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82 /100 142 LITTLETON RD
“Located in a strip mall on Rt 110. Typical CBC layout - sorted by region (generally). Selection is great and they sell singles. Service is OK and beers have a typical price point. A good store.“
GregMooreNH 1532 days ago
84 /100 142 LITTLETON RD
“They tell me this was supposed to be the first store of this growing franchise to open its doors but it ended up opening second. It was very much like the others in its family. Good selection of locals. Many Belgian brews. Eager staff willing to help you out. Decent enough prices. Mix and match. It is easily accessible off I-495.“
puboflyons 2562 days ago
82 /100 142 LITTLETON RD
“I stopped in here Saturday on my way home form a trip to Colonial and decided to check it out for the first time. At the end of a strip mall on a busy street just off the highway. Easy to get to. Plenty of exciting beer not available in NH caused a bigger emptying of my wallet than I had planned. Attentive but not overbearing employees helped when needed. Decent pricing for the area. I might have to shop here more often since it is a bit closer than my usual stop.“
johnnnniee 2638 days ago
94 /100 142 LITTLETON RD
“This is a franchise store of the Beer Cellar in Belmont. This place is great. I am there at least once a week. They have several tastings a week. They are always helpful when I am looking for sometihng.“
CBCBarFly 3289 days ago
78 /100 149 LITTLETON ROAD
“I went on a busy Saturday night. Since I was alone I was able to sit at the bar although be prepared to wait before you can get a table. The setting is like any chain pub and grill with a bar area, tables, and different decor on the wall. Burgers, sandwiches, Nachos, salads, and other typical pub food available. There are over 20 taps of interesting beers including one from The Alchemist. There are close to 100 bottles available. A good place to enjoy a meal and a night out.“
puboflyons 3975 days ago
78 /100 149 LITTLETON ROAD
“It was a crowded night, so the service was good considering. I like the decor. The beer selection was great, but mostly macros, but still very international in labels, so a great variety, and largely British in the offering which was nice and expected. Prices were good to high, but I have no real complaints. Portions on the small side for the price, but its not like I need the extra food. It seems to be a very popular place and appeared to be very clean.“
beerscout 4392 days ago
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