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78 /100 36000 GROESBECK HWY
“Another Kuhnhenn location, located right off the highway with a big parking lot. Large interior with tons of seating. Large taplist, like the other location, with everything order-able in 5 oz pours -- prices vary and can get extremely expensive for their vintage stuff. Super-friendly staff. Lots of bottles in the fridge to go as well. Since it's so close to the other location, not sure if they're both worth visiting, but it's worth checking online to see their current taplists.“
mcberko 1374 days ago
72 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“Small free dedicated parking lot. Medium sized wine shop with tall shelves. Service was average. Lots of singles of Impots. Selection was pretty good and the Belgian selection in particular was very good. Average pricing. Seemed not as picked over as many other places. I would come back.“
weihenweizen 2030 days ago
64 /100 35905 UTICA RD.
“Not too busy on the Saturday afternoon I went in, but I’d guess the place is busier when there’s a sports game on, judging by the big screen TVs. Service was nice. I ordered the fish n chips, which were very good, and had a small cup of the chicken chili, also very good. The beers, though, were another story. Out of the 6 beers I ordered in the flight, only one was good. While I enjoyed my time here, I don’t think I will be coming back unless the beer improves.“
chucklemation 3036 days ago
82 /100 17496 HALL RD
“Not a large variety of beers, but they only have craft beers, and there always seems to be something interesting that is difficult at best to find elsewhere. A unique selection, and if you happen to be grocery shopping here, it’s always a good idea to check out what they have.“
mikedR 3385 days ago
86 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“Visiting my parents in Macomb, and this was the closest good beer place. Impressed with the selection -- particularly the Belgians, which is very, very good. Overall a very good selection.“
mikedR 3386 days ago
98 /100
J Balwin’s (Restaurant)
16981 18 MILE RD
“I love eating at this place. I could eat here everyday. The food is great and the service is excellent. To top it off they have a pretty great selection of michigan beers. I was impressed.“
beermaven 4239 days ago
48 /100 35905 UTICA RD.
“The brewpub itself is cool inside, but my ambiance rating really took a hit because all the people around me where downing Mic. Ultras. Ordered the sampler, and I was disappointed with all 6 of the beers. The bartender was no help (didn’t even tell me the names of the unlabeled beers) and she was more interested in serving the dudes drinking Miller Lites. I only went to mark it off my list. I am actually more disappointed because I have heard one of the brewers speak at an event, and I expected to find more than a sports bar which brews beer on the side.“
RudiNicole 4472 days ago
38 /100 35905 UTICA RD.
“This was a lunch-time spot for me on a chilly Wednesday in January. I think I was the first customer in the door, actually, which was a little intimidating and had me wondering. But by the time I left there was a decent noontime crowd. The pub isn’t too different than any sports bar in America, dominated by big TVs everywhere, and in a unique Michigan twist -- Lotto. Negative points for all the Coors Light and Corona crap everywhere, even hanging off their own fermentation tanks! Ugh. I tried two of the five offered house beers, both of which were average. The food was OK, too, but nothing to make me pine for a return visit. (Brewery #497)“
Braudog 5060 days ago
68 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“This is a very convenient location for me, but I’ll only buy my beer here if I’m in a real pinch. They have a nice selection of MI stuff, and a nice selection of single bottles, and pretty generous hours, but I’m just not willing to pay their prices. I’ve also been overcharged on numerous occasions here (shame on me)... Although Champane’s hours make it harder for me to get there, and it’s out of my way, they have a bigger selection, with better prices, and a super friendly / knowledgeable staff.“
jshie234 5061 days ago
82 /100 35905 UTICA RD.
“Finally went here last night 5/09/09. Good family sports brewery/restaurant. 20 to 25 TV’s lots of seating, outside area to eat. I had the Oak Barrel Fajitas, my wife had Asiago Chicken Ciabatta. Did the sampler beer above average except the Shark Tooth Bay Golden Ale which was not good at all.“
walleye 5325 days ago
68 /100 35905 UTICA RD.
“Food is good, beer is good. Not a bad place to go to dinner and have some fun, but nothing special. Menu is pretty extensive and have daily specials. Growlers for $7 any day of the week is not half bad either.“
dmschefke 5375 days ago
60 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“I am just not impressed with this place. Selection is decent, but prices are on the high end. I guess, if I lived in Clinton Township or Mt Clemens, I would like this place more, but I go through the area a lot and wouldn’t make a detour to stop in this place. They have an impressive singles isle, but nothing that most decent stores in the Detroit area don’t have also.“
dmschefke 5380 days ago
84 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“Real good beer selection, not as much as Embassy but much cheaper! Staff always willing to help you out. Great wine selection and liquor.“
saber2th 5584 days ago
94 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“This is a great little party store. They have the largest selection of regional beers I’ve ever seen, and their single bottle wall is huge. I have a kegerator, and Dave goes out of his way to get me the beer I want, where other stores just say they can’t get it. If I’m within ten miles, this is the only place I’ll buy my beer.“
FlyFishingBob 5603 days ago
78 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“Very nice selection and pretty good prices...not as good as Champane’s prices, but better than Embassy. Good selection of singles.“
mattmc1973 5723 days ago
86 /100
Parkway Beverage (Beer Store)
“great selection, lots of michigan, california and belgian beers, extremely friendly staff that actually drinks some of the beers and will get in anything they can if you ask for it, their prices seem to have gone up a bit, but they are no where near the pirates at Embassy, definite stop if you are in the area 16 mile and M-97/Groesbeck“
lunaticharness 5768 days ago
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