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84 /100 50 THOMSON PL.
“Huge place, went for a pickup, but saw lots of tables for eating and drinking inside and out. Attentive staff, lots of their beers on tap, nice easy system to buy their beer, they had over 10 choices when I was there, buy by the 4 pack mostly.“
jb 157 days ago
“This is a great place to visit ..about a 5 minute walk from Boston Borth Station..“
Wirralbeerveg 349 days ago
76 /100
Fenway Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“Nice, welcoming spot behind Fenway Park. Decent selection, including some interesting foreign beers. Staff was helpful, when asked.“
GregMooreNH 446 days ago
62 /100 35 TEMPLE PL
“Came here on 29.10.2019. Very nice set up in a kind of industrial vault. Brewhouse on the lower floor to the left, long bar and dark wooden floor. They had around 8 beers on tap. Had the Dunkles Weissbier and the dry-hopped IPA. Glassware was a bit weird. Served the Weissbier in a small mug. Beer quality was overall just ok. Fish and Chips were disappointing and service slow but friendly.“
Schlenkerla 496 days ago
60 /100 51 SLEEPER ST
“I came here on 3.10.2019. Located at the seaport of Boston. The actual brewery is outside of Boston, but they do have small kettles for group events. Nice wooden bar and friendly service. A bit of a corporate atmosphere, but not terrible. Almost 20 beers on tap. I had a Mosaic IPA and a Milkshake IPA, both were mediocre.“
Schlenkerla 521 days ago
“Located in north end very close to the Boston Garden right on the water. It’s an open space built on modernist principles with lots of exposed ductwork and bright colors. They have a prominent oval bar area with TVs tuned to the big game as well as a separate dining area and a fairly decent size pilot brewing setup. They had 30 different beers on tap so there’s plenty of choice. It’s was pretty busy for a Sunday afternoon which is not surprising given the Pats game was on and they service was still fairly attentive.“
DiarmaidBHK 526 days ago
“Came here on 11.7.2019. My flight was delayed by 3 hours, realizing I will not be at home before 4 am and all food places were completely overfilled at Terminal C in Boston. At least I could get a beer, standing in the crowded alley. Not very comfortable but it always depends on the choices you do have. The service was quite nice, despite the hectic. Ben would have admired my calmness. Quite the opposite to listening to the surf at the beach of Oceancity. The IPA was mediocre but drinkable.“
Schlenkerla 606 days ago
52 /100 52 W. BROADWAY
“Place once had an expansive craft beer selection, but has now put its focus exclusively on wine. Beer in the cooler, mostly local, very few rarities. Great location and ambiance, but not a craft beer haven.“
GregMooreNH 618 days ago
“Jampacked with travelers, servers don't really help and no nothing about the beer. Selection is surprisingly poor, just a bunch of the more popular styles of Harpoon. Food is edible but not good by any means. Very much a let down.“
Quick3Beers 618 days ago
“Slow, rude, awful. I’ve been by twice over the last couple years and both times the service has been awful. It hasn’t been busy at all, but the service is absurdly slow and the staff seem to think they’re doing you a favor if you are able to flag someone down (which is hard because they pretty actively avoid eye contact). Don’t bother with this place- the Logan Terminal A options are all bad, but this makes the others look good.“
BreweryChecker45 640 days ago
88 /100 50 THOMSON PL.
“I cannot believe that this place was not added to Ratebeer in the 6 months it was open before I visited! It's a huge three story place with over 35 brews on tap, a bottle/can shop downstairs, and they mix and match cans, as well. They don't have flights though. Very good New England farmhouse inspired food created by Chef Michael Morway and delicious Trillium beers galore! Must visit if in Boston!“
trapped 643 days ago
62 /100 306 NORTHERN AVE.
“Came here on 24.5.2019. Huge brewery located in the whaterfront area of Boston. They have been around since 1986. Huge hall on the first floor with a merchandising shop on the left, a long bar in the middle and the canning line in the background. Beers are mediocre. The Harpoon IPA is dull, the Juicer is better. They serve Brezels in different versions. I had the Hot Dog Bretzel, which was fine. A place you can miss, but Boston does not have a lot of alternatives.“
Schlenkerla 654 days ago
72 /100
Row 34 (Restaurant)
“Came here on 23.5.2019. An Oysters bar with a good beer selection: one English Cask at room temperature!!! a few German beers and US Craft beer rarities. A little bit snobby, but still a good place. The Tuna Tartare I had was outstanding (very hot) !! A bit overrated for a beer bar, but worth a visit.“
Schlenkerla 654 days ago
82 /100 50 THOMSON PL.
“Came here on 23.5.2019. Close to Row 34 and City Tap House. This is a large brewpub on 2 floors. Was very packed on a Thursday evening, but at least I could find a spot on the upper bar. Here you have a good view to the grill. Downstairs bar is in front of the beer tanks. Around 20 beers on tap. I had the Session IPA 3.8% - crisp and fruity, Mosaic Pale Ale, a Kölsch inspired ale and the Blueberry Sour Ale - all were good! Food menu is attractive, but quite expensive. The grilled Octobus I had was good but extremely small. Would not become Ben’s favorit pub (no Red Stripe), but absolutely recommendable.“
Schlenkerla 655 days ago
86 /100 50 THOMSON PL.
“Large trendy spot with nice finishes. Large bar on one side of the space with seating filling the rest of the area. Bartenders were well versed in the beers and happy to pour tastes. No samples but 20+ taps and bottles available. Also, a whole take out window with bottles and 4 packs available. Did not try the food on my visit. Prices seemed steep but also Boston... A must hit if you are in the area.“
deyholla 658 days ago
“Located across from A20. A nice sized bar with a few tables, pretty cramped. They have 6 beers on tap and s few bottles. The clam chowder was very good. A few other options, mainly sandwiches. Service was fast and friendly.“
Sledutah 675 days ago
64.2857142857 /100 152 HAMPDEN STREET
“First nice day this spring and I was in the area so I decided to stop by and check them out. Nestled into an old brick building next door to a fitness club. Seemed to be plenty of parking in their lot behind the building today but I could see it being full on a busy day. Guy at the door checks your ID and gives you a wrist band. That's a first at a taproom for me. Lower lever of the taproom has cornhole some games, I think a pinball machine. Up a few stairs to the bar area, board games as well. Long bar against the right wall had 18 seats or so maybe half a dozen long tables off to the left. Huge ceilings, big windows, great industrial taproom feel. There was a beer tour bus when I was there so the place might have had 40 or 50 people in it and didn't seem crowded. The two guys behind the bar were busy but had time to shoot the shit with me and I never longed for more beer. They had 5 beers on tap while I was there 3 ipa's a Belgian blond and a cream ale with 2 stouts available in cans to go. Bartender told me they are working to get more on tap and in cans but as new as the brewery is they are still figuring it all out. Full pours half pours and flights of four were available. I never asked about growlers though I didn't see any being filled. Beer was average to great, no duds on this trip. No food other than pretzels and chips but you can bring or order food in. Average for Boston pricing. Worth checking out if you are in the area, I'll go back.“
johnnnniee 706 days ago
90 /100
Row 34 (Restaurant)
“Amazing food and great place to grab a delicious beer. They have a fairly good selection. Even when it is busy it doesn't feel overwhelming. I had the best lobster tacos of life. A bit pricey yes but not over.“
insanekat12 715 days ago
72 /100 51 SLEEPER ST
“Their "own beer" are very mediocre. You can actually rent small-scale brewing equipment here and brew your own beer. Then they will sell that beer also in bar if I understood correctly. Fresh Lobster roll was huge.“
VastActiv 746 days ago
“Basement setting. Good selection of wine and interesting, but limited, beer selection. Service is OK, as are prices.“
GregMooreNH 758 days ago
86 /100 148 STATE STREET
“This establishment is mostly bar. There is a small back room with tables. I'm impressed that there is one TV in here, but it is not on, meaning they rely on their menu to draw people in. With 200+ beers and no macros, this is a beer lovers locale. For food, I ordered a roast beef sandwich which I thought was a solid step up from the usual bar fare. Other meals seemed to be equally well thought out. I'm noting my usual resistance to chains, but I think an exception is well deserved here. Interesting beer with excellent food. I should also mention the prices are decent (for Boston).“
smcolw 786 days ago
86 /100
Fort Point Market (Grocery Store)
“Convenience/liquor store vibe. Has a number of rare/old beers, as well as many new ones that are hard to find elsewhere. Parking is brutal and service is non-existent, but if you want to go to a beer museum, this is a good stop.“
GregMooreNH 788 days ago
“When there isn't an event going on at Fenway Park, this easy-going, convivial little brew pub. During Red Sox games and other events, the place will be mobbed with fans. The food is typical pub fare. It's good but don't expect anything special. The same is true with the beers. Their always-available beers are middle of the road. The Seasonals can be hit or miss--the good ones can be excellent. The servers tend to be young and uninformed, but it truly depends on whom you get. The beer selection is rarely very complex and everyone has a general knowledge of the basic styles.“
smcolw 793 days ago
74 /100 112 CANAL STREET
“Visited in June 2018. Friday afternoon, really crowded. I had to wait a lot of time to get a beer but after walking so much around the city I really wanted that beer :D The reason of all that crowd was that U2 were playing near there a little bit later that evening. I liked the place and mostly that hoppy pale ale I had. Hopefully I will be able to visit it again under better circumstances.“
rouhlas 795 days ago
78 /100 10 BOSTON WHARF RD
“Visited for dinner in June 2018. Not too many people during my visit. I liked the ambiance. Had dinner at the bar. Food was good. Nice selection of beers. Good service.“
rouhlas 795 days ago
88 /100
Row 34 (Restaurant)
“Visited in June 2018. Crowded the night (during the week) of our visit and we had to wait for 30-45 minutes to get a table for dinner. Luckily we found a spot at the bar after 5-10 minutes. Great ambiance, modern - industrial bar restaurant. Very nice tap list and great sea food. Good service. High prices but well deserved.“
rouhlas 795 days ago
“Visited a couple of times in June 2018. For some reason I hadn't found this place in Ratebeer when I was looking where to go for beers in Boston but the bartender at The Gingerman suggested it. One extra point for the Gingerman service!! ;p It was always very busy, so waiting for 10 minutes to get a beer seemed quite good waiting time and it seems that I was lucky from what I read in other reviews. Great ambiance.. you dont feel like being in the center of a big city. I dont like drinking beers in plastic cups but since I cant find Trillium in my city in Greece I can't complain :P (this is the reason for my Service score 6 and Overall 16 and not a little bit higher.. the plastic cups) I would love to visit the Canton place but since I couldn't go visiting this garden for drinking Trillium from tap was the next best thing.“
rouhlas 795 days ago
86 /100 138 CAMBRIDGE ST
“Visited in June 2018. Both times (afternoon and night) was a little bit crowded. I liked the bar-restaurant ambiance. Food was good. Quite good tap-list. Didnt check the bottles list. Average to high prices. Good service.“
rouhlas 795 days ago
“Quite big place next to the baseball stadium. Big bar and many tables. It was almost empty the night I visited it. Many house beers on tap. No flights if I remember correctly. The beer quality was OK, not something exceptional but OK beers. We didnt try the food. Good service and average prices. Didn't try the food.“
rouhlas 799 days ago
86 /100 148 STATE STREET
“Visited this place twice during my one week visit in Boston (June 2018). Both times it was early in the afternoon. Nice relaxed ambiance. I sat at the bar. there is a second room with sofas and tables at the back. Very good and friendly service. I got some tips for other places in the city that I hadn't found by myself. Many new ticks for me on tap, mostly local ones. I didnt check the bottles list. Food was good too.“
rouhlas 799 days ago
80 /100 143 CHARLES ST
“Located on Charles St, right in congested Beacon Hill, this is a gem. Head to the back for the craft beer, they have a number of rarities, often forgotten by craft beer seekers who aren't willing to attempt to park locally. Locals are often looking for macros, while craft beer nerds have a great selection to themselves.“
GregMooreNH 800 days ago
“Beer garden near the seaport. Amazing tap list when I visited with Headroom, great Impy, sours, wild ales and guest beers from JWB, Other Half and Jackie O's. I have the only problem with beer served in plastic cups. Still absolutely marvelous place, must visit in Boston.“
karpik 932 days ago