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90 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Short's was a short distance from Shanty Creek where we stayed in Michigan. Situated in the small town of Bellaire, the brewpub has a large amount of seating as it basically encompasses 3 buildings with the store, plus an outdoor seating area. A huge selection of beers, many experimental and unique. The food was really tasty. My son and I ordered the Joppa pizza. Also had the buffalo and blue cheese dip. Really a fine pleasant experience. There was live music also in the evening. Great atmosphere.“
tennisjoel 1405 days ago
72 /100 4800 S M 88 HWY
“Newly remodeled lounge and lanes with good food and craft beer on tap.“
bpar73 1431 days ago
90 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Loved Shorts! One of the highlights of my Great Lakes tour (along with Bellwoods in Toronto). Shorts is a large place with multiple rooms, 2 bars, and a nice patio too. Food is is their try that for certain on your first visit. They had "18" beers when I visited (plus a couple of ciders...visitor taps I would suspect). Standouts for me were the Beard of Zeus American pale lager, Huma Lupa Licious (best of the offerings...took a couple of these with me in Crowlers), Sacred Union IPA, Melt My Brain Golden Ale (with coriander, juniper berries, and lime), and Slurm NEIPA (another great one), Trust me...this is a destination brewery...worth going out of your way for...cute little town too...with a few other interesting places to visit. Don't miss it!“
PRBeer 1446 days ago
86 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“This was a "mecca" stop for me, so expectations were high, and mostly met. Downtown brewpub vibe, but bright, and they’re taking up at least three formerly separate units, or so it appears. Very large place. The bar seems to straddle two of the units. Had a quesadilla, which was very good. Neighboring patrons’ food looked and smelled awesome (so if "macaroni & cheese" ended up in my aroma notes...). About a million beers on tap, of many different varieties. Quality ranges from above average to very good. A couple standouts. Street parking was easy. Moderate crowd lunchtime on a weekday. Staff were friendly and helpful, but it was a bit hard to get the bartender’s attention at times. Good selection of beer to go in the retail store a couple doors down (I think they’re moving one door closer soon). Destination brewery.“
Drake 1828 days ago
92 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Fantastic visit. Visited on a quiet weekday afternoon. Service was great and the taplist was full of interesting things, as one expects from Short’s. I had a fantastic meal here too. Very much worth a detour down from Mackinaw Island to visit. Check out Short’s Mart next door.“
Msdrbeat 1832 days ago
100 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Short’s is the best brewpub I have ever been to. We want Short’s in South Korea.“
HopsCaptain39 1908 days ago
90 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“I’m pretty impressed with this place. It kinda has a weird layout and it is kinda loud, but they have an awesome tap selection, and the food is really good.“
Hopper8 1995 days ago
92 /100 3533 S. DERENZY ROAD UNIT #2
“ They've moved downtown to a new larger place with 20 meads and cjders on tap.“
bpar73 2166 days ago
72 /100 3388 W. EDDY SCHOOL RD
“Restaurant on the golf course with decent food and crafts on tap.“
bpar73 2168 days ago
72 /100 5820 SHANTY CREEK RD
“Beer and wine shop in the Shanty Creek Resort complex. Pretty good selection of craft beer and meads.“
bpar73 2468 days ago
64 /100 5820 SHANTY CREEK RD
“Little joint at Shanty Creek Resort. Decent grub and a few crafts on tap.“
bpar73 2468 days ago
74 /100
River Bistro (Restaurant)
2400 TROON DR S,
“Bar and grill on Shanty Creek Resort’s Cedar River golf course. Good food and a nice selection of bottled craft beer.“
bpar73 2496 days ago
70 /100 102 N. BRIDGE ST.
“Little place in back of a coffee shop downtown with seating for about 20-25 people. Good selection of craft beer in bottles and on tap“
bpar73 2622 days ago
100 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Ever changing. ever improving. The old hometown pub is still one of the best places on the planet.“
bpar73 2678 days ago
82 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“This is a fun place in the middle of nowhere. Shorts definitely does not have Michigan’s best beer, but I really admire their creativity with beer. They experiment like crazy - definitely try a sampler. The food is quite good also - definitely a plus for the place. Overall a fun, interesting place worth going out of your way for.“
smroush 2748 days ago
94 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Made the trip for their 10th anniversary party and it was great. They blocked the whole street off with 100 taps right outside. Complete with a variety of food trucks and live entertainment. This and seeing what they can do at other events they are clearly ahead of the game in that department. The pub itself on the event was very packed as expected but was still served quickly. Got some duck nachos that were fantastic and some brewery glassware to take home which are really nice. The tap selection inside is very vast and full of seasonals and specials. I can imagine its a great time on your normal weekend visit. I would love to go back.“
SpongeRuiner 2790 days ago
90 /100
Bellaire Smokehouse (Beer Store)
“Cool little shop behind a big Victorian house. They feature smoked meats but also have a cooler with a surprisingly nice variety of craft beer. The owner is an obvious craft beer lover and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Great place to check out if you are making the trek to Bellaire to go to Short’s .“
bpar73 2855 days ago
92 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Awesome atmosphere, always busy. 20 taps with rotating beers. Came back the next day and half of the beers had changed. Food is average. If you can find a place to sit, this place is great!“
kpachla02 2856 days ago
92 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“I’ve only been to Short’s one time so far, & that was for their 10th Anniversary party, in which they blocked off the entire street in front of their brewery & put 100 beers on tap. So my opinion might be skewed. But it was far & away the best beer "event" I have been to. TONS of people everywhere (thousands) but even with all those people - the Short’s crew handled the part perfectly. Plenty of scattered stands with tons of food items, you never had to wait too long for a beer (except for maybe the first 30 minutes, but that quickly died down & things ran smoothly the rest of the time). The brewery itself was still open, but packed (as expected). Nice vibe on the inside... Even being so crowded, we managed to get two orders of (DELICIOUS) duck nachos without much trouble. The tap list is updated on the website - they always have some interesting/cool shit on tap. That’s just how Joe Short rolls. I would love to visit again during a non-party, & I’m sure it would still be a kickass time in the quaint town of Bellaire.“
tectactoe 2872 days ago
88 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“One of Michigan’s best!!! Came up from Chi-Town for a beercation, and this was the highlight for sure. Great beer and good food, nuff said“
pablo951 2914 days ago
96 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“great beer. nice atmosphere, wide open spaces, when it gets busy it gets loud and a little chaotic, still one of my favorite places to be “
bunker 2971 days ago
90 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“The selection is huge and they have so many good beers. Located in Belaire, its hard for me to get up there but I’m really glad I made the trip. The food is really good and everyone was really friendly.“
hubermi12 3012 days ago
94 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Cool place and awesome beer, and fun atmosphere. The only downside is how busy the place always is. Chocolate Wheat Iis good, hazy days awesome and smokey flavor. Servers nice and lots of choices.“
biertaster1 3197 days ago
76 /100
Toonies (Restaurant)
“Nice local place with good food and an improved selection of local brews.“
bpar73 3219 days ago
90 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Michigan never ceases to amaze. In this refurbished hardware store in a little northern MI village is a great brewpub. Wonderful chilled-out vibe, friendly service. Splended selection of 20 beers on tap, additional bottles to be found. Good pub food. Great prices. A great place and well worth the drive over.“
OldMrCrow 3233 days ago
78 /100
Dockside (Restaurant)
“Super busy place in the summer. Awesome Torch Lake views from their deck.“
bpar73 3243 days ago
92 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“I’ve been trying to stop here for years and finally made it while picking up a keg for a wedding. Excellent brewpub. Spacious, relaxed space, 20 of their beers on tap, a bunch of bottle, and great sandwiches. I had the roast beef sandwich with a sweet tomato and balsamic vinegar paste, and a lot of beer.“
dalekliz 3287 days ago
78 /100 5085 SHANTY CREEK RD
“Sports bar with lots of TVs, decent food and selection of craft beer.“
bpar73 3322 days ago
94 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“In a quiet little Michigan village sits one of the most incredible brewpubs in the country. I was expecting a nice place but really exceeded my expectations. A selection of 20 taps pretty much guarantees you will find something you like and many of them sessionable. Incredibly friendly service. I was there at lunch time so wasn’t too crowded - seemed to be extremely popular among the retired crowd in the area but also family friendly and a selection of locally made soft drinks. Food was very good. Love this part of Michigan anyway, but this is a jewel in the crown.“
shrubber85 3336 days ago
74 /100 5780 SHANTY CREEK RD
“At the bottom of Schuss Mountain’s slope. Really busy atmosphere during the ski season. 5 different craft beer on tap and others in bottles along with the usual macro-brews.“
bpar73 3370 days ago
46 /100
Bellaire BP (Beer Store)
“Just a gas station with some beer. But they do carry Short’s, so props for that!“
bpar73 3377 days ago
74 /100 217 N BRIDGE ST
“Nice hometown bar atmosphere with great bar burgers and a good selection of brews.“
bpar73 3407 days ago
62 /100 611 E CAYUGA ST
“Just a gas station/ convenience store that has a nice mix of the standard macros and craft brews.“
bpar73 3408 days ago
70 /100
Lakeview Restaurant (Restaurant)
“Part of Shanty Creek Resorts. Nice selection of craft beers . Great food and views of Lake Bellaire and the ski slopes.“
bpar73 3428 days ago
84 /100
Family Fare - Bellaire (Grocery Store)
“Surprisingly nice selection of craft beers. Craft beers have as much, if not more, space in their cooler than the mega brews. It’s still just a grocery store, so expert service may be lacking, but prices are reasonable. Newsflash! They have added a substantial section of craft single from around the country and the world. Awesome!“
bpar73 3475 days ago
88 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Stopped in on the honeymoon brew tour. Definitely worth the 45+ min. drive from TC. Bellaire is a cute little town, and Shorts is a cute little brew pub, with nice worn brick and an old-timey kind of feel. Plenty of room in there, but on our particular visit everyone was crammed into the close side near the bar, which is cool. Nice menu selections. Didn’t try the pizzas but they sound good. They have at least 20 taps and a wide selection of bottles, which I took a bunch to go. Very friendly and helpful staff and decent prices. Will definitely go back next time I’m up that way, which hopefully won’t be too far into the future.“
574deadzone 3503 days ago
84 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“I finally made it here this summer for the first time, and have now visited a total of five times. Good ambiance, great selection, and always an interesting crowd. A couple recent visits were rewarded by at least eight beers that were not on tap in July, a testament to the diverse, ever-rotating tap offerings. The food selection is somewhat limited, and care must be taken to avoid palate-killing ingredients. The brewpub gets quite busy, and the bar seems to be the place to be for quick service. One of the standout breweries in Michigan, and the brewpub does not disappoint.“
Silphium 3553 days ago
98 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“This place was outstanding. The selection was very nice with quite a variety of styles. I got an appetizer, a sandwich, and a flyte of beers and was thoroughly impressed by them all. The food was great, the beers were great, and the atmosphere was very nice. One of my favorite breweries and one of my favorite taprooms.“
jbrana 3582 days ago
92 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Easy to find location with street parking. Middle of the afternoon on saturday and the place was very busy. Got a seat at the bar direct in front of chalk board with beer. list. Freindly service and good knowledge of beers. Started with tap list and server (Amy) allowed me to do three samples at a time. I had nine new beers for me and half where not on page. No food. Short trip from Traverse City, but long trip from Cincy. I will return when within 60 miles.“
Tmoney99 3622 days ago
94 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“located in the small town of bellaire. the process of placing an order is somewhat frustrating. food was pretty good, but the beers are fantastic. the creativity is some of the best in the whole beer industry.“
rumproasts 3667 days ago
90 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“A great stop with a ton of shorts beer on tap. Bottles are plentyful as well. Food is nothing special, but service is great and Joe the brewer is often around to answer questions.“
deyholla 3673 days ago
86 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Fun stop if your in the area!“
CMK 3726 days ago
88 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Went out of our way to visit while in the area last spring and was not disappointed. Didn’t have a meal, but enjoyed a fresh, great-tasting Anniversary Ale!“
blackflag321 3775 days ago
94 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Shorts is awesome! Tons of unique beers on tap, good food, and fun things to look at. The only complaint...why no wait staff? It makes things pretty annoying when you have to place your order (beer and food) at the window, wait for it, and walk it back yourself. When it gets crowded the line gets long. Oh well, still one of the best brewpubs in Michigan!“
RudiNicole 3816 days ago
96 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Very nice brewery in a renovated old building which lends a nostalgic feel. The beer here is always outstanding, with 16 - 20 unique taps typically available. Short’s really pushes the envelope on creativity - and does it well. You can always count on being able to try something you’ve never heard of - or even thought of. The Huma Lupa Licious, Bludgeon Yer Eye, Imperial Spruce India Pilsner, Captain Fantasy, Smore’s Stout, Mystery Stout, are some of my favorite brews anywhere, and I always look forward to their anniversary beer. I’ve always had great service here, and the bartenders, though generally quite busy, are very friendly and fairly well-versed in the beer. The pub has a tiny little closet of a kitchen off the end of the bar, but they prepare surprisingly good food in it. This place is a must-visit every time I get to northern Michigan.“
bruwery 3836 days ago
80 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Brewpub of a microbrewer in a very pretty part if the state. Nice place with a comfortable feel. Staff were very nice, order food, which is quite good, and beer at the bar. A nice taproom touch. Tried 10 of 18 beers in tap. They do seem to be going the dogfishhead route with lots of atypical beers. I avoided the oddball beers, e.g. Key lime pie. Of the 10 I tried only one missed the mark. Most were good and three including an oak barrel aged old ale were excellent. Well worth a visit.“
KPD 3888 days ago
72 /100 121 N BRIDGE ST
“Four of us stopped in on a beer trip. This is a nice drive from Grand Rapids. It is in a delightful little town and the small town atmosphere comes through so well. One would never guess they brew such good beer because of the unassuming nature of the brewery. So comfortable here. The beer is also very good and the sandwiches we had were quite nice. I am so glad we stopped in.“
Strykzone 3895 days ago
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