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“This is a bar/restaurant connected to a tennis club. There are a few seats where you can look over the courts but the two really have very little to do with each other. The place is clean and spacious with a bar area and tables. Dart boards. Good, and rotating, selection of interesting beers on tap. The pizza is decent as is the rest of the food but it is more a bar than a fine restaurant. A step up from traditional bar food. Staff can sometimes be inattentive. Proprietor is an unabashed Republican supporter with parphernalia and occasionally television programming that reflects this. That may be off-putting or endearing depending on your political persuasion or not at all if you don’t care one way or another for politics.“
tfontana 2132 days ago
52 /100
The Vineyard (Beer Store)
“Upscale wine and cheese type store with a decent collection of craft beers. Nothing out of the ordinary. Definitely a smaller selection than Den Rock right down the street.“
mkgrenwel 2521 days ago
60 /100
McAloon’s Liquors (Beer Store)
“McAloon’s is the centerpiece of a small plaza just off Rt 125 in North Andover with a sign over the front door that boasts "The Best Selection of Craft Beers in the Valley." Well, I am not sure about that but they had some interesting local and regional beers that I do not always see including Cape Cod, Haverhill, and Berkshire,. The Belgians were the standard Chimay and St. Bernardus with a good selection from Allagash. They had a large selection of Great Divide Yeti brews. But the store was cramped and you had to slide around shelves to get where you wanted to be. The coolers were filled with mainly BMC products. I get down this way a lot so I may go back but it is not necessary to make a special trip.“
puboflyons 3105 days ago
66 /100
The Vineyard (Beer Store)
“There is a meat market in this liquor store! It is located in a small plaza at the intersection of Rt 125/Rt 113 a few hundred yards from Merrimack College. It was clean and well organized. They specialize in wine but there was one dry row of crafts and several coolers on the back wall for the BMC stuff. They stocked a variety of local/regional brews such as Berkshire, Cape Cod Brewery, Haverhill, offshore, and Mayflower. The Belgians were pretty standard but there was a nice supply of them. Not necessarily a destination store but if you are around there you might find something good.“
puboflyons 3105 days ago
82 /100 54 PETERS ST
“Good place, a little tight, but they carry things I have never seen before, even in larger stores. Guy was nice, will tell you what he knows, probably better for bombers, not too much room for sixers but they still have some. Seems to take recommendations if you want him to order something. Overall solid experience, prices were fair.“
thicksuds 3645 days ago
72 /100 54 PETERS ST
“The beer section is crammed in the back, but they have a decent selection and pretty good prices. A lot of random beers. They don’t really specialize in any region of the world. The two older guys that work there are really helpful. One guy always offers suggestions whenever I go in there and buy stuff based on what I’m buying at the time, and the other guy said he’d find any beer I wanted if I gave him a week to search for it.“
gameface23 4544 days ago
64 /100 54 PETERS ST
“A bunch of very poorly organized shelves in the back. Look behind things, because some stuff is quite well hidden. Still, there’s a good bit of quality beer to be found. Mostly bombers, for some reason.“
mkgrenwel 5250 days ago
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