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80 /100 575 S ETON ST
“About 20-30 mins driving north of downtown Detroit, but close-ish to many other worthwhile spots. Large interior, with tons of bar and table seating. Almost 20 house taps, with flights available or individual 5 oz pours available — very reasonably priced at $1.50-3.50 per 5 oz pour. Extremely friendly service. Beer quality was very good. I didn’t order food, but they had some vegan options (including the Impossible Burger). Worth a stop when in Greater Detroit.“
mcberko 1367 days ago
80 /100 575 S ETON ST
“I came here on 12.11.2019. Large brewery with a nice pub and merchandising shop. Roughly 20 beers on tap. Too many very strong beers (12%) unfortunately. Liked all beers I tasted and service and music were great. Definitely A brewery you should visit when you are in the area.“
Schlenkerla 1479 days ago
82 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Visited after dinner on a Tuesday. Located on the edge of the shopping district of Birmingham. Parking is in the lot behind the brewery as well as on the street. The design of the brewery is very indoor / outdoor with large garage door windows open to a big outside space with picnic tables, and a big bar area. The beer selection is 18 house beers, available as full pours, taster flights or growler. Food looked good, though I had already eaten. Friendly but kind of slow service. Brewery visible past bar. Nice setup, tasty beers. (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1509 days ago
100 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Love everything about this place“
Brewgeois 2562 days ago
74 /100 575 S ETON ST
“High end restaurant brewpub. Beer was very good with a nice selection by quantity. Service was also very good- lots of staff and friendly. Busy place with families. No expense spared with the facility... “
strongpieman 2686 days ago
82 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Probably one of the better...if not best brewery in the greater Detroit area. They had 16 beers and 2 ciders when we visited last Sunday. The taproom is very nice...kind of industrial chic I guess you’d say. There was also an outdoor patio as well as a covered patio. I could see this would be a fun place to hang out when crowded. It was slow though on this past Sunday afternoon when we visited. Note that with the large number of beers...there was a large variety of styles...nonetheless...there was a very strong hoppy representation. Norm’s Raggedy Ass IPA was a good one...along with Oops-A-Hefe (lots of hops)...and Norm’s Simcoe-nicety IPA. This place is a must visit while in the Detroit area...having said that I should probably clarify that Griffin Claw might only by an above average location in a more craftbeer centric area (like Grand Rapids)...but’s a must visit.“
PRBeer 2712 days ago
92 /100 575 S ETON ST
“went with some friends tonight. we were lucky and arrived at the right time, was able to get a table right away. food very good my wife had the pulled pork sandwich, I had the beer can chicken our friends had the prime rib sandwich and the pulled pork, all was good. beer wise I had the bourbon pumpkin and the 3 stooges very good my wife had a flight of 4 beers. all were good. Highly recommend this place.“
walleye 2918 days ago
82 /100 575 S ETON ST
“I grew up almost walking distance from here and never would have guessed that someday there’d be a legitimate brewpub here. So, the setting gets some bonus points for me. Space is also really cool, with lots of indoor and outdoor space that can be combined as weather allows. Bar has decent view of brewing facility as well. Bartender was knowledgeable and attentive. Prices are a little above average Detroit brewpub prices but on-par for the rather upscale location. Will be back to try the food.“
drdisque 3010 days ago
82 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Have only been a couple times but I plan on going more. A very nice place inside with a good tap list. Always solid bottle sales and I know they now do spirits which is interesting. Decent food. Pretty cool bartenders ready to give samples of what you’re thinking to try. Solid brew. A place that always has the Red Wing games on which definitely boasts their rating for me. Follow on Instagram for nearly everyday tap list updates which is another big one for me. A nice outdoor area with heaters. Overall a nice place.“
SpongeRuiner 3225 days ago
86 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Visited: 9/20/14 Ambiance: Really cool place with lots of hard wood and ripple metal everywhere, old school lamps and open space. Bar holds about 16-20 patrons with plenty of tables inside and outside. Service: Solid bartenders and servers, knowledgeable about the beer, if it wasnt for them botching my to go growler order, It would have been a 10. Selection: they had 16 beers on tap with a great variety including three sours which were solid. Its hrd to find a place that does good sours especially not being known for them Food: Solid menu and the food came out with great care, had a burger with egg and it was cooked perfectly, left full for sue. Value: wasnt a cheap walk in the park but for 5 beers, two growlers, food only cost about 65 bucks. Overall, I wish this place was where I lived...this is the type of brewery that I would live at. Enough Said. Solid.“
merc7186 3320 days ago
80 /100 575 S ETON ST
“In a bit of a residential neighbourhood this trendy and very nice industrial complex stands out. Lots of bench seating and a nice patio, this industrial location is quite nice. Service is all very young, hip and knowledgeable staff. Selection is pretty large with many of their own beers. We didn’t eat, but the menu looked good. Prices were decent. The beer was good, better than I think the reviews depict. One of my biggest surprises in MI.“
Ferris 3364 days ago
80 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Upscale place for an upscale neighborhood. Cool vibe on the inside, nice selection of good beers, but be prepared to pay big. Prices are quite high, even for smaller samples. Food is pretty tasty, service was fine. I like it here but my wallet cannot afford to visit too often.“
tectactoe 3383 days ago
82 /100 575 S ETON ST
“When I was driving to the tap room for the first time, I thought for sure that I would just end at some house that had been converted into a brewery. After driving through a residential area for awhile, the street had a short little row of commercial properties - one of which is Griffin Claw Brewing Company. It’s a nice joint with an "open" feel to it. It has a good selection of their brews on tap - regular, seasonal, and limited releases. All of the beers I sampled were of passable quality, with a couple being really good - nothing disappointed. The wait staff is courteous, and the place seems to draw fellow beer fanatics.The food is alright, but it serves it’s purpose, and the bill at the end of the night was truly easy to digest.“
ARH 3390 days ago
68 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Modern brewpub/restaurant with long bar. Long selection of product, a good range. Recommended stop. People liked thej food. Nicer part of the state.“
Sammy 3417 days ago
78 /100 575 S ETON ST
“A fairly new spot in Birmingham with a nice atmosphere, good service, and a nice selection. I didn’t eat, but they do have food and I’ve heard from a friend at it’s good. Beers are overpriced though. Still, definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
b3shine 3501 days ago
82 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Finally made it to this brewery and I was not dissapointed. Its in a good location and has a cool atmosphere. They have a pretty big draft list and all the beers I had were really high quality. The food was good and the service was good too. Will definetely be back!“
hubermi12 3562 days ago
86 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Great place so far! Not the closest to us, but we’ve still made two or three trips since it’s opened. Good beer = obvious. Food is pretty good so far, too; standard bar food with some more unique twists. A smaller menu, but so far what they do, they do well. The biergarten is fantastic. I haven’t eaten inside once, to be honest! Service is good so far. Only caveat is steeper prices, even on beer (I find it unusual when I go to the actual brewpub for a brewery and the pints are $6 or more). Interested to try their spirits when they start that up.“
firstsip 3710 days ago
76 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Was so excited for Big Rock beers to get their own proper place. And they are the best beers in the area. Not sure why there are not better ratings? The beer is super fresh and just about every category is represented. You walk in and select your own seat/table. The problem with that is every time I have gone to a table a server never comes. It must be hard for them to know someone is now sitting in their section? Why absolutely no vegetarian main course options? Some chips, guacamole, and salsa might even work. Or even a fish other than fish and chips? But the beer is the best! Can’t wait until bottles role into stores and growler fills are available.“
gearbike 3714 days ago
82 /100 575 S ETON ST
“The worst part is obviously the price. the lineup was solid though, and good range. the food was pretty good, but nothing great. The outdoor area is awesome and I like how it opens to the main area. It is still new so I think they are working through some kinks that come with that.“
ICEatALAMO 3767 days ago
88 /100 575 S ETON ST
“Good to see the fine beer from Big Rock made more available. Great move by ownership and the brewer. So they had 15 on draft last night, can try 4 oz tasters. Tried 12 and the range was good to outstanding. Some of my favorites were the saison, the wheats (3), the sours (2) and the lager, also had norms ipa an old fave and pale ale. The food was excellent and the staff were really great. Sharp place great addition to SE mi beer scene. For my tastes one of the 2 best brewers in metro detroit.“
KPD 3785 days ago
80 /100 575 S ETON ST
“very solid tap line up. building and equipment are gorgeous. food looked average but did not eat.Bring your check book!“
mikem409 3789 days ago
64 /100 34244 WOODWARD AVE
“big gourmet store with decent selection but jacked up prices“
mikem409 4157 days ago
66 /100 245 S. ETON
“acctualy an upscale chop house with a brewery inside so food is on higher side but the happy hour is killer!!! 2 buck house beers even 9 percent dbl ipa“
mikem409 4347 days ago
86 /100 245 S. ETON
“Had the sampler which included the imperial stout and the raggedy ass IPA, The beer was outstanding. The lead chief came over and admired the tasters as we lined them up on the table. It was a beautiful sight. The staff were really knowledgeable and very friendly. The food was extraordinary. I had a venison chop that was as good as anything I’ve had. Left with two growlers of the Imperial stout. This is not casual or inexpensive. “
KPD 4539 days ago
70 /100 245 S. ETON
“Came to Big Rock after a recommendation from some guys at Dragonmead. We only went because it was during Happy Hour, and they have $2 drafts and pretty awesome deals on appetizers. The place is very nice inside, and has a really cool feel, but were surrounded by dudes in suits drinking martinis. The beers were all good (just a limited selection of about 6) and they gave us free samples before we ordered our pints. If you are a beer lover in the area, head over during happy hour to sit at the bar for a really good deal. *The salmon cakes with corn salsa were amazing*“
RudiNicole 4556 days ago
62 /100 245 S. ETON
“You get what you pay for and we all did“
AdamHeenan 4781 days ago
76 /100 245 S. ETON
“Just wanted to stop in while I was in town with a friend, the beer is amazing, the only thing I didn’t like about the experience is the CHOPHOUSE part of it. If you just want to go in to sit at the bar and have a pint, you’re surrounded (literally, the bar is planted in the middle of the far end of the restaurant) by people eating. Big Rock does have a dress code for the restaurant, but not for the bar. So me and my beer loving friends sat at the bar surrounded by well dressed people. Wasn’t a problem for us, but still - it’s a minor aspect of the experience. The beer is some of the best in Michigan, if you have a chance, GET OVER THERE!“
BeNobleDark 4789 days ago
36 /100 245 S. ETON
“January 2010. Short review, because my visit was short. This seems to be a place trying to be an upscale steak house. They happen to have a central bar that happens to serve a few house-made beers. But you’d never know it unless you looked it up before hand. Tried one beer; it was OK. Wasn’t impressed with the atmosphere, because it wasn’t what I was looking for. (Brewery #494)“
Braudog 5055 days ago
80 /100 245 S. ETON
“This is not the place to go when you just want to throw down a few beers with the buddies. However, if you want an excellent meal (a bit pricey) and the opportunity to enjoy some excellent beer, then this may be the place for you. Almost every beer I tried was above average except one. When I explained to the waitress that the beer in question was infected, they replaced it quickly with another selection. The dinner on the patio in late June around dusk was an ideal setting. Well worth a stop.“
alexsdad06 5083 days ago
70 /100 245 S. ETON
“This place has some great beer, but its just not my thing. Too upscale, too expensive. If you want to impress your date, treat a client, etc. go for it, this place would be GREAT. But to go here for a few beers and hang out, don’t waste your time. They only have 5-6 beers at any given time, but they do have bottled to go or growlers, which is what I go for. Update: Ok, after coming back a couple times, I am a bit more impressed with this place. $2 beers for happy hour from 4-7 everday, beers are getting more impressive to me, but bottles and growlers are still a bit pricey.“
dmschefke 5343 days ago
78 /100 245 S. ETON
“Very upscale place. Not what you think in terms of what a brewery would look like. Square bar similar to goose island. Decorated to a T. White linens. Wine list awards posted everywhere. Valet parking for a Monday Lunch?? Food was top notch. Chili & burger were supherb. IPA & Scotch were solid. Great stop but make sure youre dressed for it. Bartenders & staff were very friendly. Head Brewer was great & gave us some sample bottles. Not your typical brewery. High end“
swoopjones 5345 days ago
70 /100 245 S. ETON
“An upscale restaurant with great food. The brewery part is kind of hidden but far from an afterthought. Not a huge selection but solid.“
gearbike 5521 days ago
78 /100 245 S. ETON
“First off, this place was not made for us, the beer geeks. Nor was it made for the college students or hipsters or conter-culturists or whatever. It was made for the cool upscale social and financial elite of suburban detroit. In addition to providing excellent food at high prices and an incredible list of wines and martinis, Big Rock allows its upscale customer a chance to explore the world of fine beer, outside the abc realm. In this sense this place is a massive success -covering a diversity of styles, they produce very crisp refreshing, tasteful and drinkable beers, not a bad beer in the lineup. The ambiance is great... for a upscale resturant.. but not what i want in a brewpub. Similarly the service was good, but the man spending a few bucks at the bar did not get the same attention as appetizer, entr’ee, dessert, fine wine table, and the bartender ’didn’t really like microbrews.’ All together this is a great place and a pleasant surprise after last month’s Basstone fiasco.“
yjb 5681 days ago
80 /100 245 S. ETON
“Upscale establishment. Nice bar area. Did not have any food. Just had their beers that they had on tap the day I was there. Nice, friendly bartender, but she didn’t come across as all that knowledgeable about their beers. Beers were decent, but the Boubon Russian Imperial Stout won hands down and made the visit all that more worthwhile.“
hotstuff 5726 days ago
80 /100 245 S. ETON
“First, the food is great. However, know that this place competes with high-end steakhouses like Morton’s, capital Grille, etc. This isn’t a mid-priced brewery. The beer is decent. I love the lounge upstairs. It’s a neat old railhouse in trendy Birmingham.“
mstockton 6329 days ago
74 /100 245 S. ETON
“Pretty upscale. They have some halfway-decent beer, and some unbelievable food. Great place for date night, as your date gets a nice meal and some atmosphere and you get some good beers. Unless your date is also into beers, then everybody wins (except possibly your wallet).“
alittlemelty 6356 days ago
78 /100 245 S. ETON
“I wouldn’t recommend taking kids to this place, and the food is excellent, but pricey! Nice variety of beers and the sample tray is a good time.“
Aggie80 6663 days ago
72 /100 245 S. ETON
“Nice place housed in a former train station. Upscale, collared shirt recommended although my Toledo Mudhens shirt didn’t get me kicked out. Friendly barkeeps. The only beer they serve is what they make. Fortunately it is fairly tasty. “
11026 6776 days ago
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