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78 /100 319 S MAIN STREET
“Not a fancy place, steel shelves mostly. But if you don't mind the ;lack of fancy, brightly lit displays, you'll find the place carries a pretty good array of brewing supplies. They were advertising for homebrew classes when I was in last time.“
SpringsLicker 1274 days ago
78 /100 319 SOUTH MAIN ST., SUITE #100
“AleCraft the taproom, is located in the same building as AleCraft Homebrew Supplies. In fact there's a door between the two. The taproom isn't too large, maybe 10 tables and a small bar. They keep about a dozen of their year round and seasonals on tap. Food comes in from the BBQ place next door, but you can order from the tap room. There's a cooler next to the bar with a selection of pre-filled crowlers and they do crowler and growler fills.“
SpringsLicker 1274 days ago
“Large, spacious place in downtown Bel Air right on the main street. I've been here twice now and both times have been busy, full of folks of all ages and their dogs. Beers were about $6 and the selection (about 20 on tap) was better than most, with styles from lagers to stouts to pale ales, IPAs and sours as well as a few non alcoholic choices. Rotating food trucks to the side of the courtyard where live music was playing. Growlers and Crowlers filled as well as a few choices of their canned beers in the cooler by the bar. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this place unless it was for the reason of being a bit noisy and busy.“
SpringsLicker 1467 days ago
90 /100 1402 HANDLIR DR
“The food was wonderful with a good selection of local craft beers, imports and domestics. The wait staff was very attentive and the food and beverages were delivered quickly. I will definitely be back the next time I am in the area.“
Aggiebob 2032 days ago
“Stop #1 on the great Mason-Dixon brewpub crawl. This was one of the highlights of a day where we visited seven different brewpubs. Modern place, brewhouse visible behind the bar, but only through peaks through glass. Patio. Event space. Food truck. I was a bit worried when I saw 22 taps, but we had two flights and pretty much every beer was very solid. Service was friendly and attentive. They had three versions of a barleywine, each brewed with a different yeast strain, and they were asking customers to vote on their favorite. They had a sour on, both on draft and through a randall, both were very mild. They also do crowlers, although they call them Roadies. Very worthwhile stop.“
Travlr 2483 days ago
“Comfortable, classic pub in the heart of Bel Air. Long bar on one side as you enter with tables opposite and in the back as well as an upstairs dining room. Good selection of taps but nothing noteworthy on the day we visited. Service was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. Lots of Irish dishes on the menu in addition to standard fare and daily specials. Really good choice if in the area. Roots go back to a now closed pub with the same name in Baltimore that was in the forefront of the craft beer movement.“
guzzler67 2656 days ago
“In the heart of downtown Bel Air, right on Main St, so it’s easy to find and parking should not be a problem. Visited on a busy Saturday afternoon. There’s a brightly lit main room (my wife loved the lighting fixtures) and an additional seating area towards the back. They added a few TV’s since Sloths visit if you are worried about missing a game. Large selection of beers including a saison, black IPA, rye IPA and others in addition to 4 or 5 that they run thru a randalizer. Service required some patience since they were so busy but still friendly and helpful. Prices were in the $6-$7 range. Other perks included a food truck on the parking lot and live music at certain times. My only recommendation to the owners would for the beers to be served at a lower temperature to enhance the subtle flavors of the selections.“
guzzler67 2658 days ago
“Clean place, busy, but that’s not surprising any more. Most pubs are. Closed sign was still up but plenty of business to let you know better. Walk into the main bar area, communal drinking tables and a few high tops. Bar was full, may hold a couple dozen. No TV,s that I saw.Brewery behind glass behind the bar, nice! Separate dining,family area, lotsa critters runnin loose in there, that’s cool. Opted for.the communal tables away from the awesome critters. Large selection of beers. The two I had were solid, clean. Prices were a touch high. Pissery was clean. My only gripe was that when you walked in you weren’t sure what to do, seat yourself or wait to be seated, get yer beers on yer own or wait for a server. Being myself I just wandered in and asked for direction. Watched one couple walk in, look around and then walk out, money lost! Still a cool lil pub. Will.stop back again. Worth a stop if yer in the neighborhood.“
sloth 2672 days ago
“On street parking. Atmosphere is nice Irish pub. Pretty good selection of drafts. I had the happy hour sampler, which is a great deal. Good selection of taps. Steak was good, didn’t care for the crab cake, and bread pudding was pretty good. Food was overall good.“
weihenweizen 3978 days ago
66 /100
Jim’s Bottleworks (Beer Store)
“This is a pretty decent place for Harford County. The prices are definitely competitive. Selection of craft beers isn’t overwhelming but on par with other stores in the area. No singles, but their packs of craft beers are also found in the cooler. Seems like a good place for macros if that’s your thing. Staff seemed really attentive and friendly.“
moocow9386 3987 days ago
66 /100
Liquor Stop (Beer Store)
“Pretty good selection here. Lots of seasonals and variety packs. Prices are fair. Service was a bit on the surly side. Overall a decent bottle shop.“
tone77 4129 days ago
78 /100
Jim’s Bottleworks (Beer Store)
“Friendly service, good hours, and clean. Will order if not on shelf. Prices fair for area.“
Kaveman 4132 days ago
60 /100
Jim’s Bottleworks (Beer Store)
“Small place, clean and well lit. Limited selected of micros and even less imports which means even less selection. Owner seemed pleasent, offering help if needed. Took a quick 5 minutes to see what was available. Was surprised to see an Evo Fall Migration series though. Wackiest brew they had. To quote willblake "will do in a pinch"“
sloth 4163 days ago
70 /100
Liquor Stop (Beer Store)
“Clean little store. Decent selection of domestic micros. Imports not so much. Some of the bottles seemed a little aged, dusty. Prices were fair. Service was ok. Worth a stop if you were passing by and needed a good brew. 9/29/19 10 tap growler station now. Bigger beer selection. Not liking the absence of price tags on a large part of the beers in the coolers! Service still decent.“
sloth 4163 days ago
74 /100
Liquor Stop (Beer Store)
“Been living just down the street for six months now and never bothered to stop in here, but made a visit this week since it’s listed on this site. Small but nice, thoughtful selection of craft beers. Good use of space to cram a good variety into a small store. Admirable focus on local brews. Good prices. Friendly staffer (owner?). I’ll be hitting this place instead of Ronnie’s whenever I can. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here, but my first impression is that this is my best option short of dealing with the drive to Wine World if I want to stay local. Top quality paper bags, for what it’s worth, are a very nice touch.“
willblake 4342 days ago
58 /100
Jim’s Bottleworks (Beer Store)
“20110522 This place will do in a pinch. Be wary of old beer on the shelves. A decent selection of seasonals which are usually set aside so at least you know what’s relatively new. Friendly folks who usually ask if you need a hand, but with a fairly meager selection I can’t imagine I ever would. Prices slightly on the high side.“
willblake 4401 days ago
“For Harford County, this is probably the best you can get. They have a rotating draft list, which never really includes anything mind blowing but still gives you a nice break from the usual suspects. To put it in perspective, Brewer’s Art Resurrection is still typically one of the best beers they have on draft on any given night. There are some decent beers on the bottles list but I hate paying a mark-up for a non-draft beer. Food menu here elevates this place; they have some decent quality Irish food. Value is a little disappointing, as the check usually ends up being higher than I expected. Portions are of a decent size. I don’t recall ever having any issues with service here.“
moocow9386 4526 days ago
“Fun bar with a solid beer selection. Nothing mind bending, special, or one-off will be found here, but there are always about a dozen beers worth giving a go including Brewers Art, Ommegang, Troegs, Stone, Chimay, Uniboue as well as a selection of the UK stuff. Staff is excellent, attentive, and friendly. Atmosphere is very much a regular crowd, neighborhood bar kind of feel. The food I’ve had has all been solid and reasonably priced, Especially the shepherd’s pie for ten bucks which was plenty of food for two meals.“
willblake 4926 days ago
“Went on a Thursday or Friday night. The pub area downstairs was pretty packed. Nice Irish pub ambiance. Service was okay- quick, but the bartender was sort of pushy. Selection was nice- especially the bottles. Had maybe ten beers on tap. My friends and I went upstairs and it was empty, so we dragged chairs out to the balcony and drank our fill. Not a bad place to get a quiet drink (or a couple).“
Changed 4985 days ago
88 /100
Jim’s Bottleworks (Beer Store)
“Cool little liquor/beer store. Decent selection of seasonals and everyday beers like Green Flash, Sierra, Anchor, DFH, Victory, Troegs, Avery, Moyllans, Laginitas ect... Also good selection of wines and liquor. Friendly helpful service as well as frequent wine tasting on saturdays and beyond.“
happy4hops 5060 days ago
“I live in the area, and it is a rare week when I dont make at least two trips there for dinner. Downstairs is the pub atmosphere, and it varies from very loud and rollicking to quiet/subdued. Upstairs is more sedate, and upscale in appearance...same menu, just quieter...less beer selections as well. The downstairs beer selection is good, with several rotating taps and a case with a lot of fine bottles. The food is very good (especially of late, as they have changed chef/cook). Try a monday for crab cake night, or thursday for wings and you will be very happy with your choice. Thursday is also open mike night, which draws a lot of talented musicians, and is a good night for eating late, drinking lightly, and enjoying music.“
FanwickMike 5393 days ago
“Have been there for lunch twice, so I cannot comment on the dinner/evening crowd. Food and service were great. Beer selections were fine too, but when I was there the second time the on-tap selection was limited for mechanical reasons. A nice place.“
Parrothead 6170 days ago
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