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74 /100 3 SHORT STREET
“Located literally in someone’s house, this is a great stop. $8 gets you a tasting of 6 meads, but the guy, Jason, who was serving us was super generous in letting us try a bunch more meads. Meads were fairly well-made but not world-class. If you’re passing through, it’s worth a visit for sure.“
mcberko 1880 days ago
70 /100
Ipswich Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
“Off Route 133 in Massachusetts. The first thing you need to know is that this place is CASH ONLY! You have been warned. Maybe 1,000 labels available. There are many local and regional brews available as 4 or 6 packs but there are selected brews available as singles.There is a beer bargain room off to the side. However, you need to ask the store about breaking up the 4 or 6 pack so they can price the beers individually. To me that is kind of a nuisance. They also have wine and hard liquor. Ample parking. Prices aren't bad but CASH ONLY and that is kind of a bummer.“
puboflyons 1916 days ago
“I stopped in for a beer and to browse around. It is located in a spacious brick mill with brick wall interiors. wooden tables and wooden chairs, and a long bar. Lots of windows that look over the barrels and the bottling line. About a dozen beers on tap including a few brewery-only selections. I took home a crowler of their Barleywine. A small area near the cash register to buy shirts, hats, and glassware. They serve food but I did not try any while I was there so that taints my rating. Several flight selections and but pints sell for $8-10, which I thought was a tad steep when you can buy many of the choices in 6-packs for about $10. Parking is limited.“
puboflyons 1917 days ago
68 /100 3 SHORT STREET
“This small meadery on the outskirts or downtown Ipswich has been open for about 6 weeks. They have five meads, all available to taste. A flight of all five with 1 oz pours costs $5. Bottles run about $18-23. The tasting room itself is small, but has a great feel to it... Reclaimed wood from a barn in Mexico, ME gives the room a nice rustic feel. The owner was friendly, happy to talk shop, and unlike so many other meaderies, didn’t make any assumptions about my knowledge (or lack thereof) about his product. Refreshing. This is a short stop, for certain, but a nice one if you’re in the area. The mead here is good. Nothing terribly flawed, nothing mind blowing. There are a mix of styles -sweet, dry, fruited, spiced. The brewer here seems to have a good grasp of his craft, and I look forward to trying more of his offerings. “
WillRunForBeer 3036 days ago
58 /100 143 ARGILLA RD
“Visited on a Saturday. Quite a tourist trap, which I wasn’t expecting in such a small town. Hundreds upon hundreds of of cars in the parking area and long lines, many families. The hard cider business seems to be a very, very small part of their operation. As far as that is concerned it is a stand up tasting bar that is crowded and near the front. $5 gets you 4 small pours of the 4 ciders they have available to taste that day (different varieties are available to purchase by the bottle, but not to taste). You also get to keep the logoed glass. That day they had an apple cider, an apple wine and 2 apple-fruit wines available for sampling, none of which were particularly memorable. The tasting area was packed and their was a long check out line that convinced me not to try to buy any of the other varietals they had on offer.“
BMan1113VR 3654 days ago
70 /100
Ipswich Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
“OK - so the two previous reviews are a bit misleading, so I’ll split the difference. This is a typically laid-out MA liquor store with coolers in the back and an aisle of craft beers. They have a solid collection mostly from New England bombers and a cooler of singles for individual sale. They also have an offer of a free glass if you create a mix six. They do not take credit cards which was a bit of an inconvenience. Prices were a bit high for the singles, but I didn’t mind as I picked up a nice Pretty Things goblet for "free". Overall this is currently the best selection in Ipswich“
GDTRFB 3974 days ago
96 /100
Ipswich Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
“Must have at least 100 or so six pack choices of craft. Plus, all of these are available as singles. Pretty good selection of bombers. I saw about 50 or 60. Really good prices.“
Hathornepub 4209 days ago
72 /100
Ipswich Beverage (Beer Store)
“Good selection of craft beer, including most of the local stuff you’d hope to find. Must be the best beer store in Gloucester/Ipswich area. I like it.“
porterhouse 4444 days ago
“Small well-kept store right in the middle of town. Very little to browse through, just a few loose singles (of mostly macros) and an odd bomber or 750. They have a good selection of Ipswich/Stonecat as you would expect but it’s all in 6 and 12 packs. I didn’t find much here.“
porterhouse 5471 days ago
42 /100
Ipswich Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
“They have a decent beer selection but it’s all locked up in 6-packs and cases. No bombers, 750s or singles to be found so not a great destination if you’re looking for stuff to rate. I left with one bottle of sake.“
porterhouse 5471 days ago
64 /100 25 HAYWARD ST
“I spent a weekend in this nice little town. Fresh donuts in the morning, even at like 3am you can get coffee and a donut. The brewery is a huge warehouse. We went for the harvest festival and had a good time. For us at the time is was great to know one of the brewery managers and got a bunch of things to eat for almost free. The food prived by some seafood place was pretty good and we had great weather. Not the biggest fan of the hops in most of the brews but they did have a pumpkin stout and some contract stuff that was pretty good. Well we got to drink the contract stuff. Very friendly people and staff and the live music was great. The harvest on cask was also pretty good. Thanks Carla.“
yobdoog 5699 days ago
78 /100 25 HAYWARD ST
“Stopped by to see if I could get any of the pre-pro lager. Unfortunately, they didnt have any left at the brewery, but everyone on the small brew team was extremely friendly and chatted with me about beer for a while, invited me in to take a look and have a few drinks. They also told me every place on the North shore and in Boston that I could find the Best Bitter and Pre-pro. The brewery itself is just that, a brewery. No tasting room or bar or anything, but they do give ad-hoc tours and fill growlers. Not real easy to find either, so it wouldnt be a place to come and see unless you live fairly close. The actual brewery is in a large warehouse amidst a bunch of fishing and shipping warehouses and a fish market.“
ClarkVV 6425 days ago
“Best selection of beer in Ipswich. They usually have Allagash Trippel and Dubbel as well as the wit and summer. Most if not all of Ipswich and Stonecat line. Lots of harpoon and other locals. Even some belgians like Duvel, Affligem and Lindemans. This dosent sound like much, but when you see the size of this store, it’s impressive. Singles sold as well.“
ClarkVV 6927 days ago
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