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“A huge brewery, in a beautiful setting in amongst the fall leaves. There are obviously lines for everything at all times, because it is Tree House, but the can line moved quickly, and (at least some days) you get a pour to drink in line. Once at the front, I had the choice of about 25 different beers, all available as singles. You can buy pour tickets in the line, so at least we skipped that line, and you can split tickets to get two 8oz pours of most of the beers. The brews are obviously exceptional, the place is really cool, there's loads of merch and stuff, and to be honest, it's quite good value, at least by my NYC standards. A lot of people won't want to queue, but that aspect was a lot better than I was expecting.“
explosivedog 511 days ago
“The new location is phenomenal. A much greater selection of beers in a beautiful facility. They do a great job of getting everyone through quickly.“
boto 794 days ago
“It is hard to say that visiting TH is a good experience, but it can be all right when the place is not too crowded. They appear to be doing the best that can be expected given the popularity of their beer. This brewery's sales have shot up thru the roof, and they now have a huge, modern facility. So far as I can tell, they don't have to make any effort to market their beer - everyone just comes to them and buys up everything they have. If the bar is open (it is sometimes, depending on the crowds) and the weather is nice, then it is fun. You can try something that isn't canned and sit outside in an Adirondack chair. I believe they serve pizza in the summer too.“
Slipstream 813 days ago
“Large brewery with two parking lots. When I visited, they just released two milk stouts, so there was 30 minute line. Not a great experience especially in a summer hot day. No pours because of lot of costumers, so I just bought cans and drive away. Probably better place during slower retail times.“
karpik 932 days ago
“I’ve loved Tree House beers for years and think they generally live up to the hype. So a visit to the brewery was in order on our New England trip. Unfortunately, the brewery experience doesn’t live up. They only do draft pours on Tuesday and Saturday, and sell a limited selection of cans on their other open days. Lineups are long, though they seem to be efficient at serving lots of people per hour. The place itself is beautiful - too bad they haven’t figured out a way to offer drafts on all days. Perhaps do two lines and hire more people to meet the demand. Either way, though I’m sure their business is doing great, the experience is really lame from this consumer’s standpoint. Visit on a Tuesday or Saturday only, or if you really can’t pass up on their cans, arrive early and expect to waste a lot of time standing in line. Ultimately, thumbs down.“
mcberko 950 days ago
“Well, the place can get very busy. Thankfully, they have an efficient system and, on can-only days, seem to be able to process well over 100 people per hour. During our visit (a Friday, shortly after opening) there was a long line that stretched along one edge of the parking lot. Thankfully we were in line for 'only' an hour before getting to the purchase point, getting the beers and heading out. The selection was good on our visit, I think around seven different beers, including a couple less common (with per-person limits of two cans and six cans). Most of the beers were case limits per person. Pretty fair prices, considering. Overall, a good place to go if you're desperate for that Tree House hop, especially if you can make the trip worth the time-commitment by buying a few cases (which my friend and I did). In terms of ambiance, the place is pretty impressive and looks like it would be a fun place to hang out and have a few beers. But on our visit, it was in and out. Would be nice to revisit on one of the days when you can drink on site - the draft list tends to be much more extensive than the can selection. The service, it should be said, was extremely friendly, professional and efficient. Overall, a positive experience.“
Leighton 988 days ago
“I got here at 11 on a Saturday morning greeted by an empty parking lot at the bottom of the hill and small tour bus. I thought for some reason "the hype must finally have died down.". Of course the bus filled quickly and it seemed like every couple brought a huge cooler with them. By the time the bus went up the hill to their new, modern brewery we were greeted by a full parking lot and long ass line to buy cans. Luckily the draft line was very short. Unfortunately they only give you 2 16 ounce pours though you can split one of them into 2 ounce pours. Also you have to pay for the beer in advance and then you give the bartender tokens. Thankfully the beer was top notch especially Julius which is just a beautiful beer. There's more indoor space than I was expecting to hang and of course there's a huge outdoor space as well. They had a couple of food trucks on the day as well as well. I wish I could have stayed longer and had more of their beer.“
DiarmaidBHK 1024 days ago
“Ambiance - amazing setting in the woods. The servicing setting is high quality venue. Wooden bar. Good queuing set-up. Amazing pavilion with live music. Huge chair armada. Service - is abundantly helpful and kind. Selection - is of a really high order, and vast. Of course it's strictly Tree House product. Food - N/A food trucks are always on site. Value - is good. Amazing place. Only drawback is that they don't allow more beer to be consumed via the draft room. It's absolute can't miss.“
DandyWolfFloyd 1042 days ago
“Visited on a Wednesday afternoon shortly after opening, pit stop on the way to Boston. Private parking lot which was fairly full but had enough open spots and staff in golf carts providing guidance. Line was sizeable but moved fairly promptly. Got through in about half an hour or so. 4-5 cans available as well as a bottle during my visit. Friendly service, order by the can/bottle rather than per pack. Prices are fair/average, $3-ish per can. Worth a stop if you're nearby or passing through, not sure I'd go out of my way just to come here.“
GenDV138 1044 days ago
“Take a road trip from hotel at Worcester. 4-5 cans available and lots of merchandise. Somebody called this place "Trade House". Julius can was 30 minutes old! Very efficient place and 95% of customers come just here to pick up couple of 24cans and leave as soon as possible. Heaven for friends of fresh IPA cans but really nothing more. Shuttle bus from lower parking lot was great idea. They check ID from everyone so Europeans remember to carry passport.“
VastActiv 1123 days ago
“Definitely a "destination"brewery.“
harpo40 1254 days ago
“Beautiful place but a pain to get here. Huge, lovely new brewery is not yet up to full speed. Only 3 beers available was a drag but I waited only about 10 minutes. It will certainly be great when they get it properly staffed and get all the beers and taps going.“
KyotoLefty 1275 days ago
“Pretty remote location ( about a good hour from Boston ) So look up a buddy for the drive ! Beautifull location, with a friendly staff. They had 2 cans for sale at this time, 7 each. Because it was calm, we could also get 1 beer from tap. Pretty solid place, beautifull visit. Shame they barely ever do any pours, and if they do, it's one each. I would have loved to try more than just 2 cans as well, coming this far. There is some growing potential here, but they do a good job, regarding all the crazy amounts of people they get in.“
kraddel 1283 days ago
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