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76 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Nice place for a good brew on a fine terrace. Shop sells their own brews and other beers, interesting. By all means one of the best breweries in the Netherlands. (6-2012).“
franclh 391 days ago
88 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Visited many times“
fonefan 631 days ago
100 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Increíble site!!!“
danty 773 days ago
64 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Nothing special for my! Visit in summer, food was terrible“
KegTickers59 810 days ago
94 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“World-class place in the middle of nowhere, Netherlands - requires two trains from Amsterdam, with a few possible routes; I suggest a stop in Utrecht on the way back to hit the good bars there. 20 taps, with an impeccable selection, and everything available in 0.15L pours; staff will also do sips. A lot of the beers are high-gravity, so come prepared. The service is friendly but you always have to approach them if you want something - not uncommon in Europe, but some North Americans might interpret this as bad service. Do not miss the bottle shop in the back, with one of them most incredible bottle selections I’ve ever seen, and with very reasonable prices. If in the Netherlands, do not miss this place.“
mcberko 884 days ago
100 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
marsara 1235 days ago
100 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Among the best in Netherlands. And my favorite brewery!“
Wolfshade 1244 days ago
88 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Nice interior where you sit in the old mill building. Nice view on the water. 20 beers on tap that change regulary. Staff was friendly and service was quick. Hamburger was decend and the fries with them where tasty. Little shop with all there own beers (even one you cant get outside the brewery) and a very nice selection of other craft beers. Would go again if i had the change.“
MrRamy 1383 days ago
68 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“De bieren dubbel en dik oké! Stop met eten te verkopen! De burger, de viest mogelijke saus ooit (aangekochte bbq saus) broodje neigend naar zwart verbrand, de burger of mag ik gebakken americain prepare zeggen. Echt waar stop ermee!“
DraftWhisperer85 1383 days ago
84 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“De Molen is of course a great brewery, but they also have this brewpub with outside terrace and inside restaurant, that serves a decent lunch and dinner. There is also a brewstore. The choice of beers includes of course a lot of own brews, but also other breweries. Very nice place to be,“
DijkBier 1475 days ago
94 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Visited Sept 2016 for Borefts. Great atmosphere with lots of friendly beer fans, it was a great weekend. The festival was superb! I'll be back“
Cheeseboard 1549 days ago
90 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Nice cozy place. Liked tables near window sights to river. Taps was mainly de molen, but there was also omnipollo and some other holland crafts. Food was excellent and service was great. About 1 hour train trip (1 train change) from amsterdam but totally worth it!“
k0mpsa 1575 days ago
82 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Great place located in old windmill. Decent food and good selection of beers. The shop full of De Molen and guest beers. Worth to go by train from Leiden.“
maszkaron79 1577 days ago
86 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Pech met de keuze van een paar biertjes, maar het eten is echt goed en niet te duur“
Steentje 1635 days ago
76 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Bit of a hassle to get to, but a great location under the mill. Good selection on tap and you can grab more stuff from the shop. Service is patchy. Well worth a vist during the Borefts festival.“
mccmc12 1796 days ago
86 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Encantador sitio con buen ambiente. Visitado durante el Borefts.“
cesarpball 1821 days ago
80 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Comfy spot with a nice indoor and outdoor area. Staffed by many beer geeks, but although knowledge was there service was only OK. Maybe this is how it is in Holland, but waiting with an empty glass is just not right. Big selection and you can drink any bottle from the shop. Corkage is a bit higher though. Taster pours and wifi make this easier for tickers. Food was decent.“
Ferris 1824 days ago
86 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Visit on 29th April 2017 (although I had been there a couple of times before). A 45min drive south of Amsterdam. Parking on-site and seating inside and outside. Just missed the tour but had a late lunch which was good quality. Nice choice of beers on tap - usual, a few barrel aged and also some from guest breweries. Available in taster (15cl) or 25cl servings. Visited the shop afterwards (which is accessible through the bar) - good choice and value.“
R4N5H 1841 days ago
76 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Visited for the shop today, while passing by Bodegraven. Seems there’s no seperate entry for the shop. Visited the tastingroom during past editions of Borefts. Nice location with the actual mill. Nice choice of beers on tap as I glanced while passing by towards the shop. Shop off course has a lot of recent Molen releases and guest beers from Borefts guest brewers and then some. The place is small but offers nice beers. Prices are as fair as it gets.“
sjogro 1872 days ago
88 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Update 25 May 2019: Visited the brewpub for a lunch at the terrace, some beer and a quick look in the shop. Free parking nearby or on their own parking. Service was very good. Friendly staff, thoughtful and quick. Food was tasty, and so were the beers. Actual tap list of 20 beers is displayed on their website so you can make your choice. Besides own beers also quite a lot from other breweries. Price for the food and tap beers is ok. Visited the shop afterwards. A lot of their own beers, of course, but also some collabs and other breweries. Mostly breweries of recent collabs or festivals, I presume. Prices in the shop are a bit steep. Nice place to visit for drinking and buying great beers in a good ambiance.“
EvNa 1896 days ago
82 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“nice place near a lovely canal. good selection on tap.the staff is friendly. However the goodies store is very badly stocked, it’s really damaging. Regarding the food you are in Holland then pass your way. “
ericnaiskaia 1903 days ago
84 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Visited while attending Borefts. Very busy of course during the festival. Nice tap list and the bottle shop was superb. Not just De Molen beers available. The photo does not do the brewpub justice. Lovely setting in a lovely town. Took train from Copenhagen with one change. Well worth your visit.“
RobertDale 1905 days ago
86 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Visited during 2016 Borefts. Visited the brewpub and the bottle shop. Nice ambiance, the mill and the backyard canal creating an unique setting. Bottle shop was very nice with great prices. Lots of de Molen beers, but also other breweries. The brewpub was occupied by Brewdog and Cigar City, so can’t judge the usual selection but looking at the online menu it seems very good. The burgers were tasty. Worth visiting.“
Iznogud 1955 days ago
68 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Erg beperkt aanbod. Wat molen bier en een stelling anders. Hopelijk was hier een reden voor en had ik vandaag gewoon pech. Maar als dit onder de nieuwe eigenaar zo blijft kunnen ze de shop net zo goed sluiten“
Kristoffer1 1957 days ago
90 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Lovely canal setting with open fires. About 12 taps of De Molen /Dutch/Foreign beers. Excellent food with friendly service. There’s also a shop attached selling a wide range of de Molen & other beers.“
simontomlinson 2001 days ago
82 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“I’ve been there in 2013 Borefts. Great beer place with delicious food choices. Great selection of De Molen’s gems. Loved the atmosphere and the polite service... “
skullgeorge 2008 days ago
94 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Je suis allé dans le cadre du Borefts 2016, donc une note à pondéré avec ce qu’est le café les reste du temps, en attendant le coin est magnifique le cadre au top et la bouffe génial, on va pas parler de ce que l’on trouvait en boutique c’était le borefts ça compte pas...“
freretoc 2058 days ago
82 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“For me the best way to assess a visit to De Molen is to look at the whole journey. So for me this means a comfortable 1hr train trip from Amsterdam Central with a change at Utrecht (10.50 euro each way) and a stroll through the very calm and very very quiet (and almost quaint) streets of Bodegraven. In some ways the brewery cafe is a little unremarkable (ok save for the windmill!!) but attentive friendly service and high quality tap list provide the cream. 20 or so taps with De Molen making up a little over half but the remainder very carefully chosen. Nothing is ’cheap’ and my 6 beers cutting across the whole range cost 26 euro but in the context of the quality completely acceptable. Bar snacks were filling and very fairly priced. Not one of my best ever beer venue experiences but very good and I’m so glad I made the effort to get off the beaten track.“
Stew41 2067 days ago
82 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
Visited on july 2015.
Amazing brewpub with small bottleshop - place full of DeMolens beers. Everything is here on one place, including rare pieces of course. Where else is better option to pick De Molen, than by them own self? Nice selection of Belgians, too. Friendly and helpful staff, good prices. I just like this old mill! (and their beers!)“
Ascelja 2119 days ago
84 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Large brewpub which is easy to find, just look for the windmill. Nice, wooden interior, very cozy, with a view on a small canal and a decent patio outside. Quite large and good taplist with mostly their own beers, quite a few specials available, plus some guest brews which do also not lack quality. Prices are a bit high, even for their own beers, but tasting glasses can be ordered. The staff is usually knowledgeable about what they offer, and quite helpful but actually not overly so. Although the shop was closed on a Sunday, I was allowed to go there on my own and take out the beers I wanted to buy. The offerings there are mainly De Molen beers, but other interesting stuff from the US or Scandinavia can be found as well, this time for rather reasonable prices as far as I can say. Really a great place, one of my favourites of the country so far.“
Zlotta 2129 days ago
84 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Does suffer from being out of the way, not on a direct public transport route between any of the major cities. But well worth the detour. The renovation work has coincided with the increase in the number of beer taps and hence the guest beers. Quite modern feeling, but sort of homely as well.“
Scotty001 2139 days ago
92 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon in June, the weather was great so I was surprised not to find the place packed, especially considering its situation in a windmill on the banks of a river that passes through Bodegraven. As the De Molen brewery tap (the brewery itself is not far from this original brewery site) there is a great selection of their own beers on tap plus a few guest beers as well. I had the Rasputin, the Hel & Verdoemenis (Imperial Stout) and the Imperial Stout which was brewed in collaboration with Cigar City brewery. All were top notch, strong tasting, full bodied imperial stouts but still with their own unique character. After discussion on our table the Hel & Verdoemenis (the flagship Imperial Stout of De Molen, according to the barman) came out as the best of those we tried. They have a food menu as well but I went there for the beers so didn’t pay much attention but what I saw coming out of the kitchen looked impressive. There is a beer garden as well and of course a small shop with a huge selection of bottles, and a few t-shirts and glasses. Bear in mind that you can find the bottles cheaper in the supermarkets in Holland but obviously the selection is much bigger in the shop and they have limited edition ones as well. Considering De Molen played such an important part in the Dutch beer revolution it’s one of the must visit places for the beer traveller.“
nocheinbier 2166 days ago
90 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“I had lunch here and several beers. Also got to buy a lot of De Molen beers in the shop. Super friendly staff managed by MrHangover that also brought us a box of out of date beers to freely pick out beers to bring back home. Great food and super fresh beers. Great place indeed!“
Plovmand 2237 days ago
90 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Nice brewpub and small bottleshop in an Old mill decorated in old country farmhouse style. Great selection ; 18 taps and numberous bottle mainly of de Molen own brew, but also some american and other dutch etc. Good service and ok prices.“
Guruhso 2237 days ago
76 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“Bezocht op een zondagmiddag tijdens presentatie Tsarina Esra Ardbeg. Fantastische locatie sfeervol en zelfs bij drukte kun je je zelf er goed verstaanbaar maken. 20 bier van de tap is niet echt veel, jammer dat er niet ook een flessenkaart gehanteerd wordt. Bediening is vriendelijk en prijzen zijn zeker redelijk te nomen. kom hier zeker terug.“
rikstar 2290 days ago
70 /100 OVERTOCHT 43
“New rating, visited dec 15 - Ok, change of ownership, what shall I say. Tables were occupied by a sort of incrowd. The girl in charge, laughing too loud and not my piece of cake. But 20 taps, great beer, place nicely renovated, food ok, but no longer special. Unfortunately the shop was a disapointment. Much smaller collection. But when you’re in the neighbourhood must visit. Rating before change of ownership: Based on a lot of visits. The place changed of ownership so my rating is ’history’. Loved the ambiance and athmosphere of Eet en Bierlokaal. Friendly service, knowledge of beer, but sometimes slow. Great food, huge fan of the Molentosti and the duck. Last time I visited they served swan, amazing. 10 taps with nice Molen beers and now and than a guest tap for a world class brewery like Beavertown, Struise. Shop was overwhelming. So many high class beers in such a little space. Prices cheap, to ok, to high for hard to find beers in the shop.“
AamvH 2314 days ago