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“Patty and I went right here for lunch as soon as our ferry docked (and we could find a parking spot). A lively full place for lunch on a Monday in august. We sat right away and got served fast. Not a big selection of beers but what we tried was good!“
Ron 1259 days ago
“Visited on a Monday afternoon. I think the lunch crowd had already gone, because it was spares in there other than some folks at the bar. The bartender was friendly and greeted us once we sat down and had a minute to look at the tap list on the wall. They had 6 beers on tap and 4 were some iteration of pale ale. Could use a little more diversity here. I went with the Session IPA as I was biking and wanting to avoid anything too high in alcohol. It was decent, but the price tag was fought at $6.50 for the pour. Food is available here, but we opted to not eat. If you are on Martha’s Vineyard and need a beer fix, this place will do.“
JStax 1918 days ago
“Great place, I make sure to take anyone who visits me on the Cape who wants to head to the Vineyard for any reason to this place. Good beers, good pizza and food, and good homebrewed root beer. Their bottled offerings in the region just don’t do it for me, you should head there and grab a bowl of peanuts and a couple of drinks and a pizza and you’ll be set. Plus, it’s year-round, which is rare on the island.“
Quick3Beers 2400 days ago
“Went here while taking a break from exploring Martha’s Vineyard. Ambiance/atmosphere is very cool, with boats suspended in the rafters, a nice patio, and a bar with plenty of locals. It was slow, so service was quick. Selection is OK, they had most of their taps available. The value was good for oak bluffs, I thought prices were fair ($6/pint is standard). Overall I’d go here again the next time I’m in oak bluffs, but I don’t expect them to have anything new or interesting on tap.“
Caytinator 2812 days ago
“Nice place in central Oak Bluffs. Had about six to eight of their beers available on tap plus a handful more in bottles. The beers I had were all good, though none were great; they included a pale ale, IPA, DIPA, stout and hefeweizen. The place itself is nice, the servers are friendly and attentive, the prices are decent and you can get half pints (for slightly more than half the price of a pint). They also have free shelled peanuts, and when you open them you just toss the shells on the floor. Seems like this place is one of the only good beer spots in MV, so definitely worth a visit if you’re on the island.“
Leighton 3453 days ago
“This place is pretty cool for a brewpub on Martha’s vineyard. The service was good, the beer was good even if the selection is limited, and the food was good. Definitely worth going to if you’re on this island.“
jkwood04 3505 days ago
“It is nice to see that Martha’s Vineyard now has its own hometown brewpub, and one that is worthy of the place. I stopped by for a couple of brews and lunch before catching a ferry back to the mainland, and I was not disappointed. This is a comfortable. old wooden pub with high ceilings and rafters laden with nautical brickabrack. They had about 6-8 of their brews available on draft, and a couple in bottles. Growlers are available. The menu contains quality pub-grub, like fish and chips, pulled pork, and sausages. A barrel of salted peanuts is waiting for you by the door, and their hand-made potato crisps are well worth trying. I would be willing to stop in here for the food alone, which is not something I would say about many beer geek joints. And unlike one of my fellow raters, I have no complaints about the servers. I bet this place is good in the off-season too. Well worth a visit if you are on the island.“
Slipstream 4203 days ago
“The photo used on this listing is a copyrighted photo that I took and hold the exclusive rights for. I have never been asked if this image could be used, nor am I credited for this photo anywhere on your website. You stole this photo from Flickr and violated not only my copyright, but also Flickr’s own Terms of Service. Had you asked for the use of the photo, I would probably have gladly given you the right to use it providing the proper accreditation was in place with a link back to the original photo. Please contact me ASAP in this matter. Thank you, Tracy Lee Carroll Original Photo can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tracylee/1134804194/ BTW... This is one of my favourite places to go on Martha’s Vineyard.“
StarrGazr 4217 days ago
“Came in on a wet, windy night and found a hopping restaurant and bar area with live music (piano), but not loud and obnoxious. Had both of their IPAs available at the time (their regular and their imperial). Beer was not our #1 concern for going there--it was food, but the beer dramatically exceeded my expectations. I had several of their raw oyster varieties along with some mussels. The peanut shells on the floor reminded me of Texas Steakhouse, et al., but maybe it was just me, but their peanuts just tasted different and better than what one might come across in a similar setting. We were in the offseason and it was mostly locals, which I think added to the ambience.“
sinkr 4419 days ago
“Hey, I was just excited that "The Vineyard" had a brew pub at all. The beers are decent, not great, but not bad at all. I was really disappointed that they didn’t have a sampler or flight of any kind, I mean what kind of brewpub doesn’t offer a sampler in 2009? Crazy! Anyway, I’d recommend the stout on nitro, I liked it better then the IPAs (my usual preference). Also, I think $3 for a glass (with purchase of a beer) is a pretty good deal, so I grabbed me one. “
ben4321 4484 days ago
“right off the main street of Oak Bluffs. The exterior has an old sea town look to it. Inside has a open layout with high ceilings, small bar and nautical decor. The beers are very nice. The waiters are some of the rudest people I’ve met. Somehow their island lifestyle is inconvenienced by customers. We had 3 different servers over the few days and they were all snots. Despite their best efforts to spread their misery to our table this is the best place in town to drink. Good food, fresh raw oysters, and a solid beer selection. Their wine list is pretty impressive as well.“
waolsen 4508 days ago
“Right in the heart of the small business district, it’s about 2 blocks from the ferry and just around the corner from bus stop/transfer point for the whole island. Welcoming exterior; warm, inviting interior. Friendly, attentive service. Lots of good choices on the menu, with an emphasis on pizza and seafood. Our selections were tasty and well presented. Choice of about 6 beers while we were there, including a well hopped IPA. The brewer stopped by to make sure we were being well taken care of. Can get very crowded, especially at night. Highly recommended.“
guzzler67 4583 days ago
“The nautical decor of this quaint brewpub is interesting, and the atmosphere friendly and engaging. The flatbreads we had were very good and the various oysters on the menu looked very interesting indeed. The beer selection was rather typical with the blond, amber, red, brown, stout and company, but the 3 beers I had were all very well brewed and fun to drink. I just missed out on the Barley Wine and a stronger Belgian style, but then again it was understandable as it was the end of June. Overall, this was a pleasant brewpub experience.“
MartinT 4596 days ago
“great service, great beer , standard pub fare. about twenty can be seated outside. short walk to the ferry. THEY NEED TO SELL A BEER SAMPLER!“
6ROW 4617 days ago
“As we got off the ferry we headed right to the Offshore. This was a pleasant surprise because had no idea a brew pub was out here until we found it in a travel guide. Nice place, quaint and not that crowded at the time we went. Seemed like a small bar area. Nautical island theme(New England). Service was good although we found a table and sat our selves. Beer was well done but not much to choose from. Good food, pizza was awesome.“
TheCaptain 4870 days ago
“This place is the coolest looking brewpub ever, with tons of nautical memorabilia and all the brewing equipment up behind the bar and the line. Good selection of options from Offshore. Also, six different varities of oysters on the half shell. Some day I’ll go back, get a pint of the Steeprock Stout and a good selection of oysters and enjoy myself when the place isn’s so full that a dozen people have to stand behind the bar to get a drink.“
auerbrau 5668 days ago
58 /100 27 LAKE AVENUE
“I was really surprised when I went in here. They had a good deal of decent stuff, as well as a selection of cases. Some nice local selections and a couple of decent imports. Worth a stop.“
auerbrau 5668 days ago
72 /100 27 LAKE AVENUE
“The best store on Martha’s Vineyard. Cliff, the manager, has taken it upon himself to expand the beer selection. Picking up regional brands like Boulder Beer, Flying Dog, Stone, and Dogfish Head, and also several great locals like Tuckerman, Offshore Ale, Wachusett, Newport Storm, Sherwood Forest, etc. “
konabrewer 5953 days ago
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