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40 /100 21930 MICHIGAN AVE
“Came here on 17.1.2022. Located on the opposite side of Jolly Pumpkin at Michigan Avenue. Quite dirty and unorganized place. Around 10 beers on tap. The Hazy IPA I had was just ok and did cost 8.50 $ !!! No need to visit this place. Just stay away.“
Schlenkerla 687 days ago
60 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“I’m not sure why this place has such high ratings. I found the store disorganized, a bit dingy and worst of all their selections were all on warm shelves. Buying a hazy IPA with unknown canning date off a warm shelf is risky business.“
Iphonephan 1638 days ago
76 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Visited on a Saturday early afternoon. It's located behind what appears to be a busier street of shops and restaurants. Large open parking lot provides plenty of parking. They have a pretty vast selection of beer, cider, mead, wine, and liquor. They have a hefty focus on Michigan, but there is plenty of stuff form around the country and the world, sorted out by country. I found a nice selection of imports as well as some nice Michigan meads. The pricing was nice as well. Some of the meads were under $5 for 12 ounce bottles. Really enjoyed perusing here. I would visit again for sure.“
JStax 1872 days ago
70 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Visited late afternoon on a Thursday. Located in downtown Dearborn, you can enter either through the streetside front or the back, with the back side backing up to a big public parking lot. Large liquor store, with the beer located on the right hand side of store. Beer is in a long cooler, as well as 4 warm racks. Additionally, there were a bunch of special release by entrance. Selection is solid, with some singles scattered around. Decent import selection.

70 = **½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2046 days ago
64 /100 22091 MICHIGAN AVENUE
“Visited for happy hour on a Wednesday. Located in downtown Dearborn, parking is street or in public lots ~ 2 blocks away. Typical sports bar setup, with restaurant area and large bar area. Looked to be 35 craft taps, with a solid selection of Michigan beers. Service was prompt and friendly. Solid place to grab a beer in Dearborn.

64 = ** (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2046 days ago
76 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“This place is kind of on the back of where the GPS took me. 1-hour free park lot. Place is a worn grocery store. No service to speak of. Some guy named bear was busy ordering beer from a distributer. Pricing seemed going rate. Beer selection was quite good. Fair amount of bare shelves that this place could put out more beer. I would go back for sure.“
weihenweizen 2093 days ago
80 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Visited on a Friday night in early July 2015. Picked up a bunch of nice local bottles. Huge selection. For some reason I wrote down "Dragon Lady!" and can't remember why. Check the expiry dates on the bottles. Worth a visit. (3/8/13/NA/8/16) 80“
mabel 2231 days ago
60 /100 21930 MICHIGAN AVE
“Average beers - nothing that would make me come back nor seek it out. Only stopped by to meet some High School friends who live in the area that I have not seen in 30 years. A little bit of a hole in the wall vibe.“
hopdog 2309 days ago
70 /100 21930 MICHIGAN AVE
“Decent enough place...and close to the airport (which is what got me there as I had about 90 mins to kill before having to turn in my rental and head for my flight). Note that you should park in the back and come in from the back...the front door is open but the busy main drag had no parking spots. The taproom was very long but not wide...and the décor was fairly plain. What saved the place was the very nice husband and wife running it...and some decent beers (and their proximity to the airport). I was there for their 4th Sunday of the month dog day...when owners were able to bring their dogs...which add some fun to my visit. All in all...decent enough if not great (and did I mention it’s near the airport? lol!)....“
PRBeer 2717 days ago
66 /100 21930 MICHIGAN AVE
“Tight little space right off, what I assume is, the main drag in Dearborn. Thursday night was game night, all local clientele. Friendly and fast service. 8 beers on tap, varying quality. A sampler of all 8 cost me $14, which is pretty good. No food in house, but menus to order from local spot. I like these kinds of joints.“
nimbleprop 2753 days ago
84 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“This is my go to store for craft beer. They have a wonderful selection, they usually have the lowest price. A problem I run into regularly is that they do not rotate their stock. Other than that, a large international selection and usually great American selection.“
ebone1988 2839 days ago
80 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“2015-07-03. Walking into the store feels like walking into a film set of a liquor store. The lighting, flooring and shelving just have a feel to them that is that little bit dingy and rough around the ages. That’s not really a bad thing, but it is very interesting to me coming from Ontario where beer sales are very regimented. Selection overall is pretty decent. Didn’t really engage the staff much but they were fine. Friendly cashier made sure to tell us that they were open tomorrow if we drank all of our rather large purchase that night, lol! Prices often reflect the quality with some of the better stuff being on the pricier side. Large Michigan selection but a lot of it is not great. Prices on Jolly Pumpkin stuff seemd to be around the same as bottles at their Detroit location. If a bottle is on sale, check the expiry date. We picked up a few hoppy bottles I might have left on the shelf if I had checked. Overall I am glad we visited. It’s a pretty solid stop for bottles while in the Detroit area. “
jercraigs 3059 days ago
80 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“In a strip this very unassuming store has a huge selection of great beers. They also have a good mead selection. Service was great, with a Cicerone on staff who is very tapped into the community. Pricing was fair to a little on the high side. Lots of unusual euro and locals that I didn’t see anywhere else. So far one of the better selections in the area.“
Ferris 3275 days ago
80 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Nice selection of singles to choose from. Actually, you can pretty much buy anything as a single (they’re all priced that way) as long as it’s not the ONLY four/six pack left on the shelf. Prices are average. Only downfall is that the stock doesn’t rotate so quickly, so many of the bottles I’ve found have been a bit old. Nice stop if you’re passing by or in the area.“
tectactoe 3340 days ago
86 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“A local stop for me as it’s right on my way home from work. Organized by locals and imports with the best single option I have in my area. One wall of cold bottles and packs. It’s usually pretty quiet and you’re mostly on your own. If you do inquire you usually get a helpful answer. A common stop for me.“
SpongeRuiner 3357 days ago
80 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“My last stop before heading home was to pick up a couple of locals. The beer selection consists of about two rows broken up by state and country. Inventory may have been a little thin on a Sunday afternoon but the selection of Michigan breweries could not be better. In addition you could easily tick about 30 countries from the shelf one row over.

Prices overall were on par with the area as a whole. One nice feature is the ability to buy almost everything as a single. I was able to grab a mix six of eastern Michigan beers for about $10.

The ambiance here is that of a grocery store or warehouse shop but don’t let it put you off. If you are coming through it is worth a visit. I would love to see how some of the other stores stack up.“
Brigadier 3562 days ago
86 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Amazing selection for beer, wine and spirits. Over 1000 local, regional and international beers. I can get more beers from Canada than from my own LCBO’s in Ontario.“
Maklean 3895 days ago
60 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Combination market & beer / wine / spirits store. Decent selection. Have had poor service in the past but it’s been hit or miss based on who is working.“
strongpieman 3995 days ago
84 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Very good selection of Michigan beers and not only. Friendly and helpful stuff.“
rouhlas 4024 days ago
82 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“NIce bottle shop with tons of Michigan micros and most of them available in singles. Lots of imports, arranged by country, although not a lot of depth in the imports. Full liquer store and some other gourmet stuff too. Odd parking lot where you need to get your ticket validated. And Michigan charges $.10 for each bottle you buy for recycle, wihich is fine if you live in Michgan and can return them...“
jsquire 4036 days ago
90 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Well laid out, easy to find what you are looking for. Helpfull, friendly staff. Good store.“
rmalinowski4 4052 days ago
92 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Great beer selection here, especially for international stuff. I have found a couple places that are slightly cheaper but they don’t allow you to buy single bottles like this place. So I can here most of the time to get mixed 6-packs. Annette is very helpful and knowledgeable about everything beer related.“
umich03jm 4123 days ago
88 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“big big selection especialy imports. very big and clean store the service was above and beyond“
mikem409 4139 days ago
90 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Nik is great and they also have great coffee and wine too!“
Dsenters25 4276 days ago
96 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“This place is all about service and selection. If you need a hard to find item, that’s fresh, this is the place to go. And, they have a beer sommelier; how many places can say that?“
winejab 4338 days ago
84 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“After hearing about how great Merchant’s selection is, I finally made the 45 min trip down after a visit at Kuhnhenn. I have to say that I expected more. It is big, clean, organized, and easy to navigate. The beers are kept in good order and appear fresh. I liked that the shelves were nicely spaced, so you are running into things, but I still wasn’t blown away by the selection. Friendly staff, but I would have liked to seen a bit more beer.“
RudiNicole 4379 days ago
84 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Large liquor store with a market with nice selection of coffee beans. Hey it has to count for something. Very extensive selection and singles offered in most cases. Had several beers I have not seen elsewhere. Probably one of the better selections I have seen in the Detroit/AA area. Located in a nice suburb with many dining option near by. Would make a destination to stop.“
msante79 4389 days ago
88 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Great selection of beers. If it is distributed to Michigan, they are likely to have it. Annette is the first female Certified Cicerone and is is very helpful. She gave me alot of tips in preparation for hosting my first beer/food pairing. Average prices and they do have a build-your-own 6-pack option. Merchant’s is one of the best stores in the Metro-Detroit area for selection and some nice rarities also.“
tsetlock 4436 days ago
100 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Excellent selection with great shelf organization: local, US, & World Wide sorting. The Beer Woman is enormously helpful and friendly and has an accent (hey, I dig it). Their email notification service is Johnny on the Spot with new offerings and chances for reserving small volume exclusive product.“
djpaige 4555 days ago
86 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Great beer selection, micro brews from around the world. The staff is very helpful, they are beer enthusiasts themselves. I found beers here I thought I would never find in Michigan. Go to their website, they list all thet’re beers. You can get kegs of microbrews here (if you call ahead a few days), amazing!!!“
Petkus331 4760 days ago
90 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Great selection“
acackowski 4780 days ago
76 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“A supermarket-style store. A large selection of beer - I was there mostly for the MI offerings but they probably had the best selection of other state & import beers I saw around the Detroit area. Large section of singles to choose from. Prices weren’t awful, but a few bucks more per six pack or 750 than Champagne was charging. Still, their wider selection probably makes it a better place overall.“
rudolf 4791 days ago
90 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“best selection in the area...“
mickeykaline 4793 days ago
98 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“I was very impressed with this store! They have an excellent selection of local brews, many of which are not available nationally. I bought a whole bunch to take with me back to Atlanta and sample. The salespeople were very helpful in guiding me towards the craft brews and making suggestions. I would like to have found more porters and stouts, but I went shopping the day after the 4th of July so their stocks were a tad low. Nevertheless, I found two boxes full of single bottles to cram into my trunk. I strongly recommend this to anybody who lives in, or is visiting, the Detroit area. Actually, after learning that there are over 80 craft brewers in Michigan - versus only three or four in Georgia - I think I’ll move up there. ;)“
Cybercat 4901 days ago
94 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“The best beer store on the west side, hands down. Phenomenal selection, lots of high end stuff and rarities. Great singles aisle, one of the better ones I’ve come across. Their prices are almost the best I’ve seen. If I lived within 10 miles of it, it’d be one of the only stores I bother to go to.“
RyanMM 4922 days ago
80 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Huge selection of beers from around the world with special attention to Michigan / Great Lakes Region. Tons of Belgians as well. If you like Bell’s, Founders, Great Lakes Brewing, then by all means stop by this store some time.“
djredpop 4959 days ago
90 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“On business in Detroit, I had the taxi from DTW swing by Merchant’s for a case of Bell’s Hopslam (only $64!) and a couple of other Michigan favorites to share with friends during the Detroit Auto Show press preview. Huge selection of nearly every midwest craft beer, lots of belgians, more great beer from across the country and around the world. Decent prices all around. Wine, of course, note the name, spirits, cigar humidor, and I didn’t notice the food, the meter was running.“
ManvsCity 5072 days ago
92 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Great selection of beers. If it is distributed to Michigan, they are likely to have it. Anette is also a Certified Cicerone and is VERY knowledgeable. I have yet to have a question she isn’t able to answer with ease. Prices are fair and they do have a build-your-own 6-pack option that they keep expanding. I never saw the place before the remodel, but it is definitely the best store I have found anywhere in the Detroit area for selection and some nice rarities also.“
dmschefke 5390 days ago
88 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Stopped in today. Very large store mostly dedicated to beer and wine, some liquor, and some food. Beer takes up maybe a quarter of the store. Very large selection, probably on par with the best I’ve seen (in my limited experience), very spread out, which makes the selection look even bigger. Large local and national selection, along with solid imported selection. Maybe a little short on available singles, but it’s nice to have a big box of empty sixers and fours available to put them in, which has been a problem at other single-selling stores I’ve been to. Prices seem about right for the beers being sold. Friendly service, with employees who are willing and able to help with selections. Convenient public parking lot behind the store that’s free up to half an hour during the week.“
flatmatt 5432 days ago
74 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Lots of beers. I was impressed when I walked in and saw all the rows dedicated to beer. Lots of local Micros and imports. My only beef is the limited # of singles you could buy. They had a bunch of MI beers I have not had before, but I didnt want to buy that many 6-packs!“
hopdog 5448 days ago
80 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Really like merchants... great selection and good help. Lots to choose from and fair prices as well. It is our go to bottle shop (and we go to alot!). Glad that beers have been placed alphabetically by brewer now. Makes searching for specific brews much easier. Keep up the good work!“
aaaaaaaaaah 5523 days ago
72 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Pretty solid place. Not as large a beer selection as their wine selection. However, decent service and moderate prices are worth while.“
Optigon 5671 days ago
92 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Ambiance: you can find pretty much any beer that is distributed to Michigan here. They have about 30 shelving units with craft brews from around the world such as Belgain Lambics, Vintage Ales, Special Releases, etc... Service: you’ll get very good service and advice here from Annette or the other workers. They always give me an honest answer when asking when or if they are getting certain beers. I have never tried to special order a specific beer, but I’m sure they would order a specific beer if they can get it. Selection: I have been to beer stores throughout Michigan and the Midwest and I have not found a place with a better selection. The only thing I wish they had more of would be a warm American craft beer section where you can build your own 6 packs. They have some reasonable prices on most of their beers. Some are a little more than I’ve seen elsewhere and most are the same price or a little less. Once in a while, you can find great deals here. In the last few months, I purchased 750s of Ch’ti Brune and Ambre for $2.99 each, and bottles of Rochefort 6 and Achel Brune and Blonde for $2.00 each. They also have a wonderful assortment of liquors, wines and specialty foods from around the world. Merchant’s is one of the finest beer (and specialy wine/liquor/food)stores in the Midwest, if not THE FINEST.“
northernbrews 5740 days ago
86 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Out of Celebrator on my last visit, but I had to put in a mention for the fantastic mid-day, mid-week help! Didn’t catch her name. Very beer-knowledgeable with the addictive Aussie(?) accent. “
cathcacr 6157 days ago
84 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“This place was pretty damn sweet. Lots of michigan micros. Alongside a big belgian selection, lots of other imports. And really a nice selection of american micros as well. WWS to boot. The woman working the beer section really seemed to know her stuff, and was quite helpful. The amazing thing about this place is the wine selection though, my god.“
sliffy 6195 days ago
84 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Went here on a trip up to detroit for a concert. This place was insane. Their selection was great, i was able to get everything i wanted. I could have spend hundreds of dollars here if i had more cash to spend. Their selection of wine was ridiculous too. I spent a good twenties minutes cruising the wine aisles and could have spent hours. They had a small collection of cellared wines and ports which included a bottle selling for $1200!“
bgburdman9 6338 days ago
76 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“This place has a lot of beer man, like 3 or 4 rows plus 3 or 4 fridges. Ha , great. Cheaper than Beer Depot, with seemingly more beer. You’ve got to buy 6 [packs of a lot of stuff, but there were styles and beers from places that I have never seen before. Good selection of Micros, MAcros, Belgians, whatever. Too bad no Stone! Ill be returning forthwith!“
MrManning 6491 days ago
70 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“One of my favorite spots. Currently updating their selection. Almost all the michigan locals plus a solid selection of belgians and out of states with reasonable prices.“
SuIIy 6495 days ago
74 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Nice store. Good selection for the area, lots of Michigan brews and other American crafts, and a decent selection of Belgians. Decent pricing, but you can get a preferred customer card for free and save something like 10 percent. Nice service. Food looked good as well.“
JoshuaB 6598 days ago
84 /100 22250 MICHIGAN AVE
“Chances are if it’s available in Michigan, Merchants has it. A really nice selection of Belgians and local beers. A recent trip I noticed the new Breckenridge beers there.“
Eyedrinkale 6742 days ago
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