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78 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“nice Brewery-Restaurant at the town-center, Beer is brewed next to the guestroom; traditional beer and czech food; old and rusty with dark wood, not pseudo-modern ...i've liked it“
Goldbarren 913 days ago
66 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“Brewpub directly on the beautiful town square. Nice seating area out front which is perfect for enjoying a balmy evening. The beers are definitely good enough. Fit for purpose. Went back the next day for a pretty nice Poledni menu. It comes with a novel ’all-you-can-drink’ soup situation which I’ve never seen before. Food was decent. The place is definitely catering to the swathes of tourists that pass through this town. Don’t hold that against them though, it’s a good place.“
TheCametron 1937 days ago
60 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“Went to drink the local made beer. Didn’t tried the food. Beer served in 40cl (not the "normal" 50cl). If the weather permit, sitting outside have the view to the main square.“
efeesse 1939 days ago
62 /100
Radniční sklípek (Restaurant)
“About 6 fixed beers, some are from the 2 Kroměříž breweries (the 3rd have their own place), good food, good service.“
efeesse 1939 days ago
74 /100
Radniční sklípek (Restaurant)
“Wide selection of local beers (about 9). Ok service. Higher prices for Czech Republic for special beers, others are quite ok.“
mithe 2008 days ago
70 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“Nice looking interior. Ok service. Just only 3 beers on tap. Food was average (I don’t get these such high food reviews here. They went so bad in 3 years?). Prices are quite high for Czech Republic. (Higher prices than in Prague? C’mon.) Nothing special here (except the interior).“
mithe 2008 days ago
70 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“You come for the beers, you stay for the food. Cosy place inside, rather generic patio. Service was rather bad on the patio. Had to wait long times in between the waiter would show up. If you’re at the last table, and they come to serve the first table on the patio, they don’t even look at you, very hard to get their attention. At one time I even went up to the bar order more drinks, which our waiter didn’t take too kindly. Oh boy. Anyway, beers were mediocre to ok, but the food was outstanding. Overall, not a bad place, and I guess if you are seated inside, service probably isn’t that bad.“
tderoeck 2355 days ago
86 /100
Radniční sklípek (Restaurant)
“At first glance the beer menu was not that impressive. Until you realize that all beers are from the local town. Also: they have some rotating taps, alas this is not very clear as a foreigner. I rated a "Special" beer, which turned out to be the rotating tap for that brewery, but nobody bothered to tell me anything while serving. After I found out, I sent them a mail, hoping they would be able to tell me which beer I had there, one month before. They replied very fast, with extensive information and a link to their website, which has ALL beers described that they at one point have had on tap. WOW! The only downside, is that there is no paper trace of this, when you have a beer there. So if they would be able to provide all the info on the website (and maybe in English as well) to their customers that are visiting, this place would be the absolute top! Food looked good, but out of principle, we ate at the brewpub around the corner. ;-) Would definitely recommend if you want to try out a lot of Kromeriz beers and breweries!“
tderoeck 2357 days ago
74 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“Établissement visité le mercredi 6 mars vers 12h00. Ambiance: Grand restaurant avec plusieurs salles. Service: Menu et service en anglais disponible. Sélection: 2 bières maisons en fût. Nourriture: Poulet avec sauce au malt.. (206e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 3210 days ago
68 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“Good looking bar on the large square center Kromeriz, looks quite new. They had 2 beers on tap, (the regulars, no seasonals were available). The food was good, prices quite cheap. The beers are quite average, service was good (english menu and english service available). Not remarkable but a decent stop.“
JulienHuxley 3234 days ago
68 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“Nice little brewpub on the main square of pretty Kromeriz. Service was efficient if not uninterested. The two beers they had on were good but not nearly as refined as the best examples in the area. Food was very good and prices cheap (as expected). All in all, not a standout, especially when considering beer quality.“
MartinT 3239 days ago
86 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“The best place to eat and drink in Kromeriz. Their beers were good quality and the food was excellent. Located just on the edge of the town square its easy to find. Large brewpub with several rooms that flow from one into the other. Very good staff who explained the beers and brought us some large portions of Moravian food. Highly recommend if your coming to see the world heritage site just around the corner.“
1980olympics 3534 days ago
96 /100 VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ 24/9
“Hotel / Pension / Brewery in the center of the Unesco town of Kromeriz. The best food I have tasted in Czech Republic up to now, presented in a Haute Cuisine manner. And the beer don’t disappoint either. Here you find some of the most original and high quality beers in the country. No wonder why the chef and the brewer won multiple awards. The food and beer pairing is just superb. And for such a low price, wow! Interior, service, ambiance: everything is perfect. This brewpub is not to be missed. A true gem.“
YULbier 3708 days ago
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