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68 /100 164 FLEET ST
Ambiance: Sports bar-average, sticky tables, menus with crusted food on them. Service: Friendly and attentive. Selection: About 50 drafts and another 75 bottle choices. Nothing too rare, but lots of stuff to choose from in many different styles. Food: Bar fare standard, but with the odd note that they employ peppadew peppers in many of their dishes. This is a positive factor. The homemade tater tots were also a standout. Value: Two flights plus a pint, two apps and three entrees ran about a hundred bucks. So not terrible for the location. Overall: If you're in National Harbor, it's worth a stop for sure, but it's not worth a special trip of its own.“
JDBaker11058 1046 days ago
68 /100 164 FLEET ST
“1/5/2019: Almost a year since my first visit, not much different although the service was pretty sloppy this time around. Took awhile for the food and even the beer to be served. Still not many other craft options in the National Harbor unfortunately.

2/24/2018: New small bar/restaurant at the National Harbor. If you're not familiar with the area, parking is mainly pricey pay parking in the various garages. Standard sports pub feel. Friendly and attentive service. 50 taps to choose from, beer list has a good amount of local craft beers from MD/VA/DC. Not a big food menu but pretty much standard pub fare, fish tacos were tasty. I usually visit the National Harbor once a year and this is definitely the best beer spot here. Wouldn't go out of my way to visit due to parking, but it's well worth a stop if you're already in the area.“
GenDV138 1061 days ago
88 /100 164 FLEET ST
“The selection here is way better than Granite City down the way.“
drjoeng 1146 days ago
60 /100 180 AMERICAN WAY
“Visited after food and beers at Granite City across the street. Small grocery store with made-to-order breakfast/lunch sandwiches up front. Beer singles towards the back. Decent selection of micro and macro singles. Nothing you can’t find elsewhere at other places like Total Wine. Average prices on singles. Worth a look if you’re already in the immediate area, otherwise skip it.“
GenDV138 1795 days ago
64 /100 200 AMERICAN WAY
“Place rating #300. Visited for lunch on Saturday with friends during MAGFest. Clean but generic atmosphere with some tanks along the back wall. Friendly service though apparently the bar was backed up on drink orders, so it took a bit to get the beers. 7 house beers on draft to choose from, growler fills available too. They also have half a dozen or so local guest taps from other breweries including Flying Dog. Flights or pints available for beer. $5 for a flight of 4, not bad. Beers were about average and about what you’d expect for a large chain brewpub. Food is the usual chain brewpub sort of stuff, burgers, sandwiches, flatbreads, pricier main entrees, etc. Burger was tasty but a bit overcooked for medium rare, came out medium to medium well but no biggie for me. Okay stop if you’re already in the National Harbor for an event or something, I wouldn’t come out here just for this place.“
GenDV138 1796 days ago
54 /100 180 AMERICAN WAY
“Right across from Granite City. Parking is very expensive garages. This is a medium sized market with sandwiches and coffee up front, and fairly pricey groceries. You see impulse beers first, then sixers in open coolers on the left. To find the singles, go all the way to the back and turn right. They’re organized by style, which doesn’t help me find specific breweries, states or countries. A minor point. Selection has a fair amount of local and regional stuff. Nothing you can’t find in most any grocery store these days. Only visit if you’re already at the Harbor.“
Travlr 2033 days ago
64 /100 200 AMERICAN WAY
“This place opened in May at National Harbor, basically a collection of strip malls on the Potomac River. You have to park in garages, and its an expensive $5 an hour or any art thereof - so a ten minute stop costs you five bucks. This place is across the street from the first garage you’ll see if you drive here. It’s large, modern, and fairly generic. Large bar as you enter with a brewkit visible through glass behind it. The rest is restaurant tables. Service was slow, especially when someone dropped a try and all servers in the place stopped to watch the cleanup for 10 minutes. Eventually I got brunch, however, and my server was pleasant. Beers are available in flights of four, and they had two seasonals one when I stopped by. Not sure if this is Maryland law or not, but they were not serving alcohol before noon on a Sunday, although I got my samples before 12. Who knows. Food was overcooked, but decent enough pub grub. Nice that they open early for breakfast. Pricey. Don’t go out of your way for this place, but it’s a good stop if you’re at the harbor anyway.“
Travlr 2033 days ago
58 /100 186 FLEET ST
“Restaurant with an American/Texas gimmick across from the Gaylord resort in the National Harbor. Service was friendly and accommodating when wrong sides were brought out. Draft selection is mostly macros with a few common craft offerings as well as three house beers brewed at Granite City. About $6.50 for a pint or $7.50 for 22 oz. Food was tasty but pretty much standard chain pub fare. Not worth going out of your way but okay if you’re in the National Harbor for something.“
GenDV138 2187 days ago
66 /100 180 AMERICAN WAY
“(Visited 07/2014): Potomac Gourmet Market is located in National Harbor on American Way, a few blocks from the convention center. Street parking is available in the surrounding area.

The market is laid out like most specialty grocery stores, and the beer section is toward the rear in coolers and on shelves.

There are a couple hundred brands available at the store, including regional breweries like Devils Backbone and DuClaw. Other domestic craft breweries like Dogfish Head, Stoneand Rogue, and imports are stocked, and singles are available as well.

Service was about as expected for a store like this. I was greeted, asked if I needed help finding anything, and checkout was friendly.

Overall this is a worthwhile beer store to check out in the National Harbor area.“
Dogbrick 2306 days ago
68 /100 180 AMERICAN WAY
“Pretty solid beer and wine store that is the best you are going to get in National Harbor, a big, new waterfront mall on the outskirts of DC. Ample parking that is cheap in the parking deck. There are at least 3-4 "beer bars" in National Harbor but they sell mostly BMC stuff plus faux craft so aren’t worth adding to ratebeer. But this store has a very big selection of beer and lets you do mixed six packs of singles at a discount. Lots of variety, certainly worthy if you looking for some new ticks. But the normal six pack prices were very high, like $14-15 for a six pack of Raging Bitch. They have a good glassware selection as well. Found Old Schoolhouse, Flying Dog, Angry Orchard, Boulevard, DFH, lots of random country ticks, macroish Belgian stuff. Pretty solid. If you are in the area shopping with friends or just meandering, this is a legit bottle shop.“
GT 2940 days ago
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