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“Located in downtown New Bedford on a slowly gentrifying block. The place is part Bar part music hall which is an unusual combination. I hate places that only list beers on a board and don't give you a proper menu. This place seemed to spend more time on merchandising and convincing people they're a great craft brewery as opposed to actually brewing good beer. The beers I had were mostly bland and flavorless. Apparently the wort is shipped in from someplace else and they finish the beer there. Not impressed.“
DiarmaidBHK 1559 days ago
“Located on busy Union Street, not far from other notable New Bedford establishments. They did a great job with the interior. Very cozy and inviting. Beer selection was excellent. Somewhat old-school, but everything I tried was well made and tasty. Attentive wait staff and good food selection. A great addition to downtown N.B.“
MaBeer1972 1691 days ago
“Nice space in downtown New Bedford, across the street from Pour Farm. Long bar with a few high tops and large tables in the rear. They offer a few of their own brews, and a good selection of other craft beers and spirits. Food was OK but a bit pricey. Service could have been better, especially since it wasn’t busy at all. I like my bar staff to notice me instead of chatting with their co-workers or washing glasses.“
MaBeer1972 1691 days ago
“Kind of a tavern feel to me; ambience is not great, but clean. Young staff, but very earnest and friendly and they know their beer. Always a good selection, with lots of hyper local stuff from Mayflower a n d Buzzards Bay. Food is good...excellent chili. Just a short walk to competing Rose Alley...try ’ll both!“
capecod 2905 days ago
78 /100 94 FRONT ST
“Very good spot with a nice view of the harbor and fishing fleet. Decent beer selection and good food. As others noted, it can be quite crowded, sometmes when you would not expect it. They have bands on the weekends, starting around 4:00. Friendly staff and clientele; just not a place to quietly contemplate your beer.“
capecod 2905 days ago
58 /100 94 FRONT ST
“The “other” beer bar in New Bedford. I much preferred the cosier smaller Pour Farm Tavern but for the younger crowd looking for a louder bigger student type of bar then Rose Alley might be for you. A decent beer lineup with almost 40 tap lines. Out of the 40 taps, 10 are used for shitty stuff (macros, Newcastle, etc.), 10 are used for the most common craftbeer (Allagash white, Brooklyn Lager, regular Sam Adams, etc.) and about 20 of them are actually interesting beers. They had many smaller New England breweries (Just Beer, Lake Placid, Wachusett), good stuff from Troegs, Allagash, Great Divide, Avery and also some imports. All beers are listed with 5oz/10oz/Pint prices. So yes, the tickers can buy 5oz beer flights. So the beer is nice but I didn’t care for the big student party place feeling of the bar. Worth a stop anyway.“
Glouglouburp 3281 days ago
“The Pour Farm is a pretty cool small beer bar. The ratebeer current listing of 18 taps is wrong, there is over 20 taps at Pour Farm. Stuff like Stone Anniversary, Goose Island, Cisco, Pretty Things, Shlenkerla, Dark Horse and such. Many one-shot/anniversary beers so I suspect the selection changes quite frequently. Only $5 for a pint when I was there but that’s over one year ago. A surprising selection for a place that is not all that big and in a town that is frankly rather boring. They had a one-man-band playing music but nobody was listening. Crowd was younger than Rose Aley (the other main beer bar in town). Very cosy place just like I like them. Recommended.“
Glouglouburp 3281 days ago
48 /100 500 KINGS HWY
“I didn’t visit many beer stores in the New Bedford area, this one and Cardoza’s (a few minutes drive south). Somehow the lower part of Massachusetts just doesn’t get the all the cool stuff that stores in the upper part of the state are getting. A slightly superior selection than Cardoza’s but with less convenient hours. If you are driving from the north I recommend that you do your shopping at a store in the more central MA (Julio’s being the obvious choice) and you skip all New Bedford bottle shops. But if you have no choice, this Douglas Wine location is probably your best bet. All the regular New-England releases including a few more exotic beers that I didn’t see at Cardoza’s. Prices were fair. For MA this beer store is average at best, but since MA has a great distribution, this is a nice beer store. Beer is not the speciality here so don’t expect much assistance.“
Glouglouburp 3281 days ago
70 /100 500 KINGS HWY
“I shop here often when I am in the area. They carry a good selection of local brews. I will occasionally find some rarer beers. But they do seem to let beers sit on the shelves I have found some beers that were more than a year old and some that are two years old. In defense of this the older beers are beers that do react well to aging. When I do get or need help the beer guy is very knowledgeable and friendly. Overall I like this store.“
Poorpatz 3583 days ago
82 /100 94 FRONT ST
“Always good beers on tap and a usually a very goood bottle selection. The service is excellent and the food is usually good nothing overly spectacuar but very well done.“
Poorpatz 3637 days ago
22 /100
Trio Liquors (Beer Store)
“Now this is truly a dump. Nothing really exceptional when it comes to the beer selection, but the prices are decent. If you haggle with the owners, they’ll work with you. Based on the clientele that I’ve seen here, it’s not looking to cater towards the craft beer crowd. If you’re driving by this place, trust me, keep driving.“
halfonit 3669 days ago
52 /100 446 DARTMOUTH ST
“Located in the not-so-great area of New Bedford. Selection isn’t overly impressive, but there are some craft brews available. Prices are decent and the staff is friendly. If you’re looking for some of the more main stream beers, it’s worth going. But besides that, it’s not really anything special.“
halfonit 3673 days ago
78 /100 94 FRONT ST
“Great little place in historic New Bedford to find good craft beer. It has two levels, the main bar on the ground floor and the basement/cellar where the more unique craft beers are on tap. Great selection on both floors. Place can get pretty crowded on weekends and during the school year so if you want to avoid the crowds secure a seat at the main bar or head to the cellar (for some reason people don’t even know its there sometimes). Parking can be an issue after 9PM especially if the Whaling Museum is having a function.“
Tiberious_416 3811 days ago
76 /100 500 KINGS HWY
“great beer selection“
beercookie 3976 days ago
“Cozy bar area with a really great selectiion of taps and bottles. The ribs are outstanding, along with the other menu items (also had the black bean burger). Staff is very friendly. The problem I have with this place is the bar. Having the tap handle towers in the middle make the place seem much more cramped and really kills the sight lines if you want to watch the tv. Move the taps to the back of the bar where they should be!“
MaBeer1972 4176 days ago
74 /100 94 FRONT ST
“Nice small place in the Historic part of New Bedford. Stopped in for one beer in the middle of the day to check it out. Did not eat. I had an Allagash White on tap. Decent selection. Re-RATE: 9/2011: Dropped in for a couple of brews. Had a Firestone Walker IPA, SN Ovila (loved) and a LH Milk Stout. The stuffed quahogs are great!“
MaBeer1972 4185 days ago
58 /100 500 KINGS HWY
“Nothing special. Has a decent selection but the staff is what brings this place down. Not knowledgeable and almost seem as if they don’t want to be there. Prices are decent though. That’s basically what keeps this place running.“
halfonit 4206 days ago
54 /100 500 KINGS HWY
“(Original 2010 rating) This place is huge! Very large selection in coolers and on the shelves. Mix-and-match discounts. Very impressive, almost intimidating. 2016 Update: This place has changed a lot in the past several years. The selection has been much reduced. OK if you are desperate but no longer worth going out of your way for.“
MaBeer1972 4211 days ago
84 /100 94 FRONT ST
“This is a great place. Has an amazing selection of beers on tap and they know which glasses the beers are supposed to be served in. I had Midas Touch and Southern Tiers’ Unearthey on tap here. Prices are also great for amount of quality product that they serve. If you’re in the area, check this place out. The only bad thing is you have to find a place to park.“
halfonit 4605 days ago
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