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62 /100 KOMENSKÉHO 696/35, MĚSTO
“Zubr Brewery’s restaurant that sell 3 different beers including a yeast beer (kvasnicak) and a low gravity black beer. Unfortunately, on my visit they were out of yeast beer. The dark beer drank like coca-cola, quite good. The other beer, a light 11 had nothing special but was not unpleasant either. The interior is interesting, high ceilings, walls painted in green with vintage artifacts hung on them, cool mezzanine. Prices are low and service is excellent. Not a bad place. Visit here can be easily combined with a visit in brewpub Parnik which is only a10 minutes walk from Zubr.“
YULbier 3446 days ago
84 /100 TOVÁRNÍ 1021/5
“Boat-themed brewpub located within a 5 minutes walk from Prerov train station. Had 4 beers on tap on my visit. Everything I tasted was clean, fresh and tasty. The brewer shows some creativity too: he makes a dark 16-special beer which bursts with coffee aroma and flavor, as well as an english pale ale, which is quite uncommon in the CR. Food quality is better than average and menu includes items rarelly found in czech pubs, like american hamburger. Service is excellent and english menu is available. Interior is filled with boat artifacts: buoys, fishing nets, anchor. Fun. Overall, a fantastic place which I want to visit again to taste their other rotating seasonnal beers.“
YULbier 3446 days ago
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