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76 /100 908 N JOHNSON ST.
“Good selection of singles. I got about 10 IPAs and they had alot of the KBS and CBS stouts you want. Not a real large beer section, but a good one.“
Ron 885 days ago
98 /100 1304 S WENONA ST
“One of Mid Michigan’s hidden gems. In the basement of Arbeitoer Hall. Has a tap list of 30 beers, and good food. Try the fries. The only negative would be finding a parking spot when there is a wedding going on in the Hall.“
Whispering 2391 days ago
80 /100 1108 N WATER ST
“This place has a great ambiance for drinking beer. Imported wood and stone bar, wood floor, steins hanging everywhere, german food, and frequent live entertainment. Their taps have a good mix of German, other imports, and local craft. Their bottle selection is well rounded as well with imports, U.S. and local crafts. This is a place that local beer lovers frequent.“
Wolfencharm 3766 days ago
94 /100 908 N JOHNSON ST.
“I've been going here for years for a good beer selection (wine, scotch, and other also). If they don't have it, ask. The owner and staff here are friendly, want your business, and are willing to bring in what you want if they can. Note there are 2 Bay City locations.“
Wolfencharm 3957 days ago
90 /100 908 N JOHNSON ST.
“Always great friendly help to assist. Pretty decent selection of beer, regardless of taste. Overall good selection of liqours and wine too. I stop in often to look for new selections. If you don’t see what yo u want, ask and they will order it if it is avaialable.“
PoppaK 4312 days ago
86 /100 908 N JOHNSON ST.
“Great little store with an exceptional staff. Very helpful and friendly. Owner had some gems hidden away. Good selection. The store is tiny but that’s ok because it looks crazy full. Good liquor selection.“
polomagnifico 4437 days ago
78 /100 1108 N WATER ST
“What a find! The only door open on a Saturday night (granted, April 3, 2010 on Easter weekend) in this part of Bay City. Steins galore hang from the ceiling, and there’s a massively huge bar indoors. I had a bottle of Bell’s Oberon to get that head start on a Slice of Summer in Michigan. Not many people there, but the service was good and friendly and My Stars, there was Hofbrau Helles on tap! Fresh and delicious. If you ever have to visit your sister in Saginaw (sorry Liz), here’s a place you can always retreat to for some fine refreshment. I will return if the Beer Gods are willing, and try more of the menu. Highly recommended.“
Mooncattie 4918 days ago
88 /100 908 N JOHNSON ST.
“A great little place and by far the best beer source in Bay County. The staff is friendly and helpful and they’ve become more beer oriented in the past couple of years. The beer selection is very good, mainly from Michigan and surrounding areas but with a decent number of imports. They have a good bit of wine and Scotch, too.“
jollyraider 5457 days ago
88 /100 908 N JOHNSON ST.
“I love this store! It’s a few blocks from my house...the staff is always friendly and helpful. I’ve had them help me with parties..great people. Pretty good selection and they are always willing to order what isn’t on their shelves.“
msinformed 5870 days ago
88 /100 908 N JOHNSON ST.
“Very helpful and pleasant staff. A great selection of micros, domestic & international beers. Great single malt selection as well. I visit every time I’m in Bay City.“
bmarshall 6079 days ago
76 /100 1108 N WATER ST
“Great ambiance, good food and mediocre beer selection. A handful of Dragonmead on tap make this a good stop.“
SpudClampDawg 6567 days ago
70 /100 1108 N WATER ST
“The place is pretty cool, covered in old steins and German stuff. 4 DragonMead micros, 2 HBs, and maybe Guinness on tap, about 100 bottles featuring Bell’s and HB. Also a few Belgians, Germans, and American micros. I’d guess they have the largest selection of the bars in Bay City.“
jollyraider 7047 days ago
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