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86 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“I was in the area and this place was recommended. Typical of what is becoming the new normal for craft beer, this place is well organized with Maryland beers in one section, sorted by brewery and others all lining the side and back wall. I was approached by a staffer who asked what styles I liked and then proceeded to make many suggestions for my approval.“
SpringsLicker 1874 days ago
80 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“They do have the best deals in town if you shop their $1 days. On a typical day, I go other places. The beer selection of craft beers is average but the staff is friendly and helpful.“
donia 3154 days ago
72 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“I stopped in here after a hike in the area and was surprised by the selection for such a small town. There were many local/regional brews and the staff was very eager to help. This is a worthy stop if you are in the area.“
BeerandBlues2 3326 days ago
70 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“Its right around the corner from where I live, so i know it very very well. Service is always always always top notch! Clean store. Decent selection of 6 pack and a very nice selection of bombers. Not as extensive as some other local places, but still not bad. Lots of MD beers which is nice! Some prices are a bit high as I explore to some other places nearby, but not enough of a difference to go elsewhere when they are right around the corner!“
seekingup2 4185 days ago
54 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“This is the closest place to me that has any decent beer selection so I visit about once a week. There’s a modest selection of six packs and even more modest selection of bombers and 750s. Not much in the way of locals and sporadic showings of those. Usually a good variety of seasonals. no singles, very limited selection of cold craft beer, okay prices. Always empty space on the shelves which tells me the variety could easily be improved. A few enthusiastic young guys working there who usually ask if I need help, but it’s more a matter of finding a beer I actually want to buy. Note to stores who so easily throw around the "we can order any beer you want" line... any store can do that, I want the beer now, not a few days from now. Focus here is definitely wine, but even that selection is lacking. I get carded every time which is a nice touch as I approach 40. Not worth the stop if you’re just passing through, as you’ll have much better luck at Wine World, which is closer to 95 and the hotels.“
willblake 4348 days ago
64 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“This place does a lot of business, but it’s mostly for people wanting to be buying cases of macros. For that purpose, it’s a good place. They have a nice freezer and a lot of room in the store, which makes it easy to move around. The craft selection is pretty mediocre. They have many of the "usual suspects" of some of the crafts and Belgian beers but never any surprises. For Harford County, this place is probably above average, but I think you are better off driving toward Baltimore County if you want a respectable selection. Singles are pretty much restricted to 750 ml bottles and virtually none in terms of 12 oz.“
moocow9386 4535 days ago
52 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“Had a decent Micro selection, probably the best in this area. You could definitely find something you like here. Typical liquor store other than that, nothing special here. Singles selection pour, some larger bottles, not many 12oz. Don’t store’s know if they let you mix singles they sell more beer in the long run?“
beachbum25 6362 days ago
90 /100 1514 ROCK SPRING RD
“I am a little biased but,,As far as Harford county,this place is the best liqour store.We cary mnay of the best micros(Victory DFH,Weyerbacher,Smuttynose,Troegs,Three Floyds,Avery,ect.)Also a great selection of wine and liqour as well.Case discount on mix six packs(micro and import)10% off case of wine(ect.)Pretty much hotties at the register all the time.So just grab a cart and get loaded,they will load it up for you.“
happy4hops 6831 days ago
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