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66 /100 38 NORMAN STREET
“Came here on 25.11.2019. Located 2 min walking distance from Night Shift Brewing. Much smaller brewpub. Liked the ambiance and the music (played Overkill from Motörhead when I came in). The Farmhouse Ale was decent, not great, the Wellington ‘super’ IPA was better. A cool place which you should not miss.“
Schlenkerla 190 days ago
“Came here on 25.11.2019. This brewpub is located in East Boston and my Lyft drive took quite long from the airport during rush hour. Brewhouse and tanks visible through a glass door. A separate room with extra bar and tables to the left and a food truck outside (burger was excellent). Around 20 beers on tap: a few lagers but mainly New England IPA’s. The Craigerator was not very tasteful and carbonation was too low, the Santilli was better and the Double New England IPA was my favorite. Not a bad place. Their beers have still some upside.“
Schlenkerla 191 days ago
“Visited on a Saturday night, June of 2018. Couldnt find a spot to sit outside which would be great that night but staying inside opposite the bar was good too. There are two big rooms inside which both have a bar. More than 17 beers available on tap the night of my visit. There were bottles and cans to go along with other merchandise. Good service even if it was a little bit busy. Nice ambiance.“
rouhlas 522 days ago
“What a great place this turned out to be. A little far out from Boston but worth the trek. Many house beers on tap with lots of variety. Custom flights of 4 available for $10-11. Beer quality was excellent. Service was friendly too. One of the best MA breweries we hit.“
mcberko 671 days ago
44 /100 38 NORMAN STREET
“Almost directly across the street from Night Shift and far inferior. They have 8-10 house beers on tap, with custom flights available for $10++ (more if you want premium beers). Beers were almost all very poor and just not calibrated correctly. A shame. Service was very friendly. Maybe with a stop if you visit Night Shift, but even then, their beers are just bad.“
mcberko 671 days ago
“Really large and nice tap room located in a bit rough industrial area. Good selection of beers, both on tap and in bottles and cans. Had one flight and a couple of full pours and service was absolutely alright! Will visit them again next time in town.“
AXL72 778 days ago
74 /100 38 NORMAN STREET
“Very small place with some strange decorations. Dark! Beers were bad, good and quite good so don't expect anything totally amazing. Flight of 4 available, half pours too. Their cans are "bigger" than usually. Free snacks with flight! Lots of merchandise also available. Just next to Night Shift so if you come far away like me so these two places are good combo.“
VastActiv 854 days ago
“Pretty large taproom in industrial area. 10 beers on tap, 4oz pours and flight of four available. Can pours also available and merchandise. Like I said pretty huge and probably very popular.“
VastActiv 854 days ago
“Located in an industrial park near Boston. Get there early to park in the small lot because it can be tough to find street parking. Even on a Monday night it can be busy. They have a taproom area as well as a larger room with picnic tables as well as a patio with a food truck. They had a ton of different things on and they were mostly excellent. I'd go back if I were in the area.“
DiarmaidBHK 855 days ago
“Visited on 4th October 2017. Large tap room quite a way out of town in an industrial estate sits this place. It's a large tap room with lots of room plus an outside space too with even more seating. Beer range is great with a good mix of styles available in flights of 4. Service was friendly. Prices good. A food truck provided some welcome snacks. If you arrive under your own steam then you need to arrange transport out. Uber took around 25 mins to collect us which was only downside. Really good tap room set up and worth the effort.“
WingmanWillis 965 days ago
“Loved this place. Lots of great beers across a great range of styles. Lagers and pale ales were especially awesome. Staff was great, quickly got all the flights we wanted. Cool place to hang out, either inside or out. Would like to move next door.“
KyotoLefty 997 days ago
“Big place, in an industrial park, large outside area, packed on a Saturday Night. Separate merch counter where you can get cans too. Large bar, lots of table inside. Big selection of beer, lots of IPAs and saisons, a good amount of one-offs, efficient bar tenders. Typical prices for the location. Would recommend a visit to anyone in the area.“
bigtaster 1009 days ago
76 /100 38 NORMAN STREET
“n at about 9:30 on a Saturday in early June. Right down the street from Night Shift. Not quite at capacity, but a nice crowd going. Happy people playing games. While there’s not food here, the flights come with a snack! And with 8-9 beers on, the flight (or multiples) is the way to go. Snacks are things like Cheez-Its, and other small bits of easy fatty calories. Servers are nice and friendly. Fun place to hang out, tasty beers. If you’re in the area to come to Night Shift, come here before or after, but come here. It’s certainly worth it. “
j12601 1089 days ago
“I’m truly thankful Night Shift moved their location from a dilapidated crack den to a modernized, cleaned-up, massively sized storeroom sitting alongside the Santili Highway a five minute drive from their first spot on Charlton. The walls bled an usually unsanitary watery substance, dust painted the air a squeamish light brown, and they shared a predictably disgusting stalled bathroom with Idle Hands and the other businesses in the complex. I adored their beers and what they were trying to do, I just wasn’t overly eager to visit them, often opting for reliable mules to do the picking up if I could help it. I love the new locality and that they currently have more than just one variety of hand-held foodstuff being released to glowing, youthful crowds from a diverse list of local, highly regarded food truck companies, but their beer has struggled to retain the same mouth-watering goodness I revered for them in the beginning. They’re brewing so many different beers it’s hard to feel comfortable with the assumption that every single one will be otherworldly and breathtaking. Back in the day, it was pretty rare to not be able to order an unexpectedly tip-top and fascinating brew. But more and more of their newer examples have been honestly lifeless, boring, and unmemorable additions to their fermented family. There are a lot to choose from and a lot of it is great, I only say this because it used to be an art form to find a genuinely dull Night Shift release and now it seems like it happens whenever I go to 87 Santili Highway with an hour to kill.“
radarsock 1143 days ago
“Nice big tap room. Lots of seating inside, with a patio in front. All the beer a had was solid. Friendly service, decent prices. A good stop.“
Sledutah 1333 days ago
“Visited on a Thursday evening. Pretty busy and not much in the way of parking. They had abou 6 beers on tap. Decent variety in those styles. A bit confusing how they have their beer list. The stuff in bottles and the stuff on draft look the same, but bottle things are on the left, so keep that in mind. Bottles are also for off site consumption only. Food truck was around during my visit. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable about their beer, and the ones I tried were all good. I had a flight and two full pours. I wiuld come here again. Of note, there are two different bars, and they do have a couple different things at each.“
JStax 1334 days ago
“nie taproom.good slized patio and lots of tables. very small bar. two dozen beers on including a great many one-offs, and all reasonably priced. these one-offs are rarely available off site, and certainly not outside of boston.they however will not break up their 4 paks of cans. good stop if nearby.“
Sammy 1380 days ago
“So this place is huge, looks really cool. Only two persons were sitting in the bar. I ask curiously for availability on a couple of beers and was met with a grumpy attitude and short, annoyed answers. We quickly bought a beer, leaving the bartender to do nothing as he apparently preferred, and took off. I mean, when people come from across the world and show interest in your beers, maybe at least pretend that you are enthusiastic. Have had a great sour and a decent pale ale from the brewery, but aside from that and the cool place, this really wasn’t worth the ten minute drive. Can so far compare with Other Half NY, Trillium and Tree House, and despite being much more busy, they were all much more helpfull, cheaper.. And that’s even without mentioning the small fact that their beers aren’t as good as the others.. Might have hit this guy on a bad day, but won’t go back to find out.“
Vestergaard 1381 days ago
“First off, they may have my favorite logo for any brewery ever (at the time of writing this - 07/2016). Very cool spot. Really nice location. Fun atmosphere, outdoor patio, board games. Their beer isn’t the best but it’s very solid, great variety, and great price point. Definitely worth it!“
SG111 1410 days ago
“We visited Night Shift on our way from Portland into Boston. Driving there seems like the easiest option, although it does limit drinking… it is located on a fairly nondeScript industrial estate with relatively limited parking options, but thankfully we arrived at opening. The tap room is actually quite a large open plan space with plenty of seating options. We opted to sit right at the bar. They had some 20 beers on tap and offer flights, which helps work your way through them. The beers were in general of rather good quality with a couple of standouts (namely Whirlpool & Santilli). Guy working the bar was friendly and rather knowledgeable. They did growlers and had a good range of fresh cans and merch on our visit. Had a great time here and thought it was one of the best tap-rooms in New England.“
Scopey 1589 days ago
“Sour future and 2015-16 barrel society member. Decent beers and food. Good selection.“
Chalumeaux 1607 days ago
“This is such a GREAT spot!!!! It’s really too bad we had so little time to visit, because I could have spent an entire day at this place. The interior is really open, is huge, without looking empty or loosing in cosyness. The serice was brilliant. They knew their beers very well, suggested some great stuff, very friendly... Selection on draught was very impressive as well. AND also a possibility to buy the stuff you’re drinking (sometimes growlers, sometimes in bottles), so that is really nice as well!! Little merchandising shop. Value of the stuff they offered was very sharp. Overall, one of the finest beer spots I EVER visited!!“
Mathieu87 1671 days ago
“The new location is a vast improvement to the old crackhouse warehouse building these guys started in. The new location has plenty of places to sit inside and outside, a huge projection screen TV and a clean bathroom. The bar is large and helps when workers are trying to fill sample flights for customers. Another plus is they allow you carry food in from wherever you want or order local take out and have it deliver there. I have always felt like Night Shift beers are only good on draft. Bottles don’t seem to age well at all. With that said, I will return again for more draft brews. They are doing real well here at this location. Brew on Gents!“
AirForceHops 1781 days ago
“We had a tour of the brewery space which was cool and there seems to be quite some room to expand as needed. There’s also quite the number of barrels back there to excite the local beer geeks. The beers varied in quality and it may be luck of the draw on your visit in that regards. Friendly staff who were enthusiastic and gave bubbly service. Live music was a nice touch and everyone was enjoying themselves. Good times.“
nate2g 1864 days ago
“TL;DR: Good space, lots to try, tastings, full pours, takeaway. Just go. Full Review: Nice clean, open warehouse taproom. Usually about a dozen beers on tap, offering 4oz, 8oz and or 12oz pours, a 4x4oz tasting flight with cute little mini snifters, and 32/64oz growler fills (currently $5 for the glass, Night Shift glass only). They’ve just started offering a couuple of their beers in pitchers too, but they won’t sell you one if you’re solo. Usually a handful of brews, including at least one seasonal Berliner Style Weiss, are available in 750mL bottles for takeaway. Well priced annual "Barrel Society" membership includes a members only tap, some brewery swag, an annual members only party at the brewery, and 7 members only barrel aged beers, with first chance to buy unclaimed or extra bottles. Current members can also renew their membership before new memberships are offered to the general public. There’s also a Sour Futures program that allows people to prepurchase the seasonal Berliner Style Weiss beers on the brewery’s website. Both allow proxies, and will hold your beers until the end of the year, so you can pick them up all at once, if you like. It works well. I’ve been a Barrel Society member for the last two years, and participated in the Sour Futures in 2014. Servers in the taproom are both knowlegable and efficient, whice is good, as it can get quite busy - especially on weekends and around special releases. Check the Visit Us section of their website to know exactly what will be available before you make the trip. They do a great job of keeping this up to date. They often have sample packs of pretzels or other snacks available for free in the brewery, and they have a good selection of food trucks that visit on Fridays and Saturdays.“
WillRunForBeer 1924 days ago
“Cool spot in an industrial part of town. Spacious with views of the barrel room. Friendly staff with a large selection of house brews on tap. Bottle sales also.“
50belair 2084 days ago
“An excellent taproom. (The new location is a big improvement from their previous site.) Lots of space, plenty of seating. Always a great range of beers on tap, plus a good selection to go. Pretty good prices, and they do sample sizes. Friendly staff. Definitely a place to seek out.“
Leighton 2095 days ago
“Visited their new place (will update the address now). Its a cool warehouse. Lots of parking around there. Lots of seating. Bowls of chips / pretzels in the center of the tables. Big open space. 7 beers on tap, with an 8th being ’members only’ as a benefit to those who purchase their barrel society membership (or whatever its called). The Bruery also does this. Just talk to folks up at the bar, find someone who is a member and ask them to order it for you (thanks WillRunForBeer!). All the beers were interesting, average to excellent (I enjoyed their sours in particular). Lots of views into the brewery. They’ve got tons of space to expand into.“
Bacterial 2186 days ago
“Brewery in same building as idle hands. Service was a bit slow. They had one members only beer on that they wouldn’t sell samples of to public. Never saw that before.“
jtclockwork 2208 days ago
“A cool brewery, probably my favorite to visit in the Boston area. Always have unique beers on tap such as their Weisses, the Art series, and some of their most recent hoppy offerings like Whirlpool are incredible. They’ve definitely tried to make it more of a place to hang out with the additions of tables and chairs and full pours. Service always awesome, whether it’s the 3 owners or the people working there. Have some chips and stuff just sitting around for people to snack on. Definitely check it out.“
jkwood04 2236 days ago
“back alley warehouse location, but very chill inside. chillin and drinkin beers in a brewery. couple tables. a few barrels as tables as well. had about 8 beers on tap. $2-$3 for 4 oz pours. growlers and bottles offered of some beers. fun place to visit, though somewhat annoying to get to for those adverse to driving.“
SrSilliGose 2237 days ago
“Like the location, pretty easy to get to and easy to park. Usually not very crowded. Love how you’re literally drinking amidst the actual brewery, while production may be going on. Very cool that you can walk around and look at all the barrels and read what’s in em, while also checking out their collection of sours. Great beer, always friendly bartenders/staff. Really little to complain about here. Will be nice to get a new, bigger brewery with an actual tasting room, but I will miss the character and charm of this one.“
ClarkVV 2286 days ago
“Reeeeeeally sketchy brewery, but fantastic beer.“
williamstome 2336 days ago
“Stopped in on a Monday night while in Boston. From the outside, this is a shady spot. Other than a small sign, you’d have no idea a brewery was in there. Walk through a trashy concrete garage and through the door. Small tasting area. Have to pay for flights, but you can also buy pints and extra samplers. 8-10 beers on tap. Plenty more in bottles. Staff is very friendly. Worth checking out.“
nimbleprop 2380 days ago
“There isnt really much else to say that Ernesto hasnt covered in his complete review. I agree with all the points he so eloquently made. I’ll add my own 2 cents though. Hard to find in the back of a seemingly abandoned industrial area. Once inside there is a nicely converted tasting area with a small bar and 6 taps available for free sample. The staff was friendly and willing to discuss the beers. They had many bottles for sale at reasonable prices. The beer is quite good and a unique experience. Visit them if youre in the area and buy any Berliners they have available.“
Reynolds314 2494 days ago
“In an industrial zone“
Ernesto987 2495 days ago
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