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52 /100
Founding Farmers (Restaurant)
“A popular bistro that seems to attract every Potomac resident here for Sunday brunch. We managed to squeeze in at the end of the bar which worked out perfectly for us. Food was hearty portions and of good quality. Service was fast and attentive. Tap selection small and not worth visiting for the beer alone. Bring on the bottomless cups of coffee.“
nate2g 2988 days ago
58 /100
Founding Farmers (Restaurant)
“Restaurant located in a business company building, met up with Travlr and nate2g for some Sunday place and beer ticking. Friendly service at the bar. Draft beer list has mostly craft beer but the selections were pretty pedestrian. Food was fine but nothing I’d go out of my way for. Had the Breakfast Chicken and Waffles, three decent-sized lightly breaded chicken strips on a waffle with a side of scrambled eggs. Free street, surface, and garage parking available. Street and surface parking was a bit scarce but luckily I found an open space in the surface lot. Not a beer destination, wouldn’t go out of my way unless you want the place tick.“
GenDV138 2989 days ago
54 /100
Founding Farmers (Restaurant)
“Stopped in for breakfast at the start of another beery daytrip with nate2g and GenDV138. Jam packed at 10 AM on a Sunday, with dozens of hipster SUVs circling and frantically looking for parking. 45 minute wait for a table, so I asked if we could sit at the bar. "Yeah, good luck with that," was the reply. We actually did squeeze in at the far end. Service was very quick and attentive despite the throngs. Our vantage point let us see the locally grown cans of juice, so that was interesting. Breakfast was fine, portions are massive. Beers were as boring and least-offensive as humanly possible. So don’t come here for beer. And there are better places for food. But kudos for service.“
Travlr 2989 days ago
66 /100
Founding Farmers (Restaurant)
“I went here a month or two ago, with my girlfriend and her brothers and sister in law. The place was packed, I think it was a Sunday morning, though it could have been a Saturday.

There was a wait, even though we had a reservation, but we were fine with it. Once we were seated, we took a look at the menu. It all looks pretty amazing. We tried a lot of the food, which was all superb.

The beer selection, at least the draft list, wasn’t really all that impressive, but they had an okay bottle list if I recall correctly. I guess it didn’t help that they were out of the Flying Dog seasonal that I really wanted to try.

Prices are pretty reasonable. Would rate it higher if it was more of a "beer" place.“
radagast83 2989 days ago
72 /100 12525 PARK POTOMAC AVE, #B
“This was actually an interesting place. Sadly, you may have to use use some combo of 270 and the Beltway to get there. Once there they have plenty of parking since they share a stripmall with Harris Teeter. The beer selection is varied with some interesting stuff. Fills one cooler and then the entire back of the bar - which is a pain, since it’s not easily visible, so you keep having to ask staff for help. Fortunately barman Jonathan was helpful and patient. They have a a few taps, but nothing terribly interesting. They have some tables as well, and quite a few locals were grabbing sandwiches to stay or to go (which were basic but tasty enough). Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
Travlr 3002 days ago
84 /100 12525 PARK POTOMAC AVE, #B
“Sister restuaraunt/bar/beer store to the one in Gaithersburg. 2 Coolers of 6 packs to go and about 100 specialty bottles. 5 Taps which were a local but a little unimpressive. Went for lunch and had a deli sandwich and some good soup. Great, knowledgable service. They sold a lot of wine too obviously. Nice Place.“
gsmitty80 3495 days ago
80 /100
Founding Farmers (Restaurant)
“Don’t know much about the beer but the food is great here.“
pras 3839 days ago
78 /100
Founding Farmers (Restaurant)
Ambiance: Ok. Decor is fine, but it’s a little bright and the tables are a little close together for private conversation. There is an upper level, a large bar, and the pastry kitchen is basically wide open, so that’s pretty cool. Service: Went twice. Both times, even though we had reserves, we had to wait 10-20 minutes for a table. Not a huge deal, and you know it’s a good sign when a place is this busy. First time, waiter was great. Second time, waiter was nice but forgot a couple of items and had to be reminded. Selection: This is clearly one of those newer restaurants where the owner/management is in touch with the craft beer market and wants to serve good stuff to go along with their menu. They have a rotating taps for seasonals from Sierra Nevada, Flying Dog, Victory, and others, as well as taps for an ’IPA of the Day’ and a ’White of the Day’. Not bad. Their bottle/can selection isn’t huge, but it’s solid: Allagash, Oskar Blues, 21st Amendment, Smaltz, North Coast, etc. Food: Ok, HOLY CRAP. This place serves AMAZING food. I would eat here 3 times a day and have to get around in a motorized scooter. First time we went I got the farmer’s pitchfork (candied bacon and homemade tater tots on skewers), the butcher’s plate (chili dog, mini cheeseburger, ribs), and their seasonal bread pudding. My wife got their popcorn of the day (yes, they have this: awesome), a perfect gnocchi over beef ragu, and housemade sorbet. Second time we went was for brunch. DO THIS. DO IT NOW. Red velvet pancakes, bacon a la carte (three huge slabs, choose from 1 of 4 house glazes), house-made beignets. RIDICULOUS. Value: On the pricy side, as you’d expect. The dinner trip came to $90 for both of us (1 cocktail, 3 beers, 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 desserts); brunch was $65 (1 champagne, 2 beers, 1 app, 2 orders of pancakes (hers were carrot cake), bacon, hashbrowns, beignets). Overall: The food is wonderful, and the beer list isn’t an afterthought. This is the kind of place to go often, if you can afford it and can go during off peak hours.“
JDBaker11058 4191 days ago
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