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62 /100 30 FORT HILL RD.
“We came here on 27.12.2019. Spent great time with Nicole, Ej and family. Huge place with live music. Beers were decent. Jigsaw Jazz was our favorite. Smoked Lager was decent.“
Schlenkerla 1441 days ago
72 /100
Riff's Joint (Restaurant)
“Visited on 8th October 2017. Situated at the front of the old mill and on the ground floor at one end is this place. It's a large single room restaurant with the Hideaway Lounge being a separate room serving beers. It has a 21 age limit or higher on the door so no children. The restaurant is laid out neatly, plenty of space. The decor was decent and clean. The food was excellent with the sprout burrito highly recommended. Sort of a tex mex mix with burgers and other stuff, prices were good. The beer list was solid with 8 taps on, prices and service again good. Really liked this place. Recommended.“
WingmanWillis 2239 days ago
“Visited on 8th October 2017, thanks to Tony and Nicole for the ride. It's at the rear of an old industrial complex and you can walk or drive round to it. It's a large single roomed taproom, bar in the corner and plenty of seating. It's a really nice place to drink beer, the beer is pretty good, service was steady but very friendly and helpful. Prices were good too. No flight but happy to hand out samplers. There are lots of games to play which keeps children happy and entertained (especially when they thrash adults at Connect 4). Great place and definitely worth a visit.“
WingmanWillis 2239 days ago
“Visited on 8th October 2017. Thanks to Tony and Nicole for the transport. In a huge old industrial complex and at the rear (you can drive around and park outside, it's not particularly well signposted or park out front and walk around) is this tap room. Inside it was large and very hot, a central bar with a stage and small performance area behind the bar. It's also got a sizeable patio where we enjoyed the autumnal sunshine. Tasting flights of 4 or 6 available, the beer range was extensive with around 10 beers on tap, quality was OK. The highlight of the afternoon was when a local "celebrity" appeared with his pet goat, the goat ran amok, pissed and shitted everywhere then left. Drop the mic, baaah! Service and prices were good. As there's 2 breweries plus a restaurant with a solid beer list it seems mad not to pop in for a beer.“
WingmanWillis 2239 days ago
“Cozy spacious taproom in the back of an old mill complex (right next to New City) and the rail trail. Decent selection of brews. Good service. Nice local hangout.“
MaBeer1972 2547 days ago
80 /100 30 FORT HILL RD.
“Located not far from one of the several very nice rails-to-trails bicycle paths here, Fort Hill is one of several breweries that are easy to visit on a ride. The brewery itself is impressive, a large barn-like structure in the middle of a field in the woods on a dirt road. The friendly staff poured out a sample of a very nice lager which I believe is now available in cans throughout the Pioneer Valley. Good luck to them on their new venture!“
migwell 3211 days ago
8 /100
TrüBeer (Beer Store)
“delete this rating“
mrhopsbeertalk 3472 days ago
80 /100 80-82 COTTAGE ST
“Great atmosphere and beer selection ! 20 drafts and many local offerings. Friendly staff and good food.“
thebosh 3529 days ago
86 /100
TrüBeer (Beer Store)
“Just bicycled over from the nearby ’big city’ of Northampton. Unfortunate for this fine shop, the bridge connecting the two towns, located right next to their store, has been under repair for some time now. They certainly have the most diverse and interesting selection of brews anywhere near here, though most of them are not chilled at all. The encouraged 6-pack building is a great feature, as I was able to select 6 new-to-me brews at a decent price for some sampling. Here’s hoping the bridge project gets completed before the financial squeeze forces this fine place out of business!“
migwell 3722 days ago
84 /100
TrüBeer (Beer Store)
“It looks like someone built a craft beer store into the side of a house which is important to note. There’s a bit of parking on the side and more in the back. The store is nearly all craft beer with a little corner for wine. Beer is separated by style which makes it easier to find what you want. I also like that the store is kept at a reasonably cool temperature and that they’re not blasting light. The selection is editorial and intentional with mainly regional and national craft with some Mikkeller. evil Twin, and the like as well. The guy working didn’t talk much but that’s ok. There’s obviously been a lot of thought and care put into this place and I hope the locals support it. It’s certainly beats the table and vines of the world.“
DiarmaidBHK 3862 days ago
94 /100
TrüBeer (Beer Store)
“A beer store first and foremost. Only deals with American microbrews from what I can tell. Selection was fantastic yet limited to what is available in the area; however, there were a few beers there I had not seen elsewhere, such as the Founders Kriek. One of the best things: all beers can be bought as singles. Knowledgeable staff, though I did not speak much with them. They host tastings from various regional breweries such as Six Point, High and Mighty, and Element. It is a true joy going to this store. Highly. highly recommended, certainly the best beer-only store in Western Mass, worth the trip. Seek.“
CamdenD 4357 days ago
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