place and the pizza was excellent. Reindeer sausage makes a great pizza topping. I was actually surprised at the beer selection. There was no macro on tap although I think there was one tap reserved for Red Strip or something. Most was Alaska-brewed beers and a few Northwestern beers. They even had Alaskan Big Nugget Barleywine on tap. Not a bad little place for a few beers and some decent pizza.“
aracauna 5776 days ago
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